VIDEO!! He Disrupted A Peaceful Rosary Prayer Then This Happened To Him

VIDEO!! He Disrupted A Peaceful Rosary Prayer Then This Happened To Him


A group of peaceful Catholics were quietly protesting the closure of a local church through prayer, not trying to offend anyone. That’s when a Muslim man walked by and saw the group. Instead of giving these Catholics the respect for their religion like Muslims all across America are constantly demanding, he decided to blast music behind them to disrupt their prayer session.

That’s when one man decided enough was enough and stopped praying the rosary. He made sure to teach this Muslim thug that they can’t walk all over everybody else. Sooner or later there are going to be some serious consequences.

In many Islamic countries governed by Sharia law, it is the religious minorities that are constantly put on trial and denied basic freedoms. Christians must live in fear of Islamic wrath.

Meanwhile, here in America Muslim’s still insist on special treatment and try to force Sharia law down our throats. While peaceful religions only seek to coexist without incident, many Muslims are hell-bent on spreading Islam by any violent means they see fit.

They will only stop once the entire world is under the impressive thumb of Sharia law.

Not everyone is so willing to roll over and renounce their faith and freedom. Yet, as soon as the peaceful stand up for themselves and don’t allow themselves to be stepped on they are the ones being called out for some sort of imaginary ‘discrimination.’

A group of French Catholics lost their priest, Father Jacques Hamel, in a brutal “beheading” in Normandy, France. Instead of seeking bloodthirsty revenge as we might expect if a Muslim Imam had been executed.

The group was peacefully worshiping in protest of the closing of the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels when they are more than rudely harassed. The aggressor, reportedly a Muslim, approached the group and began to blast music in an attempt to shut down the prayer.

A report from Blog Catholique reports that the reportedly Muslim man came over to the group and tried to stop their peaceful protest by playing extremely loud music.

That’s when the peaceful Catholics had enough and showed this thug that in the West you can’t just attack and oppress a group of people forever without consequence.

One protester stood up to low life and confronted the punk before landing a crushing punch to the aggressor, knocking him unconscious instantly.

The thug goes straight to the floor where he remains until the man who landed the punch drags him off the street and the video ends.

Daily Mail reports that as of now no arrest have been made and there have been no reports that the Muslim man sustained any major injuries.

The French blog states that as a result of the aggressors’ harassment he was “chastised for his rudeness” by “a soldier of Christ.”

The blog went on to comment on how the West has advocated for peace for too long. Their attempts to coexist and stop the violence have been completely ignored and now the time has come “take up the sword” to defend itself from its oppressive and intolerant enemies.

It is no surprise to anyone that the leftist media was up in arms over the actions taken. They are the first to condemn the Christian majority. It is interesting to note that if this situation had been reversed they would also be the first to jump up and defend the Muslims for whatever heinous act they may have committed in the same situation.

The Mail Online was quick to identify the unidentified man who threw the punch as a “Catholic fundamentalist,” which has not been confirmed. Yet they are right there in the defense of the ‘helpless’ Muslim thug using excuses such as “mental issues” and saying that his Islamic motivated actions have “nothing to do with Islam.”

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Source: Mad World News

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