St. Frances Of Rome’s Visions On The Fall Of Lucifer And The Hierarchical Orders Of The Fallen Angels

St. Frances Of Rome’s Visions On The Fall Of Lucifer And The Hierarchical Orders Of The Fallen Angels

Treaty of  Hellby St. Frances Rome.

Lucifer was in heaven, the noblest of the angels who revolted, and his pride made him the most wicked of all demons. That is why the righteousness of God has given him as king to all his companions and to the reprobates, with power to govern them and to punish them, according to his caprices; which is why he is called the tyrant of Hell. 

Besides this general presidency, he is still established on the vice of pride. 

The first of the three princes who command under his command is called Asmodeus: he was a cherub in heaven, and today he is the impure spirit who presides over all dishonest sins. 

The second prince is called Mammon: he was once a throne, and now he presides over the various sins that the love of money makes him commit. 

The third prince bears the name of Beelzebub; he originally belonged to the choir of dominations, and now he is established over all the crimes of idolatry, which is the father of infernal darkness. It is also from him that come those who blind the minds of humans.

These three chiefs and their monarch never leave their infernal prisons; when the justice of God wishes to exert some vengeance on the earth, these accursed princes, to this end, deput a sufficient number of their subordinate demons; for it sometimes happens that the scourges with which God wishes to strike the peoples, require more strength or more mischief than the evil spirits scattered on earth and in the air. Then the infernals, more wicked and more enraged, become indispensable auxiliaries.

All these unfortunate spirits are classified in the abyss according to their hierarchical order. 

The first hierarchy, composed of seraphim, cherubim and thrones, dwells in the lowest Hell. They endure torments more cruel than others, and exert heavenly vengeance on the greatest sinners. Lucifer, who was a seraphim, exerts on them a special authority, by virtue of the pride with which he has the highest presidency. The demons of this hierarchy are sent to earth only when the wrath of God allows pride to prevail to punish nations.

The second hierarchy is dominions, principalities and powers remains in the middle Hell. The prince is Asmodeus, who, as I have already said, presides over the sins of lust. One can guess that the demons of this hierarchy are on earth, when the peoples surrender themselves to the infamous vice of impurity.

The third hierarchy, which consists of virtues, archangels, and angels, is headed by Mammon, and dwells in the higher Hell. When these demons are dropped on the earth, the thirst for riches prevails everywhere, and there is no question of gold or silver. 

As for Beelzebub, he is the prince of darkness, and, when God permits it, he pours them out into the minds to stifle the light of conscience and that of true faith. Such is the order that reigns among the demons in the underworld as to their number, it is innumerable.

We find these same hierarchies among the demons that live in the air and on the earth, but they have no leaders, and therefore live in independence and a kind of equality. It is the aerial demons who, most of the time, unleash the winds, excite storms, produce storms, hailstones and floods. Their intention in this is to harm men, especially by diminishing their trust in Divine Providence, and making them murmur against the will of God.

The demons of the first hierarchy, who live on the earth, do not fail to take advantage also of these opportunities favorable to their malice. Finding men irritated by these calamities and greatly weakened in their submission and their confidence, they make them fall much more easily into the vice of pride. Those of the second hierarchy do not fail in their turn to precipitate them. their superb height in the unclean cloaca, which then gives all ease to the demons of the third hierarchy, to make them fall into the sins that the love of money gives birth to.

Then the angels who preside over the darkness blind them, make them leave the path of truth, and make their return extremely difficult. This is how all the demons, despite the difference in their jobs, consult each other and help each other to lose souls. Some weaken their faith, others push them to pride, some to impurity, others to the love of riches, others finally throw a veil over their eyes and discard them so strongly that most do not find the way to Salvation again. The only way to escape this infernal plot would be to get up quickly from the first fall, and that’s what these poor souls do not do. From there, this chain of temptations, which from fall to fall leads them to the bottom of the precipice.

When I said that the demons in the air and on the earth have no leaders, I only meant that they have no junior officers for all are subject to Lucifer, and obey his commandments, because such is the will of divine justice. In spite of their hatred towards men, none of them would dare to tempt them without the order of Lucifer, and Lucifer himself can only prescribe, as is permitted by the Lord, who is full of goodness, kindness and compassion for us.

Lucifer sees all his demons, not only those around him in hell, but also those who are in the air and on the earth. All also see him without any obstacle, and fully understand all his wishes.

The evil spirits, scattered in the air and on the earth, do not feel the attacks of the fire of hell. They are nevertheless excessively unhappy, because they mistreat each other and beat each other unceasingly, because the operations of the good angels in this world cause them a spite that torments them cruelly. The sorrows of those who belong to the first hierarchy are harsher than those of the spirits of the second, and they are more unhappy than the spirits of the third. The same distributive justice presides over the torments of the infernal spirits; but these are all prey to the ardor of the infernal flames.

The demons who remain in our midst, and have received the power to tempt us, are all spirits fallen from the last choir. The angels in our care are also simple angels. These tempting minds are constantly busy preparing for our loss. The means they use for this are so subtle and varied that a soul that escapes them is very happy, and can not be too grateful to the Lord. 

It is not a moment of day and night, when these cruel enemies try one temptation or another, in order to tire those whom they can not overcome by cunning or violence. Patience is therefore the defensive weapon par excellence. Woe to him who lets it fall from his hands! When these ordinary tempter meet with strong and patient souls, they can not break in, they call to their aid smarter and smarter companions, not to fight with them or in their place, for God does not allow it, but to suggest more effective schemes. 

Francess knew all this from experience. It was rare that she was tempted by her demon alone. He usually associated himself with others, and still too weak, they resorted to the malice of the higher spirits who remained in the air. She had become so skilful in this war, that by supporting an attack, she knew to what choir had belonged the man whose council directed it, and who he was.

When the demons want to assault an able and strong soul, some attack it head on, and the others are placed behind it. It was of this kind that they usually fought against our blessed, and she saw them making signs to concert their means.

When a soul, vanquished by temptation, dies in its sin, its habitual tempter swiftly takes it, followed by many others who lavish outrage upon it, and never cease tormenting it until it is rushed into Hell. These hateful spirits then engage in ferocious joy. Her guardian angel, after having followed her to the entrance of the abyss, retires as soon as she has disappeared, and goes back to heaven.

When a soul, on the contrary, is condemned to purgatory, its tempter is cruelly beaten by the order of Lucifer for having let his prey escape. Yet he remains there, outside of purgatory, but near enough for the soul to see and hear, the reproaches he makes for him on the causes of his torments. When she leaves Purgatory to ascend into heaven, this demon returns to the earth to mingle with those who tempt us, but for them it is an object of mockery, for having failed to fulfill the mission with which it was charged.

All those who let souls escape can no longer serve as tempters. They go, wandering here and there, reduced to giving men other bad offices, when they can. Sometimes Lucifer, to punish them, shamefully lodges them in the bodies of animals, or he uses them, with the permission of God, to exercise possessions which often attract to them new punishments and new shames. The demons, on the other hand, who have succeeded in losing the souls to which Lucifer had attached them, after having borne them into the underworld, reappear on the earth, covered with glory among their fellows, and play a greater role than ever in the war that they do to the children of God. They are the ones others call for help, as more experienced and more skillful, every demon charged with the mission of losing a soul does not take care of others, he only wants that one, and uses all his care to make her sin or to disturb her peace. However, when he has conquered her, he pushes her, as much as he can, to tempt, to molest, or to scandalize other souls.

There are other demons of the same choir than those who tempt us, who live among us without attacking us. Their mission is to watch those who tempt us, and chastise them whenever they fail to make us sin.

Whenever they hear devoutly pronouncing the holy name of Jesus, they prostrate themselves spiritually, not with a good heart, but by force. Francess once saw many of them in human form, who, in that sacred name which she pronounced while conversing with her confessor, inclined their forehead with profound respect, even into the dust. This sacred name is for them a new torment, which makes them suffer all the more cruelly, that the person who pronounces it is more advanced in love, and more perfect. When the impious ones profane this adorable name, these reprobate spirits do not grieve at it, but they are forced to bow, as if to repair the injury done to Him. They do the same when it is taken in vain. Without this forced worship, they would be happy to hear blaspheming this holy name. 

Good angels, on the contrary, on such occasions, adore Him deeply, praise Him and bless Him with incomparable love. When pronounced with a real sense of devotion, they pay him the same homage, but with a lively feeling of joy. Whenever our blessed one (St. Frances) uttered this most holy name, she saw her archangel assume an extraordinarily joyful air, and bend so graciously that she was all engulfed with love.

When souls live in the habit of mortal sin, the demons enter into them, and dominate them in many ways, which vary according to the quality and quantity of their crimes. But when they receive absolution with a contrite heart, they lose their dominion, dislodge as quickly as possible, and recover with them to tempt them again, but their attacks are less acute, because the confession has diminished their strength.

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