HOLY YEAR OF MERCY: What You Need to Know In Brief

HOLY YEAR OF MERCY: What You Need to Know In Brief


What is Mercy?

Mercy is the disposition to be kind and forgiving. Mercy is to feel compassion at the suffering of others and to reach out to help them. Pope John Paul II calls mercy “love’s second name.”

Mercy is an attribute of God. There are many instances in the Bible where God should have punished mankind but instead He showed mercy and compassion. Ex34:6, 2Cor1:3, Eph2:4, Mic7:18-19. “Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hands are crowned with mercy.” Jesus to St. Maria Faustina (Diary 301).

God delights in showing us mercy and we as the children of God should also imitate Him and show mercy to fellow humanity. Col3:12-13.

Corporal Works of Mercy are feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick, comforting the prisoners and burying the dead. Matt 25:34-40, Tobit 4:17.
Spiritual  Works of Mercy are to instruct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful, to admonish the sinners, to bear wrongs patiently, to forgive offenses willingly, to comfort the afflicted and to pray for the living and the dead.

Jubilee History:
1300: Boniface VIII instituted the first Christian Jubilee, to be celebrated every 100 years.

1350: Clement VI reduced the interval to 50 years.

1450: Nicholas V introduced the opening of the Holy Door in St. John Lateran.

1475: Sixtus IV reduced the interval to 25 years.

2000: The Jubilee of the 3rd Millennium was extended to the minor basilicas, cathedrals, and special shrines throughout the world.

2016: The Jubilee Year of Mercy is intended to bring God’s Mercy to all people. Local diocese can have their own Holy Door.

Holy Year Of Mercy:
Holy Father, Pope Francis inspired by the Holy Spirit proclaimed this year a Jubilee Year of Mercy and this was inaugurated on 8th December 2015.

Those who pass through a Holy Door during this Jubilee year will recieve a plenary indulgence, which removes all of the temporal punishment for sins committed up to that time – provided the recipient also goes to confession, receives Communion, and prays for the pope.

Pope Francis says that by passing through the Door of Mercy, we show our desire to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s redemptive love.

Have you walked through the Holy Door of Mercy ?

Visit the Cathedral or designated Church and walk through the Holy Door of Mercy.

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