Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 2]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 2]


Blessed Mary: Is the good Lord a little happier with me these days?

R … Yes, He is happy with you because you are more determined to please Him. Did you notice his goodness? Have you observed his attention to you? Do you not also like it these days? Well, here’s how it will always act in your regards. The more you do for Him, the more He will do for you. I am so happy to see that you really want to love the good God and work towards the achievement of perfection that, if you need to stay a little longer in Purgatory, I would willingly do it, if I knew that, through this suffering, I would get to the state in where the good God wants to see you for the fulfillment of his designs.

Never look back to examining your conduct too much (meticulously). Put it back completely in the hands of the good God and always go forward.

Your life must be summed up in two words: sacrifice, love! Sacrifice from morning to night, but also, at the same time, love!

If you knew what good God is! There is no sacrifice that you would not want to accomplish, not suffering that you would not want to endure to see it for a minute, and then you would find yourself so satisfied, so consoled, when you would never see it again! What will then be for an eternity?

There is no middle ground for you. Some souls, luring themselves to a middle party, will be saved, but you will be a great Santa, or a great sinner, choose. Do you remember that one day, during one of your first Retreats, a long time ago, you were strongly struck by this step: are there souls for whom there is no middle ground? Or they will be Angels or demons. Apply it to yourself. Later you have recognized that it was for you!

Blessed Mary: What is the best way to glorify Saint Michael?

The most effective way to glorify him in Heaven and on earth is to recommend as much as possible devotion to the souls of Purgatory and to make known the great office that he exercises in the purging of souls. It is he who is commissioned by God to lead them to the place of atonement and to introduce them, after the atonement, into the eternal abode. 

Whenever a soul comes to increase the number of the elect, the good God is glorified by her and this glory falls, in a certain way, on the glorious minister of Heaven. It is an honor for him to present to the Lord of souls who are about to sing his mercies and to unite their gratitude to that of the elect for an eternity. I am not able to make you understand all the love that the heavenly Archangel has for his divine Lord, nor that which, in turn, has God for St. Michael, as well as love, the great piety that the Holy Archangel has towards us. He encourages us in suffering, talking to us about Heaven. Tell the Father … that if he wants to do something grateful to St. Michael, I will immediately recommend devotion to the souls in Purgatory. There is no thought in the world. 

At the death of their relatives and friends, some prayers are made, some days cry, and it’s all over! Souls are abandoned. It is true that they deserve it, because on earth they did not pray for the dead, and the Divine Judge does not give us in the other world what we have done in this. People who have forgotten the purging souls are in turn forgotten, and it is right, but if they had suggested to pray for the dead, if they had let them know a little what Purgatory is, maybe they would have acted differently. When the good Lord allows it, we can communicate directly with the Archangel in the way spirits and souls communicate with each other.

Blessed Mary: How is Saint Michael celebrated in Purgatory?

R … On the day of his feast, Saint Michael came to Purgatory and returned to Heaven with many souls, most of whom had been devoted to him during their lifetime.

Blessed Mary: What glory does Saint Michael receive from his feast on earth?

R… When a Saint is celebrated on earth, he receives an accidental glory in Heaven. Even if it is not celebrated, in memory of some heroic deed done by him in life or of the glory procured by the good God on occasion, in memory of this, he also receives a special reward in Heaven in that eventuality, such reward consists in an increase of accidental glory, united to that which gives him the memory that makes him on earth. The accidental glory that the Archangel receives is superior to that of the other Saints, for the glory of which I speak is proportionate to the greatness of the merit of the recipient, as well as to the value of the deed which has merited this reward.

Blessed Mary: Do you know the things of the earth?

R… I know them as much as the good God wants and my knowledge is limited. I’ve known something about the community, and that’s it. I ignore what happens in the souls of other people, except for you alone and this, the good God allows it for your perfection. What I have sometimes told you about some people in particular and I will tell you again, the good Lord makes me know it there, but apart from this, I do not know anything else. Some souls have more extensive knowledge than I do. All of this is proportionate to merit. So, with regard to your father’s relatives, at this moment I do not know the good will of God on them … Will I know it later? I do not know. I will pray the good Lord for them and I will recommend them to Saint Michael.

As for the degrees of Purgatory, I can tell you about it because I have passed there. In the great Purgatory there are different degrees. In the lowest and most tormenting, which is a momentary hell, lie sinners who have committed huge crimes during their lives and that death has surprised in that state, without giving them time to just repent. They have been saved as a miracle, often for the prayers of pious relatives or other people. Sometimes they could not even confess and the world believes them lost, but the good God, whose mercy is infinite, gave them, at the moment of death, the contrition necessary to be saved, in view of one or some actions from them performed during life. For such souls, Purgatory is terrible. It is hell, with the difference that in Hell the good God is cursed, while in the Purgatory it is blessed and we thank Him for having saved us.

Then come the souls who, without having committed great faults like the first ones, have been indifferent to the good God during their life they have no point satisfied with the Easter precept and, likewise converted to point of death, often having not even been able to communicate, are in Purgatory as a result of their long indifference, suffering pains unheard, abandoned, if they do for them, they can not profit from it. 

Finally, then, there are still in that Purgatory, lukewarm Religious and Religious, forgetful of their duties, indifferent to Jesus; priests, who, having not exercised their ministry with the reverence due to the Sovereign Majesty, did not make the good Lord love the souls entrusted to them. I belonged to this degree.

In the second Purgatory there are the souls of those who die guilty of venial sins not expiated before death, or of mortal sins, but of which they have not fully satisfied the divine justice. There are also in Purgatory different degrees according to the merits of the people. Thus the Purgatory of consecrated persons or those who received the most graces is longer and more painful than that of the commune of souls.

Finally, the Purgatory of desire, which is called the Vestibule. Very few people avoid it. To avoid it, one must have ardently desired Heaven and the vision of the good God, and this is rare, rarer than one believes, for many people, even pious ones, are afraid of the good God and do not desire Heaven with sufficient ardor. Purgatory has its martyrdom very painful to the others be deprived of the vision of the good Jesus, what suffering…!to be continued 

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