How The ‘Face Of Christ’ Miraculously Appeared On The Wall Of A Ruined Monastery! 

How The ‘Face Of Christ’ Miraculously Appeared On The Wall Of A Ruined Monastery! 

On the wall of a ruined monastery appeared miraculously, the face of Christ. The same as in the famous Shroud of Turin.

​In a belarusian monastery there appeared on the walls the miraculously face of Christ.

The miracle happened in the Holy Dormition Monastery on the border of Belarus and Russia. The image of Christ, the face of the Savior, is seen like His image from the Shroud of Turin – a piece of cloth in which the body of the crucified Jesus was wrapped. 

The monks are shocked – how could the face of Christ manifest itself in the monastery cloister? 

This is a great miracle,” says hieromonk Hilarion. – The image appeared literally in one moment. 

The monastery stands 600 meters from the border with Russia, on the Belarusian land of Mstislavsky district, Mogilev region. It  is in terrible ruins, the ancient monastery was in disrepair for almost ninety years. Locals recalled that for the first time, the Holy Face of the Savior in the monastery was seen in 1942 by pupils of a children’s boarding school, located on the territory of the monastery in the building of the former church-school. The image appeared on the white limestone wall of the class, where a blackboard hung before the revolution (a drilled hole still testifies to this), and the walls have never seen any paint, except for lime whitewash. The pilgrimage began. The occupying authorities immediately responded to this by ordering to destroy the face. The wall was scraped to the bricks, then plastered and whitened again …

The face of the Savior this time appeared in the same place as in 1942. And also literally overnight – the builders who came to the building were dumbfounded: the face of Jesus Christ was looking at them from the wall! As if from a photograph somehow transferred to a cement base! The monks did not find any traces of paint on the wall, so they consider the image to be Hand-made. 

Countless Orthodox pilgrims are suprised and amazed of the image.. As for scientists, researchers of the phenomenon, they have not yet been seen in the monastery. The evidence of the miracle created by God was the myrrh of a small photograph, where a fragment of the wall with the face of the Savior was captured. This photo came to the village of Lokot of the Bryansk region, to the house of the monk Joseph and Zamotochila.

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