The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (2).

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (2).


These nine worlds form three sections, above each of which I see great angel enthroned; the first holds a sceptre; the second, a rod; the third a sword. They wear crowns and long robes, and their breast is dec­orated with ribands. In these spheres dwell the bad spirits who at each man’s birth are associated to him by an inti­mate relation which I clearly understand, which excites my wonder, but which I cannot now explain. They are not lovely and transparent like the Angels. They shine it is true, but by an external, unsteady light, as if by re­flection. They are either slothful, indolent, fanciful, mel­ancholy, or passionate, violent, obstinate, stubborn, or frivolous, etc., – a personification of the different passions.

Among them I have remarked the same colors that I see among men in their sufferings and interior struggles and in the aureolas of the martyrs, whose passions purified by torments have been changed into colors of triumph. These spirits have something sharp, violent, and penetrating   in their countenance. They attach themselves with extraor­dinary tenacity to the human soul as insects to certain odours and plants, rousing in them all kinds of thoughts and desires. They are full of stings, of rays, of seductive charms. They themselves produce no act, no sin, but they withdraw man from the divine influence, lay him open to the world, intoxicate him with self, bind him, attach him to the earth in many ways. If he yields, he plunges into darkness, the devil then draws near and marks him with his seal: now some act, some sin, and his separation from God to effected.

I have clearly seen that mortification and fasting weaken the influence of these spirits and facilitate that of the Angels, whilst Holy Communion is the most effectual means of resisting them. I have seen that certain inclinations and aversions, certain involuntary antipathies, and espe­cially the disgust we have for certain things, such as  in­sects, reptiles, vermin, etc., have a mysterious signification, since these creatures are images of those sins and passions to which, through their connection with these spirits, we are the most exposed. I was told that when one feels dis­gust for such things, he should recall his sins and evil pro­pensities symbolized by them. I have seen such spirits presenting to people in Church all sorts of toys and trinkets, filling their heads with all sorts of thoughts and desires, whilst their Angels are busy recalling them to better things. I cannot relate these multiplied pictures…

To be continued. 

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