Why You Should Consecrate Yourself To Jesus Through The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Why You Should Consecrate Yourself To Jesus Through The Immaculate Heart of Mary


Why would any person want to give all they have to Jesus through Mary? Like the rich young man in the gospel story, most people become frightened when asked to give up everything and follow Jesus.

Saint Louis de Montfort leads us to Jesus through Mary and shows us how easy it is to consecrate our lives and still fulfill our daily obligations of living a life in this world. The consecration is like bungee jumping off a spiritual bridge. We are fearful about jumping even though we know the bungee cord will save us and we will enjoy the great exhilaration of the bounce.

If your spiritual life is in the doldrums, the consecration is designed to jump-start your whole being into another level of existence. By surrendering everything, you gain everything – holiness, happiness, peace, success, freedom, and love. Like all catalysts, we will never fully know the consecration’s secret for speeding up the process of coming close to Jesus; however, we have the testimony of all those consecrated around the world that it works. We also have the testimony of Saint Pope John Paul II

In most prayers, we are asking God for something we feel we desperately need. In the consecration, we ask for nothing. Instead we place everything, including any benefits from our good works, in the hands of Our Mother, the mother of Jesus, to do whatever needs to be done.

In that instant, we experience the perfect freedom of love. If we trust the bungee cord and enjoy the exhilaration of the bounce, imagine the experience when you trust the Lord and His Blessed Mother, ask for nothing, and thereby receive everything.

Our Lady showed us the way to trust when the angel delivered the unexpected message of the coming of the Lord.  Our Lady jumped into the invisible arms of the Holy Spirit and showed us how to give birth to Jesus Christ in our lives by our total consecration.

The Rosary, our spiritual bungee cord, binds us to Jesus and Mary throughout the rest of our lives. It doesn’t get any easier than this in the spiritual life.

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