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The Saints Amazing Stories Of Heaven 

The Saints Amazing Stories Of Heaven 

The Saints Stories Of Heaven.

Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori told a story shared with him by a superior of the Jesuit order about a different superior who appeared to him after his death and gave a detailed report about what sort of treatment different people could expect in heaven. According to the departed superior, the rewards of heaven are not equal for all who enter, but all who enter are equally satisfied:

“Now I am in heaven, Philip II, king of Spain, is in heaven as well. We both are enjoying the eternal rewards of paradise, but they are very different for us. My happiness is much greater than his, for it is not like when we were still on earth, for then he was royalty and I was a commoner. We were as far apart as the earth and sky, but now it has been reversed: As lowly as I was compared to the king on earth, I now exceed him in glory in heaven. However, we are both happy, and our hearts are completely satisfied.”

What Saint Lutgarde Saw In Heaven.

Saint Lutgarde a 13th Century Religious Sister was speaking with a sister in religion on heavenly and spiritual matters, and searching for fresh means to appease the wrath of God, they were both overcome with so intense a longing for the salvation and rescue of sinners, that for very pity their hearts did faint away, and they were consumed with hot and fiery love for God and their fellow men. 

Even as they spoke together quickly and eagerly, they were both overpowered by ecstasy, and in that state lay as dead during four whole days. But while their bodies lay thus, they themselves were led in spirit into the clear light of eternal joy, and they saw the whole heavenly host, and the Most Holy, Undivided Trinity. During the four long unbroken days when the holy servant of God and her spiritual sister lay on the ground as though dead, they saw how the Heavenly Court was so exquisitely adorned and ordered with such beauty and regularity that their hearts were not able to grasp it nor their lips to express it.They saw how the Most Holy Trinity lit up the whole of Heaven with an unutterably clear light; and how the noble Queen Mary, as Mother of the eternal Wisdom, shone with a radiance incomparably more beautiful than does the hottest mid-day sun.

And this all high and holy Court resounds with the most entrancing music, and with the songs of the dear Angels. THERE the holy patriarchs and prophets, who had foretold the coming of the Redeemer and longed after it with so great a longing, lifted up their voices in merry gladness.

THERE the holy Apostles sit as Judges, because they forsook all on earth to follow Christ, their Lord and Master, and beside them sit the Evangelists, who did so faithfully transmit to us the teaching, life, and miracles of Christ, leaving behind them a record for all future generations of men.

THERE the glorious martyrs reign in triumph – they who yielded up their bodies to a thousand kinds of pain and martyrdom for love of Christ, and by the shedding of their blood deserved to win a heavenly crown.

THERE stand all glad and joyous the holy priests and confessors who witnessed to the Name of God openly and boldly and by their side are all the holy virgins, who led down here a life austere and upright, chaste and mortified, silent and hidden.

And all these together encircle the vast hall of Heaven like a garland of beautiful red roses and glorious white lilies, filling it with the sweetest perfume, all the while they sing to the Most High God their ceaseless hymn of praise.

Last of all, St Lutgarde and the Sister saw a great company that no man could number, who by the earnest pursuit of good works had laid hold of salvation, and through the conquest of self, the world, and Satan, had deserved to enter in the company of the blessed. 

Now it was revealed to our Saints that in one particular quarter of the Holy City reigned the greatest joy of all the Heavenly Court. Here existed, as it were, a very overflow of happiness, for here the all-sweet odour of Divine love and of every conceivable goodness and virtue, was united to the most soul-entrancing music of the great Song of Praise. The least little gleam from this spot surpasses all the gleam of a hundred thousand earthly suns. So far indeed does it surpass them, that it was quite useless to try to describe it.

The Privileges And Liberties Of The Heavenly Court.

In Heaven many privileges and liberties are enjoyed:

1. Love without Suffering

2. Eternal Life without Death

3. Eternal Youth without Age

4. Riches without Poverty

5. Unfailing Health without Sickness

6. Unspeakable Joy without Grief

7. Everlasting Peace, and the Perpetual Grace of God.

God The Father Describes Heaven To Saint Catherine Of Siena.

St. Catherine of the Siena (1347-1380) wrote down what God the Father told her about heaven. From her famous Christian work ‘The Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena‘ (excerpts are below).

Of the Glory of the Blessed: 

“Similarly, the just soul, for whom life finishes in the affection of charity and the bonds of love, cannot increase in virtue, time having come to naught, but she can always love with that affection with which she comes to Me, and that measure that is measured to her. She always desires Me, and loves Me, and her desire is not in vain — being hungry, she is satisfied, and being satisfied, she has hunger, but the tediousness of satiety and the pain of hunger are far from her. 

In love, the Blessed rejoice in My eternal vision, participating in that good that I have in Myself, everyone according to his measure, that is that, with that measure of love, with which they have come to Me, is it measured to them. Because they have lived in love of Me and of the neighbor, united together with the general love, and the particular, which, moreover, both proceed from the same love. And they rejoice and exult, participating in each other’s good with the affection of love, besides the universal good that they enjoy altogether. And they rejoice and exult with the angels with whom they are placed, according to their diverse and various virtues in the world, being all bound in the bonds of love. 

And they have a special participation with those whom they closely loved with particular affection in the world, with which affection they grew in grace, increasing virtue, and the one was the occasion to the other of manifesting the glory and praise of My name, in themselves and in their neighbor and in the life everlasting, they have not lost their love, but have it still, participating closely, with more abundance, the one with the other, their love being added to the universal good, and I would not that you should think that they have this particular good, of which I have told you, for themselves alone, for it is not so, but it is shared by all the proved citizens, My beloved sons, and all the angels — for, when the soul arrives at eternal life, all participate in the good of that soul, and the soul in their good. 

Not that her vessel or theirs can increase, nor that there be need to fill it, because it is full, but they have an exultation, a mirthfulness, a jubilee, a joyousness in themselves, which is refreshed by the knowledge that they have found in that soul. They see that, by My mercy, she is raised from the earth with the plenitude of grace, and therefore they exult in Me in the good of that soul, which good she has received through My goodness. And that soul rejoices in Me, and in the souls, and in the Blessed spirits, seeing and tasting in them the beauty and the sweetness of My love. And their desires forever cry out to Me, for the salvation of the whole world.

And because their life ended in the love of the neighbor, they have not left it behind, but, with it, they will pass through the Door, My only-begotten Son in the way that I will relate to you. So you see that in those bonds of love in which they finished their life, they go on and remain eternally. They are conformed so entirely to My will, that they cannot desire except what I desire, because their free-will is bound in the bond of love, in such a way that, time failing them, and, dying in a state of grace, they cannot sin any more. 

And their will is so united with Mine, that a father or a mother seeing their son, or a son seeing his father or his mother in Hell, do not trouble themselves, and even are contented to see them punished as My enemies. Wherefore in nothing do they disagree with Me, and their desires are all satisfied. The desire of the blessed is to see My honor in you wayfarers, who are pilgrims, forever running on towards the term of death. 

In their desire for My honor, they desire your salvation, and always pray to Me for you, which desire is fulfilled by Me, when you ignorant ones do not resist My mercy. They have a desire too, to regain the gifts of their body, but this desire does not afflict them, as they do not actually feel it, but they rejoice in tasting the desire, from the certainty they feel of having it fulfilled. Their desire does not afflict them, because, though they have it not yet fulfilled, no bliss is thereby lacking to them. Wherefore they feel not the pain of desire. 

And think not, that the bliss of the body after the resurrection gives more bliss to the soul, for, if this were so, it would follow that, until they had the body, they had imperfect bliss, which cannot be, because no perfection is lacking to them. So it is not the body that gives bliss to the soul, but the soul will give bliss to the body, because the soul will give of her abundance, and will re-clothe herself on the Last Day of Judgment, in the garments of her own flesh which she had quitted. For, as the soul is made immortal, stayed and established in Me, so the body in that union becomes immortal, and, having lost heaviness, is made fine and light.

Wherefore, know that the glorified body can pass through a wall, and that neither water nor fire can injure it, not by virtue of itself, but by virtue of the soul, which virtue is of Me, given to her by grace, and by the ineffable love with which I created her in My image and likeness. The eye of your intellect is not sufficient to see, nor your ear to hear, nor your tongue to tell of the good of the Blessed. Oh, how much delight they have in seeing Me, who am every good! Oh, how much delight they will have in being with the glorified body, though, not having that delight from now to the general Judgment, they have not, on that account, pain, because no bliss is lacking to them, the soul being satisfied in herself, and, as I have told you, the body will participate in this bliss”.

Saint John Bosco’s Vision of Heaven.

Saint John Bosco had a vision of Heaven in the form of a dream, which he related to his boys during one of his famous “bedtime talks.”

In 1876, his recently-deceased disciple Saint Dominic Savio appeared to him in a dream. Saint John Bosco told his pupils:

“As you know, dreams come in one’s sleep. So during the night hours of December 6, while I was in my room – whether reading or pacing back and forth or resting in my bed, I am not sure – I began dreaming.

Marvelous Garden.

It suddenly seemed to me that I was standing on a small mound or hillock, on the rim of a broad plain so far-reaching that the eye could not compass its boundaries lost in vastness. All was blue, blue as the calmest sea, though what I saw was not water. It resembled a highly polished, sparkling sea of glass. Stretching out beneath, behind and on either side of me was an expanse of what looked like seashore.

Broad, imposing avenues divided the plain into grand gardens of indescribable beauty, each broken up by thickets, lawns, and flower beds of varied shapes and colors. Each species and each single plant sparkled with a brilliance of its own.

None of the plants we know could ever give you an idea of those flowers, although there was a resemblance of sorts. The very grass, the flowers, the trees, and the fruit – all were of singular and magnificent beauty. Leaves were of gold, trunks and boughs were of diamonds, and every tiny detail was in keeping with this wealth. The various kinds of plants were beyond counting.

Each species and each single plant sparkled with a brilliance of its own. Scattered throughout those gardens and spread over the entire plain I could see countless buildings whose architecture, magnificence, harmony, grandeur and size were so unique that one could say all the treasures of earth could not suffice to build a single one. If only my boys had one such house, I said to myself, how they would love it, how happy they would be, and how much they would enjoy being there! Thus ran my thoughts as I gazed upon the exterior of those buildings, but how much greater must their inner splendor have been!

An Enchanting Melody.

As I stood there basking in the splendor of those gardens, I suddenly heard music most sweet – so delightful and enchanting a melody that I could never adequately describe it. … A hundred thousand instruments played, each with its own sound, uniquely different from all others, and every possible sound set the air alive with its resonant waves.

I suddenly heard music most sweet, blended with them were the songs of choristers. In those gardens I looked upon a multitude of people enjoying themselves happily, some singing, others playing, but every note, had the effect of a thousand different instruments playing together. At one and the same time, if you can imagine such a thing, one could hear all the notes of the chromatic scale, from the deepest to the highest, yet all in perfect harmony. Ah yes, we have nothing on earth to compare with that symphony.

Deepest Pleasure.

One could tell from the expression of those happy faces that the singers not only took the deepest pleasure in singing, but also received vast joy in listening to the others. The more they sang, the more pressing became their desire to sing. The more they listened, the more vibrant became their yearning to hear more…

As I listened enthralled to that heavenly choir, I saw an endless multitude of boys approaching me. Many I recognized as having been at the Oratory and in our other schools, but by far the majority of them were total strangers to me. Their endless ranks drew closer, headed by Dominic Savio, who was followed immediately by Father Alasonatti, Father Chiali, Father Guilitto and many other clerics and priests, each leading a squad of boys…

A Most Radiant Joy.

Once those host of boys got some eight or ten paces from me, they halted. There was a flash of light far brighter than before, the music stopped, and a hushed silence fell over all. A most radiant joy encompassed all the boys and sparkled in their eyes, their countenances aglow with happiness. They looked and smiled at me very pleasantly, as though to speak, but no one said a word.

Dominic Savio stepped forward a pace or two, standing so close to me that, had I stretched out my hand, I would surely have touched him. He too was silent and gazed upon me with a smile…at last Dominic Savio spoke”:

Why do you stand there silent, as though you were almost devitalized?’ he asked. ‘Aren’t you the one who once feared nothing, holding your ground against slander, persecution, hostility, hardships and dangers of all sorts? Where is courage? Say something!’

Loving Warmth.

I forced myself to reply in a stammer, “I do not know what to say. Are you Dominic Savio?”

Yes I am. Don’t you know me anymore?”

How come you are here?” I asked still bewildered.

Savio spoke affectionately: 

“I came to talk with you. We spoke together so often on earth! Do you not recall how much you loved me, or how many tokens of friendship you gave me and how kind you were to me? And did I not return the warmth of your love? How much trust I placed in you! So why are you tongue-tied? Why are you shaking? Come ask me a question or two!”

Abode of Happiness.

Summoning my courage, I replied, “I am shaking because I don’t know where I am.”

“You are in the abode of happiness,” Savio answered, “where one experiences every joy, every delight.”

“Is this the reward of the just?” asked St. John Bosco.

“Not at all! Here we do not enjoy supernatural happiness but only a natural one, though greatly magnified.”

“Might I be allowed to see a little supernatural light?” asked St. John Bosco.

“No one can see it until he has come to see God as He is. The faintest ray of that light would instantly strike one dead, because the human senses are not sturdy enough to endure it.”

5 Awesome Things About Being A Catholic

5 Awesome Things About Being A Catholic

Here is a list of “5 Really Awesome Things About Being Catholic.”

1.) Confession

One of the great things about being a Catholic is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Confession, as it’s popularly known. Confession is a spiritual powerhouse. It gives an opportunity for us to accept our faults and failures, hear the words of forgiveness, and then set out on a new start. Saying we’re sorry and commencing again – it’s something we all need to do once-in-awhile.

2.) The Rosary

Saint John Paul said that the Rosary “is a prayer of great relevance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness,” and indeed it has. A prayer unique to Catholics, the Rosary combines meditation on the lives of Jesus and Mary with the recitation of familiar prayers. Through the centuries the Rosary has strengthened Christians going into battle, brought families together, and comforted devout Catholics in times of crisis. The Rosary – so simple, so powerful, and so Catholic!

3.) Saints

Catholics embrace their saints, as favorite, if sometimes eccentric, members of our spiritual family. We turn to the saints for motivation and we turn to them for assistance. Looking for a lost item? Call St. Anthony. Worried about your sick puppy? St. Francis is there to help. Trying to sell a house? Bury St. Joseph. (And then scarf down a zeppole for good measure.) Any Catholic worthy of the name has a favorite saint or two.

4.) Blessings

“The celebration of blessings holds a privileged place among all the sacramentals of the Church for the pastoral rewards of the people of God.” (The Book of Blessings) In other words, Catholics love their blessings. We bless people, pets, homes, cars, meals, religious items and just about anything else. A blessing doesn’t change the nature of the item. It simply shows that it’s dedicated to a religious purpose. It just makes us feel better.

5.) Music

Catholics have a rich tradition of liturgical music. It begins with the heritage of Gregorian chant, a gift of the Church to the world, and moves on to beloved Catholic hymns that many of us grew up singing – the Salve Regina, “Holy God We Praise thy Name,” Tantum Ergo, “Jesus, My Lord, my God, my All.” Catholic congregations aren’t known to be great singers, but when we do, we have an extensive songbook to select from.

The 9 Choirs Of Angels: The Saints And Their Guardian Angels.

The 9 Choirs Of Angels: The Saints And Their Guardian Angels.


The Guardian Angels:

Guardian Angels are appointed by God to watch over every soul born into the world. They are assigned that role at the moment of conception. Their ultimate function are to lead individuals to Heaven by defending them from evil, helping in prayer, suggesting good thoughts etc. The Angel acts upon the senses and the imagination, but not directly upon the will-here, human co-operation is required (Cath. Dictionary).

The ministry of Guardian Angels involves: 

First, warding off dangers to body and soul; 

Second, in preventing Satan suggesting evil thoughts, and in removing occasions of sin and helping us to overcome temptation; 

Third, in enlightening and instructing us and fostering in us holy thoughts and pious desires; 

Fourth, in offering to God our prayers and in praying for us; 

Fifth, in correcting us if we sin, 

Sixth in helping us in the agony of death, in strengthening and comforting us; 

Seventh, in conducting our souls to Heaven, or to Purgatory to console us there. Not only do they watch over us, they see in their charges, souls of priceless value since we are redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of Christ (cf. The Precious Blood and the Angels).

After God, and His Holy Mother, our Guardian Angel is our best friend. Some revelations (see Dr. Evens,’ USA) say that our Guardian Angels give God, a daily report of our activities, hardships and progress in spiritual life. Our Lady said we will be held accountable for keeping our Guardian Angels idle – by not praying to him.

According to Ancilla Domini, Guardian Angels of persons, who are called to suffer much, are very reserve companions active as other Guardian Angels. Usually they appear dressed in red and wear a small crown, while other Guardian Angels are dressed in white, with a joyful expression and a beautiful crown on their head. From the latter are assigned to innocent souls and act as servants rather than companions.

Guardian Angels of sinners have a beautiful majestic bearing. Their garments are of a deep red colour, with a crown on their head, their arms folded across the breasts and their faces turned upward towards Heaven, with an imploring and painful expression, indicating how greatly a mortal sin offend God. Holy souls who live in unchristian surroundings (e.g. northern Nigeria Christians) and those with special missions, receive special Angels from God.

Ancilla Domini stated that, our Guardian Angels will forever be our companion in Heaven, as their joy is greatly increased when the one they guide, make it to Heaven. That is not to say that Guardian Angels of lost souls are deprived of joy. No. they enter Heaven and have their share of joy. God in His justice increases their joy and assigns them to the special Guard of the Queen of Angels-Regina Angelorum.

The Guardian Angels of children are exceedingly lovely. Their garments are light blue, decorated with pearls, and a wreath of beautiful everlasting roses surround the head, with hands always folded in prayer and their eyes continually directed to Heaven. 

“See that you despise not one of these little ones. For I say to you that their Angels in Heaven always see the Face of My Father who is in Heaven.” (Matt 18:10).

St. Gregory the great was informed by his Guardian Angel of God’s decision that he will become Pope. He was assisted by him as well: “Fear not, Gregory. God sent me to you to tell you that you would obtain everything you asked for through my service. As I was the cause of your being raised to the Chair of Peter, I shall also protect and preserve you in this position until death.”

An Angel Rescues the Apostles:

“And they laid hands on the Apostles and put them in the common prison. But an Angel of the Lord, by night opening the doors of the prison and leading them out said: 
Go, stand and speak in the Temple to the people all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:18-20).

St. Peter deliverance by an Angel:

“Peter therefore was kept in prison. But prayer was made without ceasing by the Church unto God for him. And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between the two soldiers, bound with two chains and the keepers before the door kept the prison. And behold an Angel of the Lord stood by him and a light shunned in the room. And he striking Peter on the side, raised him up saying: ‘Arise quickly.’ And the chains fell off from his hands. And the Angel said to him: Gird thyself and put on thy scandals. And he did so. And he said to him cast thy garment about thee and follow me’. And going out he followed him. And he knew not that it was true which was done by the Angel: but thought he saw a vision. And passing through the first and the second, they came to the iron gate that leadeth to the city, which of itself opened to them. And going out they passed through one street. And immediately the Angel departed from him.” (Acts 12:5-10).

St. Thomas Aquinas – the Angelic Doctor

The Angelic Doctor was locked up in captivity for a year because his family wanted him to be a Benedictine, rather than, the ‘despised’ Dominican he wanted to be. They went as far as bringing an evil woman into his chamber in order to make him unchaste. But the Saint drove her away with a flaming brand. 

He then prayed for perpetual chastity. In prayer, he fell into ecstacy, two Angels appeared to him and girded him in perpetual chastity with a miraculous cord saying: “We have come from God to invest thee with the girdle of perpetual chastity. The Lord has heard thy prayer and that which human fraility can never merit is ensured to thee by the irrevocable gift of God.” The Angels tied him so tightly that he screamed. He kept this event secret and only revealed it to his Confessor on his death bed. Since then, the spirit of darkness have never approached him. During this captivity, he memorized the entire Bible, and other four Books – the Sentences, the theological book of the time. Priests who are devoted to him tie a cord and recite 15 Hail Marys daily for Purity. The Cord, the Angels tied him, he wore till death. It is still preserved at the convent of Chieri in Piedmont.

St. Francis de Sales noticed that a newly ordained priest hesitated before a door, as if to let someone pass before him. On questioning, the young priest replied: “God favours me with the sight of my Guardian Angel. Before I was ordained to the holy priesthood, my Angel has remained by my right and preceded me. Now he walks at the left and refuses to go before me.” This is because of his priestly dignity.

St. Gemma Galgani’s Guardian Angel often helps her to deliver her letters! 

Abraham entertained Angels. Lot too. They foretold Isaac’s birth and delivered Lot from the destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorah (Gen 18 and 19). An Angel ordered Agar to return to her mistress (Gen 16:7-9) and prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac (Gen 22:11-13).

Both St. Clement and St. Gregory the great and many great writers say that every country, every city, every town and village, every parish and family has a special Guardian Angel. 

For instance St. Francis Xavier was known to invoke the Guardian Angel of every country and city in which he preached the holy Gospel, and always commended new congregations he won to the Faith, to the protection of the holy Angels. Two Angel warriors repelled the Saxons when they invaded a Church dedicated to St. Boniface, as they appeared in wonderous beauty and strength!

St. Rose of Lima, who lived a life of sanctity, and many Saints saw and spoke with their Guardian Angels.

To the Precious Blood Seer, Our Lady told this: “…Children, you have Guardian Angels, but you do not believe in their loving and caring presence. I mean the Pentecostal churches. This makes them claim to see more of evil spirits than their Guardian Angels who are sent to defend them. The Presence of your God which is everywhere, cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the heavenly Army fights day and night is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The evil one can only be bechased out from one place to another.

This is what the heavenly Army is doing for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil spirits be chained for years, before their final destruction at the end of the world. The evil spirits are in the world as air is in the world, so also the Angels of peace. The evil spirits have no power over the holy ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in the world by the Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes from the power of humility and the fire of purity. Attached to the world is a restless man.

Learn today that your God cares for you. He sees your movements. His Angels are beside you. You are to know this and talk to your Guardian Angel. No power of darkness is stronger than your Guardian Angel. He has power to rescue you from all troubles, if only you will remain pure and be a friend of your God… The battle is not yours. You are not the defender of your lives. Take the simple prayer of the Church against evil spirits, it is enough. Say your normal prayers and spend more time in adoration. You will find peace.

This Pentecostal world has come to drive the whole world into the error of faithlessness. They have come to put the world into the bondage of fear. They have come to put off the holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy gatherings. My deepest sorrow is that the Holy Church of My Son has being enveloped in these errors.” (Our Lady 11/1/02).

If for a good reason, you are unable to attend Mass, you can send your Guardian Angel to attend Mass on your behalf and enable you get the grace. The Church has always had a prayer for that:

Send Your Guardian Angel to Holy Mass:

O holy Angel at my side, Go to Church for me. Kneel in my place at Holy Mass where I desire to be. At offertory, in my stead. Take all I am and own. And place it as a sacrifice upon the altar throne. At holy consecration’s bell, adore with Seraph’s love My Jesus hidden in the Host come down from heaven above. Then pray for those I dearly love, and those who cause me grief. That Jesus’ Blood may cleanse all hearts and suffering souls relieve. And when the priest Communion takes, Oh, bring my Lord to me. That His sweet Heart may rest on mine. And I His Temple be. Pray that this Sacrifice Divine may mankind’s sins efface. Then bring me Jesus’ blessing home, the pledge of every grace. Amen. Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom Gods love commits us here, ever this day/night, be at my side, to light guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

says: “… if the flesh draws the soul, the soul will tend towards evil and grow weak. The power for righteous will begin to diminish. If nothing helps the soul to rise, the soul will eventually reach the zero point. At this point, all the spiritual beauty and strength will have gone. This is the rotten stage of the souls. The Angels call the being, the Rotten Being. This is true because, in such a being diffuses the rotten smell of iniquity. Oh no wonder why My Angels stay far from such a Being! His character is evil; his words are rotten, his thoughts are rotten as well. He gives out the rotten smell of iniquity, which scares my Angels away” (Jesus to the Precious Blood Seer 26/7/02).

“I saw that whenever an Angel withdraws, a demon steps in”. (Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich).

“Try to understand that God knows all about you. He hears you, sees you, know you. Each person is considered separately by God as a unique person with unique ways and interests. Do not think that God does not pay attention to you or know you. He knows you better than you do yourself. For billions of people with souls, He chooses a Guardian Angel and that Angel reports continually to God about you. Sometimes it is painful for the Angel to report, but He does so as God requires. But God knows all the Angel says before He says it. God knows all about everything…. He hears your cries for help and your Guardian Angels explain all in your lives to Him continually. Yes, it is hard life He seeks from some of you.” (Our Lady and St. Joseph to Dr. Evens).

The Angels, specially so called, close the last Choir of the Spirits of light. They are the ordinary messengers sent to men and from their ranks our own Guardian Angels are usually chosen. They mirror in a very particular way the goodness of God toward us. They are ever ready to go wherever the Will of God sends them, and they minister to all, just and sinner alike. They have a true sense of values and they know that to serve God in any capacity is a very great honor. Let us frequently invoke their help as they are most happy to be of service to us, as they are our lifelong companions.

There are other Angels given to individuals whom God assigns specific or crucial tasks or mission. Such individuals receive the Angels in addition to their Guardian Angels.

Most holy Angels be ever for us the Guardians of our safety and salvation, and since we were redeemed by the Divine Blood, obtain for us the grace of final perseverance.

By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Angels, may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted hereafter to eternal glory. Amen.

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (5).

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (5).


The four-winged Angels- the Elohim, who distribute God’s graces, are Ss. Raphiel (not Raphael), Etophiel, Salathiel, and Em­manuel.

*There is much greater Order even among the bad spirits and demons than there is on earth. Whenever an Angel withdraws, a devil steps instantly into his place and begins his own work.

Great order reigns also among the planetary spirits, who are fallen spirits, but not devils. They are very, very different from devils. They go to and fro between the earth and the nine spheres. In one of these spheres they are sad and melancholy; in another, impetuous and violent; in a third, light and giddy; in a fourth, stingy, parsimonious, miserly, etc. They exert an influence over the whole earth, over every man from his birth, and they form cer­tain orders and associations. 

In the planets I saw forms re­sembling plants and trees, but light and unsubstantial, like mushrooms. There are, also, waters on them, some clear as crystal, others muddy and poisonous; and it seemed to me that each planet contains a metal. The spirits make use of fruits adapted to their own nature. Some are an occasion of good, inasmuch as man himself directs their influence to good. Not all the heavenly- bodies are inhabited, some are only gardens or storehouses for certain fruits and influences, I see places in which are souls who, although not Christian, yet led good lives on earth. They are now in uncertainty, feeling that some day or other their lot will change; they are without joy or pain. Like the others, they feed upon certain fruits…

To be continued

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