The Saint Who Walked On Water 

The Saint Who Walked On Water 

How St. Maurus walked upon the water.

Saint Maurus, O.S.B. (or Maur), was the first disciple of Saint Benedict of Nursia (512584). He is mentioned in Pope Saint Gregory the Great‘s biography of the latter as the first oblate; offered to the monastery by his noble Roman parents as a young boy to be brought up in the monastic life.

On a certain day, as Venerable Bennet (St. Benedict) was in his cell, the foresaid young Placidus, One of St. Benedict‘s monks, went out to take up water at the lake, and putting down his pail carelessly slipped into the water, and was carried away from the land so far as one may shoot an arrow. The holy monk St. Benedict, being in his cell, by and by knew this, and called in haste for Maurus, saying: “Brother Maurus, run as fast as you can, for Placidus, that went to the lake to fetch water, has fallen in, and is being carried a good way off.” 

A strange thing, and since the time of Peter the Apostle never heard of! 

Maurus, craving his father’s (St. Benedict) blessing, and departing in a haste at his commandments, ran towards the lake to which Brother Maurus carried the young lad by force thereof, thinking that he had all that while gone upon the land and taking fast hold of him by the hair of his head, in all haste he returned back again and so soon as he was at land, he looked behind him, and realized that he had just ran upon the water! Something which he would never had assumed, had now happened to him before his very eyes. This marvelled and frightened the two monastic brothers.

Coming back to the father (St Benedict), and telling him what had happened, the venerable man did not attribute this to his own merits, but to the obedience of Maurus. But on the contrary, Maurus said that it was done only by his commandment, and that he had nothing to do with the miracle, not knowing at that time what he did.

But out of humility, the young youth that was saved from drowning did say that he saw when he was drawn out of the water, the Abbot’s garment upon his head, affirming that it was he (Maurus) that had delivered him from that great danger.

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