Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary of the Cross [Part 6]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary of the Cross [Part 6]


Blessed Mary of the Cross for some period kept hearing mysterious cries and moans from some invisible Spectre who wouldn’t give it’s name. Finally on February 15, 1874, the deceased reveals her name:

“Because I have made you feel sorry, God wants you to pray for me! …” “I am not the devil! I am Sister Maria Gabriella your former Sister. I will not leave you quiet as long as I am not in Heaven. The good Lord allows this for your own good and for my relief! Yes, I suffer, but my greatest torment is not to see the good God. This is a continuous martyrdom that makes me suffer more than the fire of Purgatory… One can not imagine the pains that a soul suffers in Purgatory! No one thinks of it in the world. Even the religious communities forget it. For this reason, the good God wants us to pray in a special way for the poor souls in Purgatory, who inculcates this devotion to the students, so that they, in turn, speak about it in the world”. 

These meetings were permitted by God not only for the liberation of Sister Maria Gabriella from Purgatory but also for the sanctification of Sister Mary of the Cross. This, her confessor recommended for her to write all the interviews that she has with the sister who is in Purgatory.

Blessed Mary of the Cross: In Purgatory, do the souls console each other in the love of the good God, or is each one completely detached in its sorrow?

R...In Purgatory, our only consolation, our only hope is God alone. On earth, the good God allows us to be consoled by a friendly heart sometimes in our sufferings of body and spirit, and moreover, if the love of Jesus is lacking in this heart, the consolations are ineffective, but here the souls are lost, sunk in the divine will, and God alone can soothe their pain. All the souls are tormented, each according to their own guilt, but all suffer a common pain that surpasses each other: the absence of Jesus who is our element, our life, our everything. And are separated by their own fault!

After an action, do not waste time in going back to consider if you have acted or not! Of course, every day you need to examine your actions in order to do them better, but this must not be to the detriment of the tranquility of the soul. The good God loves simple souls. It is therefore necessary that you go to Him with great good will, always ready to sacrifice yourselves and to please Him. You must act with Jesus as the child with his mother, entrusting you to his goodness, putting all your spiritual and corporal interests in his divine hands; so try to like it in everything, without taking care of anything else.

The good Lord does not look so much at the great actions, at heroic deeds, as for a simple action, for a small sacrifice, provided that these things are done for love. Sometimes even a small sacrifice, known only by God alone and by the soul, will be more meritorious than a great one that will have been praised. We must be very interior, not to consider for ourselves anything of the praises that are given to us.

The good Lord seeks empty souls of themselves to fill them with his love. He finds few. Love does not leave any place for Jesus. Do not miss any opportunity to mortify yourself, especially inwardly. Jesus has some graces to be offered during Lent; prepare us with an increase of fervor and above all of love. Love above all else Jesus. Alas! in the world He is so unloved and so outraged!

The Holy Virgin loves you very much. For your part, you also love Him with all your heart and procure His glory as much as possible.

You will never understand enough the goodness of the good God. If you took care to reflect on it sometimes, this would be enough to become a saint, but in the world, the merciful goodness of the Heart of Jesus is not known. Each measure according to one’s own way. To see, and this way is faulty. It follows that we pray badly. Yes, few can pray as Jesus would like. We lack confidence, and yet Jesus does not grant that proportionately to the ardor of our desires and the greatness of our love. This is why often the graces you request are not granted…to be continued 

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