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Reasons Why Catholics Priests Don’t Marry

Reasons Why Catholics Priests Don’t Marry

Cleric Celibacy

Celibacy did not begin with the Roman Catholics as it is known that long before the birth of Christianity Ancient Druid and Aztec priest were expected to be sexually abstinent.

Catholic Priests strive to emulate the role and chaste way of life of Jesus Christ who all through his life never married and was referred to as an eunuch (Matthew 19:12 “Some are born eunuchs, some have been made eunuchs by others, and some choose not to marry for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, Let anyone accept this who can.)

First evidence that the Catholic priests didn’t start off being celibate is found in the bible as the disciple of our lord Jesus and now considered by Catholics and indeed all of Christianity as the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church, (Matthew 16:18 “Now i say to you that you are peter, and upon this rock i will build my church and all powers of hell will not conquer it.), Peter, was married.

The bible considers celibacy as a gift,(1Corinthians 7:7 “But i wish everyone was as single, just as i am, but God gives to some the gift of marriage and to others the gift of singleness) and in 1Corinthians 7:32-33 (“i want to be free from the concerns of this life, an unmarried man can spend his time doing the lord’s work and thinking how to please him. 33but a married man has to think about his earthly responsibilities and how to please his wife.”) the bible clearly illustrates why its advisable that priests remain celibate. therefore the first reason why ppriests are celibate is for them to devote more time to serving God and preaching about his works.

The celibacy in the Catholic Church historically started off with a written mandate requiring priests to be chaste AD304, followed by, the Canon33 of the council of El vira stated  that “All bishops, presbyters and deacons and all other members of the clerics were to abstain completely from their wives and not have children.

Subsequently, the third action taken into this process the council of Nicaea, convened by Constantine rejected a ban on priests marrying requested by Spanish clerics in AD325. As for the East, the Greek ecclesiastical historians Socrates and Sozomen, who wrote a century after the event, reported that the First council of Nicaea(325) considered ordering all married clergy to refrain from conjugal relations, but the Council was dissuaded by Paphnutius of Thebes. Pope Benedict VIII of the 11th century responded to the decline in priestly morality due to the ban that had been initially lifted by issuing a rule prohibiting the children of priests from inheriting property. Some decades after, Pope Gregory VII issued a decree against clerical marriages.

After some years, the Catholic church finally took a concrete stand on celibacy at the second Lateran council held in 1139 when  the rule was approved forbidding priests from marrying and at The Council of Trent which considered the matter and at its twenty-fourth session decreed that marriage after ordination was invalid.

French Catholic Priest Accused Of Sexual Molestation Kills Himself In Church. 

French Catholic Priest Accused Of Sexual Molestation Kills Himself In Church. 

A 38-year-old French priest committed suicide in his church in Rouen, a northern French town, after being accused of molesting a young woman, local prosecutors and police sources said on Wednesday.

JeanBaptiste Sèbe killed himself on Tuesday in the church north of Rouen amid allegations from a local mother that her grown-up daughter had been a victim of “indecent behaviour and sexual assault,” a police source said.

The initial complaint was made to the archbishop of Rouen, and “police were not notified prior to the suicide,” the source added, stressing that investigators remained “very cautious at this stage.”

Local prosecutor Etienne Thieffry confirmed that an investigation was underway into “the exact reasons for the suicide” at the Saint-Jean XXIII church.

At this point, no complaint has been filed,” Thieffry said.

A spokesman for the Rouen diocese, Eric de la Bourdonnaye, told the AFP news agency he could “neither confirm nor deny these reports.”

The Catholic Church has been shaken by a string of paedophile scandals over the past 25 years.

It was rocked in August by a devastating US report on child sex abuse which accused more than 300 “predator” priests of abusing more than 1,000 minors over seven decades in the state of Pennsylvania.

The most senior French Catholic cleric to be caught up in scandal is Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who is to go on trial in January for allegedly covering up for a priest accused of abusing boy scouts in the Lyon area in the 1980s.

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A Tribute To Every Priest Who Is Good, Loving And Fatherly: Thank You! 

A Tribute To Every Priest Who Is Good, Loving And Fatherly: Thank You! 

To Every Priest Who is Good, Loving and Fatherly: Thank You!

Good priests seldom make headlines. They need our prayers.

(This Article Was Originally Written By Ryan And Mary-Rose Verret On Wednesday August 29, for National Catholic Register).

This morning (Wednesday 29th August) our pastor choked and then made us all teary-eyed at Mass as he tried to make sense of the horrors that were exposed from years of neglect in the Catholic Church. He spoke of the beauty the first week of school and hearing all the children’s voices and laughter back at the cathedral school. He smiled as he shared how hundreds of families had joined in the Eucharistic procession for the Solemnity of the Assumption and the witness that this event was for the entire community.

This week was a week of beauty and of horror. Across the country around this time, children everywhere are returning to their schools. This is a time to remember the innocence of children everywhere and the role that those in authority have. Never ever take that role lightly. Our pastor shared how he was called to the school to console a kindergartener who was distraught and wanted to leave. The little boy had just moved to this new school and was completely out of sorts. No one could console him, but our very tall pastor got all the way down to this little child’s eye level and began to converse with him and talked him out of his tears. Finally, the pastor called the parochial vicar to come in right then and there on his day off and teach the little child how to play soccer at school. It worked!

How good is the beautiful trust of a child as a leader teaches him or her to not be afraid, to be a better and stronger person and to use the gifts that God has given them? There is nothing more precious to God than the innocent and childlike trust of His little ones. To them, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs. Good fathers, good priests, good teachers everywhere know this truth.

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Next to the tragedy of those who have been hurt by neglect in the Church is the tragedy of the good fathers everywhere who have to grapple with the evil in the world as they just try to be the good fathers that we all need so desperately. I have seen good fathers all over the world who fast on bread and water weekly for the couples whom they prepare for marriage, fathers who cry with a couple whose child is stillborn, fathers who take a homeless man out to dinner, fathers who hear confessions for hours without a break, fathers who journey to six different rural parishes at the age of 92 because there is no one else, fathers who have to come in and clean up the mess that a bad pastor made of a parish, fathers who work to heal a hurting community. Pray for these fathers!

There are more heroes than villains in the priesthood. These good men will never make headlines. They need our prayers. Promise to pray for these good men who are needed now more than ever. To every good priest who is a living reflection of our Father in Heaven’s love – Thank you!

The Power Of Forgiveness: Priest Shares His Inspiring Story On How He Was Able To Forgive His Abusive Father Who Fractured His Skull 14 Times

The Power Of Forgiveness: Priest Shares His Inspiring Story On How He Was Able To Forgive His Abusive Father Who Fractured His Skull 14 Times

The shocking experience of Ciril Čuš proves the extraordinary power of forgiveness.

Father Ciril Čuš, a parish priest in Žetale, a small Slovenian parish on the border of Croatia, comes from a traditional Catholic family with two brothers and a sister. The first-born daughter in the family died as an infant. They lived a very simple and humble life, working on a farm and surviving on bread, milk, and water.

His father worked as a builder and one day took a fall from 16 feet, spending a month in a coma. After the accident, he wasn’t the same. He started drinking, becoming very aggressive — and young Ciril was often the target. Between the ages of 7 and 10, Ciril’s head was fractured with a blunt object 14 times.

“When I was 10, I had to wear a cap in the summer heat so that people would not notice the wounds,” Ciril said.

When his father was sober, he was a wonderful man; he taught his children a lot. But when he was drunk, he wasn’t safe to be around; the family tried to leave him completely alone.

Ciril had to escape through the window several times and spent many nights in the barn. He was afraid to sleep because he had terrible nightmares. He had learning difficulties and barely finished school.

Where should I run?

When I was 10, my life lost its meaning. I wanted to kill myself, but something stopped me.”

At 12 years old, he no longer qualified for aid to attend school, so he got a job picking strawberries, sour cherries, apples, mushrooms and chestnuts to help pay for his education. When he was 14 he wanted to run away from home because life no longer seemed to have a purpose, but he had nowhere to go. “I was beaten many times, whatever I did was wrong, and I was always afraid of my father.”

The abuse and distance from his father led Ciril to take up karate in school. Determined to prove himself — and protect himself — he won the national kickboxing championship and became a kung fu coach.

After secondary school, he got a job and moved to an old house in the town of Rače. “My friends at that time were rats and mice. But Monday to Friday I was okay, whereas at home it was a proper hell.”

Ciril no longer went to church. “I was very quiet, sad, I did my best to avoid people. I felt abandoned, unwelcomed, and all this had a great impact on me.”

But, with a lot of time on his hands, he would often visit the local library. It was there that he started reading the Bible. “I was drawn to the word of God, more and more every day.”

Out of curiosity, he travelled to Medjugorje. He was not particularly touched there, however, he made a good confession. When he returned home he felt at peace, but nothing extraordinary happened … until …

The realization

One Sunday, a fellow pilgrim from his Medjugorie journey paid Ciril a visit, and convinced him to accompany him to a Catholic Charismatic Renewal prayer group. “Everyone there lifted up their hands and praised the Lord. I thought they were on drugs, that they were not normal. I was definitely not used to that.” He decided never to enter a church again as people there were “completely abnormal.”

But his friend convinced him to try it a second time, and being that it was freezing outside, Ciril had no choice but to step inside the church. He heard a woman speaking about her husband who beat her and cheated on her, but she was still able to forgive him.

For the first time in my life, I realized what my biggest problem was — that I was not able to forgive my father. I was so angry that I even considered killing him.

This testimony touched him deeply and he kept returning to the prayer group every week. When other people prayed for him, he cried like a little child and his wounds began to heal. In order to be able to forgive, the priest suggested he pray. He prayed a Rosary for his father every day. During this time his father entered rehab but he did not get any better — in fact, he became even more aggressive.

A holy promise

“I wanted God to do something with my life. This was the only chance I could see for myself.” He prayed the Rosary at the cross, on his knees. He says this was incredibly difficult and he only managed to do it because he made a solemn promise to God that he would pray until he could forgive his father.

“For me, this was a sacred promise. I did not want to break it. Most of the time it was really difficult, I was not able to see any change. Everything seemed so pointless. I did not feel like praying; I would prefer watching the TV or going to the disco.” But, as he later found out, all of this was just a step away from his problems.

After a year and a half he realized that prayer alone was not enough, that he had to go to his father and tell him he forgave him. “I fought with myself, I fought with God, telling Him I was not able to forgive. But a month later I received mercy from God, I was able to approach my father and shake his hand.” Nothing changed; there was no mutual forgiveness, and this led Ciril into deep spiritual crisis. But from that point on he prayed two rosaries a day instead of one.

Overcoming fear

After three years of praying rosaries, he realized that he had to tell his father how much he loved him. Initially, he resisted the urge, and then he asked the Lord to heal his heart from any lack of love for his father. “This is how my faith grew. I had neither courage nor mercy to approach my father straight away. I kept having visions in my head of how badly he had treated me,” he said.

He received more mercy and approached his father yet again. He told him that he had been very angry with him. He apologized for everything he had done wrong. He told him that he was his only father and he loved him very much.

“It was at that point that the worst suffering in my life began,” Ciril said. “My father grabbed a knife and said: ‘I will kill you like a pig!’ I ran to my room and father went to the garage to get the chain saw and kill me. For the first time in my life I stepped in front of the crucifix on the wall and started thanking the Lord Jesus: thank you for giving me a father like that, an alcoholic, thank you that I am so unworthy.” He escaped through the window.

From then on his father’s words no longer hurt him. But there was still no forgiveness. He started praying three rosaries a day. His father entered rehab for the fourth time but escaped after a few hours. Once again, he tried to attack his family with an axe.

After praying three rosaries a day for nine months, Ciril thought: your love was not shown in deeds. “I knew then that I had to give my father a hug.” At that time, his father would drink a quart-sized bottle of liquor every day, sometimes not even returning home. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, coughing up blood. His doctors told him he only had a month to live — it was his choice to determine how he’d live it.

The power of forgiveness

“I asked to forgive him before he died. One day, after prayer, I went to meet my father when he was coming home from the woods. I had always been afraid but at that moment I felt at peace. I took his hand, looked him in the eyes, told him I forgave him, that I was sorry for everything, and that I loved him. I held his head close to my heart. It was the first time in my life that I hugged my father.”

From that moment on his father stopped drinking and peace returned to the family. “His eyes opened and he wanted to fix everything. For the first time in our lives the children saw mother in father’s embrace – we cried tears of joy.  He told us, his children, that he loved us.” He lived another 16 years.

Once I forgave, I was happy, joyful. This real encounter with God is more powerful than any hatred, curse, suffering or distress,” says Ciril. He never stopped praying, either.

Priesthood? Not for me, thank you

But Ciril’s journey was not over. He had always wanted a big family. He and his long-term girlfriend planned to marry and start their own family, but suddenly that direction felt wrong. He had never considered becoming a priest, either, as he barely finished secondary school.

When the Lord called him originally, he hesitated. But he soon made up his mind.

Today, Ciril realizes that he had to walk his path of suffering to be able to understand and help people who go through similar experiences. His life bears a powerful witness. He travels a lot around the world, witnessing about his experience of forgiveness.

“If we do not forgive, we stop God’s blessing from entering and God cannot work within us. Forgiveness means establishing a new relationship with another person. And that is a great gift from God.”

“But everyone has his own path. Jesus will provide mercy when he sees the necessity. Sometimes it takes a long time. If Jesus had granted me mercy after two weeks I might have become the same old me. But after three years I was happy to pray. And when forgiveness came I did not stop praying.”


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