I do not mean to scandalize any of you, but just teaching something that might be helpful.


Sin is colourful and a beauty to behold. It has a very strong appeal to the sensory organs. In other words, sin is very attractive.


If sin is not attractive, nobody will commit it.


I will give you an example from the first sin recorded in the Bible, the sin of Adam and Eve.


Gen 3:6


“And when the woman SAW that the tree was GOOD FOR FOOD, and that it was PLEASANT TO THE EYES, and a tree to be DESIRED to MAKE ONE WISE, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat.” (Emphasis are mine).


In that passage, you noticed the physical beauty of the fruit and how it was described? The bible said it was PLEASANT to the eyes. In other words, it captured the sense of sight.


One translation puts it this way “She saw that the tree was BEAUTIFUL and its fruit LOOKED DELICIOUS.” NLT


Another translation, instead of the words “pleasant to the eyes”, used “it was a DELIGHT to the eye”.


From the passage, we can deduce that the five human senses were captured.


Eve heard those sweet words from the devil. (Sense of hearing captured).


Eve saw the beauty of the fruit, it was a delight to the eyes. (Sense of sight captured).


By the fact that it already stated that “the tree was good for food”, it means that it could not have been smelling in a repulsive way like something that is rotten. (Sense of smell captured.)


From the description, you could also tell that the fruit is smooth, or soft. It was a beautiful fruit. It was pleasantly to see because it appealed to the sense organ of the skin. (Sense of touch captured).


We are left with the sense of taste. Obviously, she ate the fruit and she never complained, instead she had to give it to her husband as well. The description of the fruit as we already stated earlier said it “looked delicious.” It is no doubt that the sense of taste was also captured.


Now, what makes sin much more attractive is that apart from the fact that it appeals to the external senses, it appeals to the internal senses as well.


Remember that the fruit has the capacity to make someone WISE. It appeals to the intellect. It went from physical beauty to abstract beauty. Friends, that is the height of it all. Once something appeals to your intellect, forget it.


So I can say categorically that if not for the physical attraction (physical beauty) and its intellectual potentials, as in its ability to make one wise (abstract beauty), Eve would not have fallen for it.


Evidently therefore, every act of sin is beautiful and without its beauty (either physical or abstract) it will not appeal to anyone nor attract any man.


Use any sin you know of as an example and it will fit into the description above. You can analysis all of them with what I have stated above and you will find all the above elements.


I made the above analysis for the sake of those sincerely seeking to overcome temptation.


Overcoming temptation or sin is to be in touch with the reality that sin is attractive, that is why we fall for it.


Like I will always say, there will surely be a BUT. . .


Was the fruit Eve ate appealing to the soul as well? It was not. Was it beautiful to the soul in the same way it was beautiful to the body? Hell No!


We must come to the fact that not everything that is beautiful or appealing to the body is beautiful and appealing to the soul. And once it is not beautiful to the soul, it is by that very fact UGLY. Don’t fall for it! It is a scam.


Convincing yourself that whatever does not appeal to the soul, or whatever that is not beautiful to the soul is automatically UGLY regardless of its appeal on the body, is the major stage in fighting temptation and remaining upright.


Written By: Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu  #FacebookTelevision


Picture: Fr Kelvin, focus on where you are going. Leave the banana and its beauty. It is not yours.