Death: Our Greatest And Last Spiritual Struggle – [1]

Death: Our Greatest And Last Spiritual Struggle – [1]

DEATH: Our Greatest And Last Spiritual Struggle.

How painful, how terrible, how awful death will be for us in our last agony of death. How severe a conflict when Hell is allowed to tempt us with doubts and feel us with despair, so that we may lose our soul’s when we come into our last moments! No one knows with certainty where they will go after death, or how we will stand in the Day of Judgment. What a terrible moment a soul goes through in it’s last agony, and if some people you say pass away most peacefully, this is because nature, exhausted by suffering, has no longer the force to struggle with death or to show Satan’s final assaults on the soul or that Satan already has assurance that the soul is his. 

But for a Catholic and other soul’s who may possibly be willing to convert to the true Faith on their death bed, Jesus allows a final test not to condemn man, but in order that mankind might at least in some measure understand how terrible was the death He died for us was. He ordained that we, at our dissolution, should taste something of the bitterness of His death, and let us gain more merit in Heaven if we are able to overcome satan’s last assaults and claim final victory. 

Pope St. Gregory wrote

“Christ’s conflict with death represents our last conflict, teaching us that the agony of death is the keenest agony that man has ever felt or will ever feel. Christ wants all men in their final moments to suffer the like pains which He suffered for us in His last agony. How severe a conflict is before us and what torments await us at our last hour! The very thought of our eternity which will be permanent will cause the soul much SUFFERING having Heaven or Hell before us, and the unrelenting assaults of Satan. Like stated before with regards to the assaults of Satan, remember once again that the all-just God permits him to have great power to assail us at the hour of death, not indeed for our perdition, but for our probation and victory. Before expiring, the true Christian has yet to prove that nothing can avail to make him forsake his God. For this reason, the evil enemy employs all the power he has received, and brings all his forces to bear upon a man when he is dying, in the hope of causing him to sin, and thrusting him down to Hell. While Satan is already allowed from the moment we are born to attack us fiercely, and neglects no means whereby he may deceive us, those persecutions are nothing in comparison with the final onslaught with which he endeavors to overcome us at our last agony. At that moment and due to his inexhaustible hatred for God and man, he raves and rages, like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.

Apocalypse/Revelation (22 v 12): 

“Woe to the earth and to the sea, because the Devil is coming down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time.”

These words bear a special application for the dying, against whom the Devil conceives an eternal hatred for, and whom he makes every effort to claim in our last moment’s. For he knows full well that if he does not get our soul then, he will never again have the chance of doing so. StGregory says on this point: 

“Consider well how terrible is the hour of death, and how appalling the remembrance of our evil deeds will be at that time. For the spirits of darkness will recall all the harm they have done to us, and remind us of the sins which we have committed at their instigation. They will not go to the death bed of the godless only, but they will be present with the elect, striving to discover something sinful whereof to accuse them. Alas ! how will it fare with us hapless mortals in that hour, and what can we say for ourselves, seeing how innumerable are the sins to be laid to our charge? What can we answer to our adversaries, when they place all our sins before us, with the object of reducing us to despair?” 

The evil spirits will tempt their victim’s at the moment of death on various points, but especially in regard to the sins into which we has most frequently fallen. If during our lifetime we have cherished hatred towards any one, they will conjure up before our dying eyes the image of that person, rehearsing all they did to injure him, in order to revive the flame of hate towards that enemy, or kindle it anew. Or if we have transgressed against purity, they will show us the accomplice of our sin, and strive to awaken the guilty carnal passion and false love we once felt for that individual…to be continued.

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