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Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary of the Cross [Part 6]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary of the Cross [Part 6]


Blessed Mary of the Cross for some period kept hearing mysterious cries and moans from some invisible Spectre who wouldn’t give it’s name. Finally on February 15, 1874, the deceased reveals her name:

“Because I have made you feel sorry, God wants you to pray for me! …” “I am not the devil! I am Sister Maria Gabriella your former Sister. I will not leave you quiet as long as I am not in Heaven. The good Lord allows this for your own good and for my relief! Yes, I suffer, but my greatest torment is not to see the good God. This is a continuous martyrdom that makes me suffer more than the fire of Purgatory… One can not imagine the pains that a soul suffers in Purgatory! No one thinks of it in the world. Even the religious communities forget it. For this reason, the good God wants us to pray in a special way for the poor souls in Purgatory, who inculcates this devotion to the students, so that they, in turn, speak about it in the world”. 

These meetings were permitted by God not only for the liberation of Sister Maria Gabriella from Purgatory but also for the sanctification of Sister Mary of the Cross. This, her confessor recommended for her to write all the interviews that she has with the sister who is in Purgatory.

Blessed Mary of the Cross: In Purgatory, do the souls console each other in the love of the good God, or is each one completely detached in its sorrow?

R...In Purgatory, our only consolation, our only hope is God alone. On earth, the good God allows us to be consoled by a friendly heart sometimes in our sufferings of body and spirit, and moreover, if the love of Jesus is lacking in this heart, the consolations are ineffective, but here the souls are lost, sunk in the divine will, and God alone can soothe their pain. All the souls are tormented, each according to their own guilt, but all suffer a common pain that surpasses each other: the absence of Jesus who is our element, our life, our everything. And are separated by their own fault!

After an action, do not waste time in going back to consider if you have acted or not! Of course, every day you need to examine your actions in order to do them better, but this must not be to the detriment of the tranquility of the soul. The good God loves simple souls. It is therefore necessary that you go to Him with great good will, always ready to sacrifice yourselves and to please Him. You must act with Jesus as the child with his mother, entrusting you to his goodness, putting all your spiritual and corporal interests in his divine hands; so try to like it in everything, without taking care of anything else.

The good Lord does not look so much at the great actions, at heroic deeds, as for a simple action, for a small sacrifice, provided that these things are done for love. Sometimes even a small sacrifice, known only by God alone and by the soul, will be more meritorious than a great one that will have been praised. We must be very interior, not to consider for ourselves anything of the praises that are given to us.

The good Lord seeks empty souls of themselves to fill them with his love. He finds few. Love does not leave any place for Jesus. Do not miss any opportunity to mortify yourself, especially inwardly. Jesus has some graces to be offered during Lent; prepare us with an increase of fervor and above all of love. Love above all else Jesus. Alas! in the world He is so unloved and so outraged!

The Holy Virgin loves you very much. For your part, you also love Him with all your heart and procure His glory as much as possible.

You will never understand enough the goodness of the good God. If you took care to reflect on it sometimes, this would be enough to become a saint, but in the world, the merciful goodness of the Heart of Jesus is not known. Each measure according to one’s own way. To see, and this way is faulty. It follows that we pray badly. Yes, few can pray as Jesus would like. We lack confidence, and yet Jesus does not grant that proportionately to the ardor of our desires and the greatness of our love. This is why often the graces you request are not granted…to be continued 

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 4]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 4]


Blessed Mary: And when does a soul go directly to Heaven?

R… For this soul, the union begun with Jesus continues to death: here is Heaven, but the union of Heaven is much more intimate than that of the earth.

Why did you act in this way with the good God today? He is not happy with your conduct. He who is good with you; this is ingratitude on your part. And for what reason do you investigate the conduct of others? Take care only of yours: that’s enough. Not everyone has the same head and, if you had had to lose it for seven years, I speak to you, after all the fears had, for a long time this would have happened. Reassure yourself, therefore, and never start again to act like today!

You are quite right not to love ecstasies. Of course, we must accept them when the good Lord sends them, but He does not want them to be desired. These are not things that will lead to Heaven. A mortified, humble life is more to be desired and much safer. It is true that many saints have had revelations and ecstasies, but this was a reward that the good Lord gave them after long struggles and a life of renunciation, or even because he wanted to use them for great things in view of his glory and all this happened without noise, without pomp, in the silence of prayer, and when they were discovered, they were all confused and did not talk about it except by obedience.

The good Lord has crushed you in the past, but prematurate of patience and be very brave because it will crush you again in the future.

Tell the Mother Superior that if you meet the souls with the character and temperament of Sister X …, be careful and do not listen to everything they would like to say.

Regarding what you tell me, do not worry. Here is how you can know that a grace is granted to you by the good God. These graces come to you and pour on you like a downpour that surprises you in the middle of a beautiful day, while the sky seems almost serene. One should not therefore fear having tried to obtain them; they were not thought about. You have observed this many times. The thing is very different when it comes to the graces that are believed to be granted by Jesus, whereas they are only the fruit of an imagination that has worked hard to produce them. These graces would be to be feared, because often the demon is inflamed and profited by a weak brain, a feeble temperament, a judgment that is not too firm; then he deceives those poor souls who, moreover, do not commit sin, as long as they are subject to the advice of the people who lead them, and I can attest to you that there are many in the world today. The demon thus acts in order to ridicule religion!

Few people love God as He wants. They, believing they are looking for the good God, seek themselves and long for a sanctity that is not true!

Blessed Mary: Tell me, then, what is true holiness?

R… You know well; but, as you wish, I will repeat it to you, I have already said it several times: true holiness consists in denying oneself from morning to night, in living by sacrifice, in knowing how to constantly set aside the human, let the good God work as he wants, in receiving graces, that come from his goodness, with a profound humility, recognizing them unworthy, in keeping as much as possible to the holy presence of the good God, in carrying out all his actions under his divine gaze, not seeking him to bear witness to his efforts and for a single reward; besides, in all the other things I already told you. This is the holiness that Jesus wants and demands from souls who wish to be uniquely his and live in his life. The rest is nothing but an illusion…to be continued. 

Some souls pay for their Purgatory on earth through suffering, others through love, because love has also really its martyrdom. The soul, who truly seeks to love Jesus, perceives that, with all his efforts, he does not love Him as much as he would wish, and this constitutes for him a continuous martyrdom, caused solely by love and not exempt from great pains! It is, as I have told you, a little the state of a soul of Purgatory that incessantly rushes towards the One who is his only desire, and who is seen at the same time rejected, because his atonement is not accomplished.

Ask the Mother Superior to reread what I tell you from time to time instead of reading. Take a day every week, Thursday for example, because what is the use of writing, if you never reread (what you have written)? You would end up forgetting it, and it is not for this purpose that I say it to you, but to make you profit.

Blessed Mary: “If you had not talked to anyone about what you told me since I heard you, what would have been the consequence?” You know well that I had a great desire to keep everything alone for me!

R… You were free to keep everything for yourself alone, but if you had not spoken, I would have advised you to do it, because the good Lord never allowed any man’s perfection to come directly from Heaven. Since he lives on earth, God wants the earth to end up perfecting according to the advice that allows it to be given to that purpose. So you have done well to reveal what it cost you to say so much. Moreover, all this does not come from you, and the good God, who directs everything to the good of those he loves, knows at the same time to draw his glory from him.

NOVEMBERDECEMBER 1879 – The sister-in-law of … is in Purgatory, where she suffers a lot. The Reverend Father can alleviate her sufferings by offering for her the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The old sinner has been saved from the mercy of the good God, like so many others. It is located in the great Purgatory…to be continued 

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 3]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 3]


Blessed Mary: Do you know each other in Purgatory?

R… Yes, as the souls are known. There are no more names in the other world. We must not compare Purgatory with the earth. When the soul is free and released from its mortal envelope, its name is buried in the grave together with the body. I explain very little what Purgatory is and you understand it a little more than the others, for the light that God gives you. But what is this little compared to reality? We are here lost in the will of the good God, while on earth, no matter how holy we are, we always keep our will. But we do not have any more. We know and know only what pleases God to make us known and nothing more.

Blessed Mary: Do you talk to each other in Purgatory?

R …The souls communicate among themselves when the good Lord allows it, according to the way of communicating the souls, but without words… 

Blessed Mary: Yes, it is true that I speak to you, but are you a spirit? Would you understand me if I did not say the words?

But as for me, because this is what the good God wants, I understand you without pronouncing the words with your lips. Nevertheless, communication is made between souls, among spirits, even without being dead. So, when you have a good thought, a good wish, you have often been communicated by your good Angel or by some other saint, sometimes by the good God himself. This is the language of the souls.

Blessed Mary: Where is Purgatory? Is it thick in a small place?

R … It is in the center of the earth near Hell (as you saw it one day after Holy Communion). The souls are there as in a narrow place, if we consider the multitude that is there, since there are thousands and thousands of souls, but how much space does it take for a soul? Every day there are many thousands of them and most of them remain from thirty to forty years. Others much longer and others less. I tell you this according to the calculations of the earth, because here it is quite another thing. Ah, if you knew, if you knew Purgatory and when you think it’s your own fault! I’ve been there for eight years. It seems to me that ten thousand years have passed!

Tell all this exactly to your Father! … Learn from me what is this place of suffering, in order to make it better known in the future. He will be able to experience for himself how devotional to the souls of Purgatory is beneficial. The good Lord often grants more graces for the mediation of these suffering souls than those of the same Saints. When he wishes to achieve something with greater certainty, he should prefer the souls who have most loved the Blessed Virgin and whom, consequently, this good Mother wishes to free, and he himself will be able to tell you if you feel well. There are also souls who do not live in Purgatory proper. So I, during the day, accompany you wherever you go, but when you rest, at night, I suffer more, I find myself in Purgatory.

The (spiritual) Father was right to tell you never to seek anything other than the holy will of the good Lord in all that you do. This will constitute happiness for you. See his will in everything that happens to you, pains and joys. Everything comes from Jesus equally. Oh! be good, doubly good, to please the good God, to Him who is so good for you! Always keep the eyes of the soul fixed on Him to prevent the slightest desire. Go even further, in order to please you. The more you try to do it, the more He will do it to you. The good Lord will not let himself be won in generosity, on the contrary! He always gives more than he does not give Him. So be ingenious to spend yourselves for his love and his glory.

Tell Father P. from the good God that you follow with great courage in all that he has undertaken for him, but that it is prudent, that is to say, that he does not do more than his forces do. I have already said it to you, for all your intentions, and also for him, as for you.

Pius IX went directly to Heaven, his Purgatory was done on earth. 

Blessed Mary: How do you know that Pope Pius IX went directly to Heaven, since you did not see him go through Purgatory?

R... The good Lord has made it known to me and it is also He who, by his goodness, allows me to know what you ask of me, when I have not seen and experienced it myself. The justice of the good Lord keeps us in Purgatory, it is true, and we deserve it, but be sure that his mercy and his paternal heart do not leave us there without any consolation. We ardently desire complete attainment with Jesus, but He desires it almost to the part of us. On earth he often communicates himself in an intimate way to some souls (since few want to listen to Him) and is pleased to reveal their secrets to them. The souls who receive his favors are those who seek to be accepted in their whole conduct and who live and breathe only for Jesus and to please Him. 

In Purgatory there are very guilty souls, but repent, and, despite the sins to be expiated, they are confirmed in grace and can no longer sin: they are perfect. Well, as the soul is purified in the place of expiation, it understands better, but without seeing each other, because then there would be no more Purgatory. 

If in Purgatory we did not know the good Lord more than on earth, our punishments would not be so great, nor would our torture be atrocious. What constitutes our principal torment is the absence of the One who is the only object of our persistent longings! our punishments would not be so great, nor will our torment be atrocious…to be continued 

St. Lidwina And A Soul All On Fire 

St. Lidwina And A Soul All On Fire 

Saint Lidwina And A Soul All On Fire.

Saint Lidwina of Schiedam, who died 11 April 1433, and whose history, written by a contemporary priest, has the most perfect authenticity. This admirable virgin, a true prodigy of Christian patience, was a prey to all the pains of the most cruel maladies for the period of thirty-eight years. Her sufferings rendering sleep impossible to her, she passed long nights in prayer, and then, frequently wrapt in spirit, she was conducted by her angel guardian into the mysterious regions of Purgatory. There she saw dwellings, prisons, divers dungeons, one more dismal than the other; she met, too, souls that she knew, and she was shown their various punishments.

It may be asked, “What was the nature of those ecstatic journeys?” and it is difficult to explain, but we may conclude from certain other circumstances that there was more reality in them than we might be led to believe. The holy invalid made similar journeys and pilgrimages upon earth, to the holy places in Palestine, to the churches of Rome, and to monasteries in the vicinity. She had an exact knowledge of the places which she had thus traversed. 

A Religious of the monastery of Saint Elizabeth, conversing one day with her, and speaking of the cells, of the chapter room, of the refectory, etc., of his community, she gave him as exact and detailed a description of his house as though she had passed her life there. The Religious having expressed his surprise, “Know, Father,” said she, “that I have been through your monastery. I have visited the cells, I have seen the angel guardians of all those who occupy them” 

One of the journeys which our saint made to Purgatory occurred as follows:

An unfortunate sinner, entangled in the corruptions of the world, was finally converted. Thanks to the prayers and urgent exhortations of Lidwina, he made a sincere Confession of all his sins and received absolution, but had little time to practice penance, for shortly after he died of the plague.

The saint offered up many prayers and sufferings for his soul, and some time afterwards, having been taken by her angel guardian into Purgatory, she desired to know if he was still there, and in what condition. “He is there,” said her angel, “and he suffers much. Would you be willing to endure some pain in order to diminish his?” “Certainly,” she replied, “I am ready to suffer anything to assist him.” Instantly her angel conducted her into a place of frightful torture. “Is this, then Hell, my brother?” asked the holy maiden, seized with horror. “No, sister,” answered the angel, “but this part of Purgatory is bordering upon Hell.” Looking around on all sides, she saw what resembled an immense prison, surrounded with walls of a prodigious height, the blackness of which, together with the monstrous stones, inspired her with horror. 

Approaching this dismal enclosure, she heard a confused noise of lamenting voices, cries of fury, chains, instruments of torture, violent blows which the executioners discharged upon their victims. This noise was such that all the tumult of the world, in tempest or battle, could bear no comparison to it. “What, then, is that horrible place?” asked Saint Lidwina of her good angel. “Do you wish me to show it to you?” “No, I beseech you,” said she, recoiling with terror, “the noise which I hear is so frightful that I can no longer bear it, how, then, could I endure the sight of those horrors?”

Continuing her mysterious route, she saw an angel seated sadly on the curb of a well. “Who is that angel?” she asked of her guide. “It is,” he replied, “the angel guardian of the sinner in whose lot you are interested. His soul is in this well, where it has a special Purgatory.” At these words, Lidwina cast an inquiring glance at her angel, she desired to see that soul which was dear to her, and endeavor to release it from that frightful pit. Her angel, who understood her, having taken off the cover of the well, a cloud of flames, together with the most plaintive cries, came forth.

“Do you recognize that voice?” said the angel to her. “Alas! yes,” answered the servant of God. “Do you desire to see that soul?” he continued. On her replying in the affirmative, he called him by his name and immediately our virgin saw appear at the mouth of the pit a spirit all on fire, resembling incandescent metal, which said to her in a voice scarcely audible, “O Lidwina, servant of God, who will give me to contemplate the face of the Most High?” The sight of this soul, a prey to the most terrible torment of fire, gave our saint such a shock that the cincture which she wore around her body was rent in twain, and no longer able to endure the sight, she awoke suddenly from her ecstasy.

The persons present, perceiving her fear, asked her its cause. “Alas!” she replied, “how frightful are the prisons of Purgatory! It was to assist the souls that I consented to descend thither. Without this motive, if the whole world were given to me, I would not undergo the terror which that horrible spectacle inspired.”

Some days later, the same angel whom she had seen so dejected appeared to her with a joyful countenance, he told her that the soul of his protege had left the pit and passed into the ordinary Purgatory. This partial alleviation did not suffice the charity of Lidwina, she continued to pray for the poor patient, and to apply to him the merits of her sufferings, until she saw the gates of Heaven opened to him.

-St. Lidwina, Pray for us! 

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