Recent Eucharistic Miracle In Paraguay 

Recent Eucharistic Miracle In Paraguay 

Eucharistic Miracle In Paraguay🙏🏻😇.

On August 8th 2019 Father Gustavo, Priest from the Parish of Virgin of the Mercy took the Holy Communion to a nearby patient. When he reached there, he found that the consecrated Host became Body and Blood of Christ!

The host smelled like a bunch of Roses🌹The miracle allegedly happened in the city of  Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay.

According to Father Gustavo Palaces, the parish priest of Our Lady of Mercy in Valle Puku, Aregua, a consecrated host turned into a kind of dried rose petals which released a red liquid, smelling of roses.

This happened in the house of a prayer group. The host was in a receptacle used to bring Holy Communion to the sick.

Members of the prayer group also claimed that some time ago, a Rosa Mystica image released oil which smelled of roses. The oil was used on sick people of whom several allegedly recovered.

Lord Jesus I trust In You!

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