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Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 2]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 2]


Blessed Mary: Is the good Lord a little happier with me these days?

R … Yes, He is happy with you because you are more determined to please Him. Did you notice his goodness? Have you observed his attention to you? Do you not also like it these days? Well, here’s how it will always act in your regards. The more you do for Him, the more He will do for you. I am so happy to see that you really want to love the good God and work towards the achievement of perfection that, if you need to stay a little longer in Purgatory, I would willingly do it, if I knew that, through this suffering, I would get to the state in where the good God wants to see you for the fulfillment of his designs.

Never look back to examining your conduct too much (meticulously). Put it back completely in the hands of the good God and always go forward.

Your life must be summed up in two words: sacrifice, love! Sacrifice from morning to night, but also, at the same time, love!

If you knew what good God is! There is no sacrifice that you would not want to accomplish, not suffering that you would not want to endure to see it for a minute, and then you would find yourself so satisfied, so consoled, when you would never see it again! What will then be for an eternity?

There is no middle ground for you. Some souls, luring themselves to a middle party, will be saved, but you will be a great Santa, or a great sinner, choose. Do you remember that one day, during one of your first Retreats, a long time ago, you were strongly struck by this step: are there souls for whom there is no middle ground? Or they will be Angels or demons. Apply it to yourself. Later you have recognized that it was for you!

Blessed Mary: What is the best way to glorify Saint Michael?

The most effective way to glorify him in Heaven and on earth is to recommend as much as possible devotion to the souls of Purgatory and to make known the great office that he exercises in the purging of souls. It is he who is commissioned by God to lead them to the place of atonement and to introduce them, after the atonement, into the eternal abode. 

Whenever a soul comes to increase the number of the elect, the good God is glorified by her and this glory falls, in a certain way, on the glorious minister of Heaven. It is an honor for him to present to the Lord of souls who are about to sing his mercies and to unite their gratitude to that of the elect for an eternity. I am not able to make you understand all the love that the heavenly Archangel has for his divine Lord, nor that which, in turn, has God for St. Michael, as well as love, the great piety that the Holy Archangel has towards us. He encourages us in suffering, talking to us about Heaven. Tell the Father … that if he wants to do something grateful to St. Michael, I will immediately recommend devotion to the souls in Purgatory. There is no thought in the world. 

At the death of their relatives and friends, some prayers are made, some days cry, and it’s all over! Souls are abandoned. It is true that they deserve it, because on earth they did not pray for the dead, and the Divine Judge does not give us in the other world what we have done in this. People who have forgotten the purging souls are in turn forgotten, and it is right, but if they had suggested to pray for the dead, if they had let them know a little what Purgatory is, maybe they would have acted differently. When the good Lord allows it, we can communicate directly with the Archangel in the way spirits and souls communicate with each other.

Blessed Mary: How is Saint Michael celebrated in Purgatory?

R … On the day of his feast, Saint Michael came to Purgatory and returned to Heaven with many souls, most of whom had been devoted to him during their lifetime.

Blessed Mary: What glory does Saint Michael receive from his feast on earth?

R… When a Saint is celebrated on earth, he receives an accidental glory in Heaven. Even if it is not celebrated, in memory of some heroic deed done by him in life or of the glory procured by the good God on occasion, in memory of this, he also receives a special reward in Heaven in that eventuality, such reward consists in an increase of accidental glory, united to that which gives him the memory that makes him on earth. The accidental glory that the Archangel receives is superior to that of the other Saints, for the glory of which I speak is proportionate to the greatness of the merit of the recipient, as well as to the value of the deed which has merited this reward.

Blessed Mary: Do you know the things of the earth?

R… I know them as much as the good God wants and my knowledge is limited. I’ve known something about the community, and that’s it. I ignore what happens in the souls of other people, except for you alone and this, the good God allows it for your perfection. What I have sometimes told you about some people in particular and I will tell you again, the good Lord makes me know it there, but apart from this, I do not know anything else. Some souls have more extensive knowledge than I do. All of this is proportionate to merit. So, with regard to your father’s relatives, at this moment I do not know the good will of God on them … Will I know it later? I do not know. I will pray the good Lord for them and I will recommend them to Saint Michael.

As for the degrees of Purgatory, I can tell you about it because I have passed there. In the great Purgatory there are different degrees. In the lowest and most tormenting, which is a momentary hell, lie sinners who have committed huge crimes during their lives and that death has surprised in that state, without giving them time to just repent. They have been saved as a miracle, often for the prayers of pious relatives or other people. Sometimes they could not even confess and the world believes them lost, but the good God, whose mercy is infinite, gave them, at the moment of death, the contrition necessary to be saved, in view of one or some actions from them performed during life. For such souls, Purgatory is terrible. It is hell, with the difference that in Hell the good God is cursed, while in the Purgatory it is blessed and we thank Him for having saved us.

Then come the souls who, without having committed great faults like the first ones, have been indifferent to the good God during their life they have no point satisfied with the Easter precept and, likewise converted to point of death, often having not even been able to communicate, are in Purgatory as a result of their long indifference, suffering pains unheard, abandoned, if they do for them, they can not profit from it. 

Finally, then, there are still in that Purgatory, lukewarm Religious and Religious, forgetful of their duties, indifferent to Jesus; priests, who, having not exercised their ministry with the reverence due to the Sovereign Majesty, did not make the good Lord love the souls entrusted to them. I belonged to this degree.

In the second Purgatory there are the souls of those who die guilty of venial sins not expiated before death, or of mortal sins, but of which they have not fully satisfied the divine justice. There are also in Purgatory different degrees according to the merits of the people. Thus the Purgatory of consecrated persons or those who received the most graces is longer and more painful than that of the commune of souls.

Finally, the Purgatory of desire, which is called the Vestibule. Very few people avoid it. To avoid it, one must have ardently desired Heaven and the vision of the good God, and this is rare, rarer than one believes, for many people, even pious ones, are afraid of the good God and do not desire Heaven with sufficient ardor. Purgatory has its martyrdom very painful to the others be deprived of the vision of the good Jesus, what suffering…!to be continued 

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 1]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 1]


Blessed Mary of the Cross for some period kept herring  mysterious cries and moans from some invisible Spectre who wouldn’t give it’s name. Finally on February 15, 1874, the deceased reveals her name:

“Because I have made you feel sorry, God wants you to pray for me! …” “I am not the Devil! I am Sister Maria Gabriella your former Sister. I will not leave you quiet as long as I am not in Heaven. The good Lord allows this for your own good and for my relief! Yes, I suffer, but my greatest torment is not to see the good God. This is a continuous martyrdom that makes me suffer more than the fire of Purgatory … One can not imagine the pains that suffer in Purgatory! No one thinks of it in the world. Even the religious communities forget it. For this reason the good God wants us to pray in a special way for the poor souls of Purgatory, who inculcates this devotion to the students, so that they, in turn, speak about it in the world”. 

These meetings were permitted by God not only for the liberation of Sister Maria Gabriella from Purgatory but also for the sanctification of Sister Mary of the Cross. This, her confessor recommended for her to write all the interviews that she has with the sister who is in Purgatory.

Blessed Mary: Why do I pray less fervently for you than I pray for others, and often I forget you?

R … Do not regret it; it is the good God that allows it; and besides, for me, it is a certain punishment. If you pray even more, I would not receive more relief. The good God wants it this way. If you want me to pray more, it will inspire you.

I repeat once again not to be afraid of me. You will not see me in suffering. Further on, when you are stronger, you will see the souls in Purgatory, and you will see some of them in a very bad state. But do not think about it so as not to scare you. The good God will give you at the right moment the necessary courage and all that will be needed to accomplish his holy will.

Blessed Mary: Is not this for punishment?

R… But no! I am there for my relief and for your sanctification. Please pay a little more attention to what I tell you

Blessed Mary: It’s true, but for me such things are so extraordinary that they do not know what to think of all this! It is not ordinary to hear you in this way!

R… Well I understand your hesitation. I know what you suffer in this regard; but since the good Lord permits it, and this is a relief to me, you will want to have mercy on me, is it true? When I am released, you will see that I will make you more than you have done for me. I already pray a lot for you.

Blessed Mary: where is Sister …?

R … In the great Purgatory, where she does not receive prayers from anyone.

The good Lord is often opposed to the death of many religious (if we can say so), for the fact that he had called these souls, so that they would serve Him faithfully on earth and, after their death, immediately went to glorify Him in Heaven … instead, for their infidelity, it happens that they stay long in Purgatory, much longer than the people of the world, who have not received so many graces!

AUGUST 1879 (Withdrawal) – 

R… We see St. Michael as we see the Angels. He has no body. He comes to Purgatory to detect all the already purified souls, because it is he who leads them to Heaven. Yes, it is true, he is among the Seraphim, as Monsignor said.

He is the first Angel of Heaven. Even our Guardian Angels come to visit us, but Saint Michael is much more beautiful than they! As for the Blessed Virgin, we see Her with her body. She comes to Purgatory on the day of her feasts and returns to Heaven together with many souls. While you are with us, we do not suffer. Saint Michael accompanies you, but when he is alone, we suffer as usual. When I told you about the great and the second Purgatory, I did it to make you understand. With that expression I meant to say that in Purgatory there are different degrees. So, I call great Purgatory the place where the most guilty souls are, in which I stayed two years without being able to give any sign of my torments, then the year, during which you heard me complain, you know that I was still there when I started talking to you. In the second Purgatory, which is always Purgatory, however different from the first, one suffers also a lot, but less than in the first Purgatory. Finally, there is a third place, which is the Purgatory of desire. There is no fire in it. There are those souls who have not longed for Heaven, who have not loved the good Lord enough. I am here at this moment and in these three purgatorys there are still many degrees. As a soul is purified, it no longer suffers the same torments. Everything is proportionate to the faults that she must atone for.

Will you shake yourself now and will you seriously give yourself to the good God? How long have I been there for this!

The Retreat was good and will bear fruit. The Devil was not happy. The good Lord loves much the Father who has kept the Exercises there. Tell the good Father that I thank him for the Memento which he promised to do for me in Holy Mass. For my part I will not be ungrateful. I will pray to the good God to grant him the graces he needs.

You did well this evening, to tell him everything I told you. It was San Michele who sent it to you, the community has taken advantage of it, but what is certain is that he came here especially for you. Saint Michael, whom you love and who has long protected you, has wanted one of his Missionaries to know everything I have told you. The good God has drawings in this. You will know them later. 

Further on, you can also give him more precise information about San Michele. You ask me if Father P. is acceptable to the good God. Here is what you will say to him: that you continue to act as he has done so far. He is acceptable to the good God and what the good God loves most in him is his great purity of intention and his inner spirit, (as well as) his goodness for souls. Tell him that he continues to unite more and more with the Heart of Jesus. The more intimate his union will be, the more his actions and his whole life will be meritorious for Heaven and profit for souls. 

Not an ordinary perfection I await from him. In the Missions and Retreats I recommend the offer of the day’s actions, because in the world and even in the communities there is not always enough thought, and so many actions, good in themselves, on the last day will have no reward, because they were offered to the good God before doing them. Never be discouraged if he sees that his efforts do not have the desired result. You think that the good Lord is happy and satisfied with his apostolic activities, even if he had infused a little love into his hearts for only a quarter of an hour!

What I have told you now, the good Lord has made it known to me, because he (Father P.) did not accept you badly when, the other day, you spoke to him. Put into practice what he told you. Let him know in writing everything you have learned from me. Do not forget anything and profit from all the advice he will give you in this regard. As I have already told you, the good Lord sent him. He has great designs in doing so in your regard. Be very faithful to all the graces that the good Jesus gives you. If, later on, as I hope, the good Lord will let me know anything else that interests your Father, I will tell you. Thank him again for his prayers and tell him that I will not be ungrateful. I will now pray for him as for you.

Think that God wants you to become a saint. You could say that this will not be in a moment, because, how long your Jesus is not behind and I also! However, now it is time, and this time you have to get serious about it. You have understood it particularly during this last Retreat. Do not put any obstacle to grace. Let yourselves be led by the good Lord in the way He wanted. But above all, do not resist any of his inspirations. Set aside nature and one’s self. Therefore lightened with such burden, go forward always without ever losing heart. Pray a lot for me, so that soon it will reach the object of my persistent yes and so great desires! I will be more useful to you in Heaven than here. 

On the closing day of the Retreat you had a good thought inviting me to adore Jesus present in your heart during Thanksgiving. If you had always done it so far, I would have had more relief. Do it in the present and even before your every prayer. Also, give me some of your work for me. I have a great desire to see the good God.

Yes, the little notebooks (1) are very pleasing to the good God. This is the most expedient way to reach a great perfection and an intimate union with Jesus.

I have been waiting for a long time for a little more love in everything you do. The more a soul loves Jesus, the more his prayers and his actions are meritorious in his sight. In Heaven, only love will be rewarded. Everything that will be done for a different purpose will be void and, consequently, lost. Love therefore even Jesus, as He wishes. I will feel a great relief.

(1) This is probably a matter of several notebooks, in which Sister Maria della Croce noted her spiritual “balance” with respect to the “regulation” she had drawn. These notebooks were found in his personal papers…to be continued 

5 Truths You Probably Don’t Know About Purgatory

5 Truths You Probably Don’t Know About Purgatory

1. Purgatory isn’t merely a punishment.

It’s a merciful gift and a testimony to God’s love.

“Sometimes, people hear about the sufferings of the souls in purgatory and they think suffering is the desire of a vindictive God, a God who wants his pound of flesh,” said Robert Corzine, vice president for Programs and Development at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

“But that’s not the case at all,” he continued. “God forgives us instantly when we request. The role of suffering is to remove the damage we’ve done. It’s God the Healer applying the solutions to make us perfect images of Christ.”

And perfect images of Christ is actually what God calls each of us to become.

According to the Catholic doctrine of salvation, God doesn’t simply wish to save us from hell — from a state of eternal separation from him. Most importantly, he wishes to save us from sin, from being anything less than the men and women he created us to be.

“God is like a great heart surgeon, trying to give us the new hearts we need,” Corzine said. “But we keep flopping around on the table, moving away from the knife. Death then is like the anesthetic. In purgatory, we’re no longer able to avoid the healing we need, and he can finish the work he started during our lifetime.”

2. The suffering endured by souls in purgatory isn’t physical pain.

Through the centuries, artists striving to convey the sufferings of purgatory have depicted men and women tormented by a burning fire. But those explanations aren’t a literal representation of the goings-on in the purgative state. They can’t be. In purgatory, the soul remains separated from its body, so it can only suffer spiritually, not physically.

That’s not to say, moreover, that the flames of purgatory aren’t real. They are.

“The fire by which we’re sanctified is an interior burning for the love of God,” expressed Susan Tassone, author of seven books on purgatory, including “Prayers, Promises, and Devotions for Holy Souls in Purgatory”. “Immediately after their death, the souls in purgatory saw God in all his glory. They saw his love, his goodness, and the plans he had for us. And they desire that. They burn for it, with a yearning that exceeds the heat of any earthly fire.”

In other words, the main pain endured by those in purgatory is the loss of the sight of God. They suffer from what Tassone called, “a spiritual fever.”

As that fever rages, it separates the soul from sin, a process almost equally painful.

3. Our prayers for the dead matter eternally.

The souls in purgatory may be bound for glory, but the process of purgation still can be long and painful. Save for humbly submitting to the sanctifying fire of Christ’s love, there’s nothing those souls can do to speed up the process or mitigate the pain.

“We need to be greedy for graces for the souls in purgatory,” said Tassone. “When the soul leaves the body, the time for merit is up. The soul is helpless. That’s why they need our prayers — the Rosary, adoration, the Way of the Cross and, most of all, the Mass. The Masses we have offered for the souls in purgatory are the best thing we can do for our beloved dead. That’s because the Mass is the highest form of worship, the highest form of prayer.”

“It really is one of the most consoling doctrines of the Church,” added Martin. “None of us stands alone. We stand on the shoulders of giants, the foremost giant being Christ. Our sufferings and sacrifices can be parlayed into sincere help for the holy souls because of his suffering and sacrifice.”

In many ways, he continued, our relationship to those in purgatory is simply an extension of “the logic of love,” where “You extend yourself so that another might have an easier time of it. And that principle isn’t bound by death.”

It’s equally not bound by time. The Church admonishes that purgatory operates outside of space and time as we on earth experience it. Which means we should never stop praying for those we’ve lost.

“No prayer is ever wasted,” Tassone said. “The prayers we pray for our loved ones throughout the entirety of our lives play a part in assisting them to go into heaven.

4. The Holy Souls Intercede For Us.

The souls in purgatory can’t do anything for themselves, but the Church has long believed that they can do something for us: They can intercede for us, assisting in obtaining for us the graces we need to follow Christ more perfectly.

“We have such great intercessors in the holy souls,” said Tassone. “They’re interested in our salvation. They want to help ensure that we comprehend the malice of sin and the relevance of conforming our lives to God’s will so that we can go straight to heaven when we die.”

The same is doubly true, she continued, of the souls now in heaven, whom our prayers assisted.

“Those souls become like our second guardian angels, taking us under their wing,” she explained. “That’s because the gift we helped give them was the Beatific Vision, which is the greatest gift of all.”

5. The Church’s teachings on purgatory are rooted in Scripture.

If you’re seeking for scriptural evidence for purgatory, start in the Second Book of Maccabees (12:45), where Judas Maccabee orders prayers and sacrifices for fallen soldiers who committed idolatry shortly before their death.

“Their beseeching shows there is hope even beyond the grave for those who defiled themselves,” Martin said.

In the New Testament, St. Paul likewise hints at the cleansing fires of purgatory when he expresses, “If any man’s work is burned up he will suffer loss though he himself will be saved” (1 Cor 3:12-15). He also seemingly prays for the soul of Onesiphorus in 2 Timothy 1:18.

Moreover, according to Corzine, the existence of purgatory is the only way to make sense of scriptural assertions such as, “No unclean thing will enter [heaven]” (Rv 21:27), as well as commands like “Be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48).

“Logic demands purgatory,” Corzine said. “Without some process of cleansing after death, the census of heaven would be infinitesimally small, comprised of only the few who allow God to perfect them in this life.”

The Necessity Of Purgatory And How God And The Holy Souls Look At Each Other – St. Catherine Of Genoa. 

The Necessity Of Purgatory And How God And The Holy Souls Look At Each Other – St. Catherine Of Genoa. 

Of The Necessity Of purgatory. How Terrible It Is.

When I look at God, I see no gate to Paradise, and yet because God is all mercy, he who wills enters there. God stands before us with open arms to receive us into His glory. But well I see the divine essence to be of such purity, greater far than can be imagined, that the soul in which there is even the least note of imperfection would rather cast itself into a thousand Hells than find itself thus stained in the presence of the Divine Majesty.

Therefore the soul, understanding that Purgatory has been ordained to take away those stains, casts itself therein, and seems to itself to have found great mercy in that it can rid itself there of the impediment which is the stain of sin. No tongue can tell nor explain, no mind understand, the grievousness of Purgatory. But I, though I see that there is in Purgatory as much pain as in Hell, yet see the soul which has the least stain of imperfection accepting Purgatory, as I have said, as though it were a mercy, and holding its pains of no account as compared with the least stain which hinders a soul in its love.

I seem to see that the pain which souls in Purgatory endure because of whatever in them displeases God, that is what they have willfully done against His so great goodness, is greater than any other pain they feel in Purgatory. And this is because, being in grace, they see the truth and the grievousness of the hindrance which stays them from drawing near to God.

How God and the souls in Purgatory look at each other.

The saint acknowledges that in speaking of these matters she cannot express herself. All these things which I have surely in mind, in so much as in this life I have been able to understand them, are, as compared with what I have said, extreme in their greatness. Beside them, all the sights, sounds, justice and truths of this world seem to me lies and nothingness. I am left confused because I cannot find words extreme enough for these things.

I perceive there to be so much conformity between God and the soul that when He sees it in the purity in which His Divine Majesty created it he gives it a burning love, which draws it to Himself, which is strong enough to destroy it, immortal though it be, and which causes it to be so transformed in God that it sees itself as though it were none other than God unceasingly. He draws it to Himself and breathes fire into it, never letting it go until He has led it to the state whence it came forth, that is, to the pure cleanliness in which it was created.

When with its inner sight, the soul sees itself drawn by God with such loving fire, then it is melted by the heat of the glowing love for God, its most dear Lord, which it feels overflowing it. And it sees by the divine light that God does not cease from drawing it, nor from leading it, lovingly and with much care and unfailing foresight, to its full perfection, doing this of His pure love.

But the soul, being hindered by sin, cannot go were God draws it. It cannot follow the uniting look with which He would draw it to Himself.

Again the soul perceives the grievousness of being held back from seeing the divine light, the soul’s instinct too, being drawn by that uniting look, craves to be unhindered. I say that, it is the sight of these things which begets in the souls the pain they feel in Purgatory. Not that they make account of their pain; most

great though it be, they deem it a far less evil than to find themselves 
going against the will of God, whom they clearly see to be on fire with 
extreme and pure love for them.

Strongly and unceasingly this love draws the soul with that uniting look, 
as though it had nought else than this to do. Could the soul who understood 
find a worse Purgatory in which to rid itself sooner of all the hindrance 
in its. way, it would swiftly fling itself therein, driven by the 
conforming love between itself and God.

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