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The Burial And Assumption Of The Virgin Mary And Her Coronation In Heaven From The Visions Of Venerable Mary Of Agreda – [1]

The Burial And Assumption Of The Virgin Mary And Her Coronation In Heaven From The Visions Of Venerable Mary Of Agreda – [1]

Archangel Gabriel Brings Notice Of Death.

In writing of what still remains of the history of our Lady, of our only and heavenly Phoenix, the Blessed Mary, it is no more than right that our hearts be filled with tenderness and our eyes with tears at the sweet and touching marvels of the last years of her life. I should wish to exhort the devout faithful not to read of them nor consider them as past and absent, since the powerful virtue of faith can make these truths present to the mind; and if we look upon them with the proper piety and Christian devotion, without a doubt we shall gather the sweetest fruit, and our hearts shall feel the effects and rejoice in the good, which our eyes cannot see.

The most holy Mary had arrived at the age sixty-seven years without having tarried in her career, ceased in her flight, mitigated the flame of her love, or lessened the increase of her merits from the first instant of her Conception. As all this had continued to grow in each moment of her life, the ineffable gifts, benefits and favors of the Lord had made Her entirely godlike and spiritual; the affectionate ardors and desires of her most chaste heart did not allow Her any rest outside the centre of her love; the bounds of the flesh were most violently irksome; the overwhelming attraction of the Divinity to unite Itself with Her with eternal and most close bonds, (according to our mode of speaking) had attained the summit of power in Her; and the earth itself, made unworthy by the sins of mortals to contain the Treasure of heaven, could no longer bear the strain of withholding Her from her true Lord.

The eternal Father desired his only and true Daughter; the Son his beloved and most loving Mother; and the Holy Ghost the embraces of his most beautiful Spouse. The angels longed for their Queen, the saints for their great Lady; and all the heavens mutely awaited the presence of their Empress who should fill them with glory, with her beauty and delight. All that could be alleged in favor of Her still remaining in the world and in the Church, was the need of such a Mother and Mistress, and the love, which God himself had for the miserable children of Adam.

But as some term and end was to be placed to the career of our Queen, the divine consistory (according to our mode of understanding), conferred upon the manner of glorifying the most blessed Mother and established the kind of loving reward due to Her for having so copiously fulfilled all the designs of the divine mercy among the children of Adam during the many years in which She had been the Foundress and Teacher of his holy Church. The Almighty therefore resolved to delight and console Her by giving Her definite notice of the term still remaining of her life and revealing to Her the day and hour of the longed for end of her earthly banishment. For this purpose the most blessed Trinity despatched the archangel Gabriel with many others of the celestial hierarchies, who should announce to the Queen when and how her mortal life should come to an end and pass over into the eternal…to be continued 

Exhortation On The Day Of Assumption – Mary And Sinners

Exhortation On The Day Of Assumption – Mary And Sinners

Exhortation On The Day Of Assumption – Mary and Sinners.
Whoever honors Mary is prayed for by Mary. Through Mary, a sinner’s prayer, no matter how sinful, makes a lot of meaning before God provided such sinner is aiming at repentance and virtues. Mt 5:33. This is part of why she is called *”Refuge of sinners”* and she does not give up until we are established in holiness, provided we ourselves do not give up. Hence she is called *”Our lady of Perpetual Help”*.

*Make it then a resolution to pray 5 decades, 10 decades, 15 decades or best full ROSARY (20 DECADES) everyday.*

Below is an extract from *”The Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary”* showing the Supreme position that God has given Her in securing our salvation. That was on the day of Coronation. Hence She is the Queen of Virtues, Queen of Patriarch, Mediatrix of all graces and Gate of heaven.

The Quotation

The Coronation Of The Mother Of God.

After placing the most Blessed Mary on this exalted and supereminent throne, the Lord declared to the courtiers of heaven all the privileges She should enjoy in virtue of this participation in his majesty. 

The Person of the eternal Father, as the first principle of all things, speaking to the angels and saints, said to them: 

“Our Daughter Mary was chosen according to our pleasure from amongst all creatures, the first one to delight Us, and who never fell from the title and position of a Daughter, such as We had given Her in our divine mind, She has a claim on our dominion, which We shall recognize by crowning Her as the legitimate and peerless Lady and Sovereign”.

The incarnate Word said:

“To my true and natural Mother belong all the creatures which were created and redeemed by Me, and of all things over which I am King, She too shall be the legitimate and supreme Queen”.

The Holy Ghost said:

“Since She is called my beloved and chosen Spouse, She deserves to be crowned as Queen for all eternity”.

Having thus spoken, the three divine Persons placed upon the head of the most Blessed Mary a crown of such new splendor and value, that the like has been seen neither before nor after by any mere creature. At the same time a voice sounded from the throne saying:

“My Beloved, chosen among the creatures, our kingdom is Thine, Thou shalt be the Lady and the Sovereign of the seraphim, of all the ministering spirits, the angels and of the entire universe of creatures. Attend, proceed and govern prosperously over them, for in our supreme consistory We give Thee power, majesty and sovereignty. Being filled with grace beyond all the rest, Thou hast humiliated Thyself in thy own estimation to the lowest place, receive now the supreme dignity deserved by Thee and, as a participation in our Divinity, the dominion over all the creatures of our Omnipotence. From thy royal throne to the centre of the earth Thou shalt reign, and by the power We now give Thee Thou shalt subject hell with all its demons and inhabitants. Let all of them fear Thee as the supreme Empress and Mistress of those caverns and dwelling-places of our enemies. In thy hands and at thy pleasure We place the influences and forces of the heavens, the moisture of the clouds, the growths of the earth, and of all of them do Thou distribute according to thy will, and our own will shall be at thy disposal for the execution of thy wishes. Thou shalt be the Empress and Mistress of the militant Church, its Protectress, its Advocate, its Mother and Teacher. Thou shalt be the special Patroness of the Catholic countries; and whenever they, or the faithful, or any of the children of Adam call upon Thee from their heart, serve or oblige Thee, Thou shalt relieve and help them in their labors and necessities. Thou shalt be the Friend, the Defender and the Chieftainess of all the just and of our friends; all of them Thou shalt comfort, console and fill with blessings according to their devotion to Thee. In view of all this We make Thee the Depositary of our riches, the Treasurer of our goods, we place into thy hands the helps and blessings of our grace for distribution, nothing do We wish to be given to the world, which does not pass through thy hands, and nothing do We deny, which Thou wishest to concede to men. Grace shall be diffused in thy lips for obtaining all that Thou wishest and ordainest in Heaven and on earth, and everywhere shall Angels and men obey Thee, because whatever is ours shall be thine, just as Thou hast always been ours and Thou shalt reign with Us forever”.

In the execution of this decree and privilege conceded to the Mistress of the world, the Almighty commanded all the courtiers of heaven, angels and men, to show Her obedience and recognize Her as their Queen and Lady. There was another mystery concealed in this wonder, namely, it was a recompense for the worship and veneration, which, as is clear from this history, the most blessed Mary, notwithstanding that She was the Mother of God, full of grace and holiness above the angels and saints, had bestowed upon the saints during her mortal pilgrimage.

Although during the time when they were comprehensors and She yet a pilgrim, it was for her greater merit, that She should humble Herself beneath them all according to the ordainment of the Lord, yet now, when She was in possession of the kingdom, it was just, that She should be venerated, worshipped and extolled by them as her inferiors and vassals. This they also did in that most blessed state, in which all things are reduced to their proper proportion and order. Both the angelic spirits and the blessed souls, while rendering their adoration to the Lord with fear and worshipful reverence, rendered a like homage in its proportion to His most blessed Mother and the saints who were there in their bodies prostrated themselves and gave bodily signs of their worship. All these demonstrations at the coronation of the Empress of heaven redounded wonderfully to her glory, to the new joy and jubilee of the saints and to the pleasure of the most Blessed Trinity.

Altogether festive was this day, and it produced new accidental glory in all the heavens. Those that partook more especially therein were her most fortunate spouse saint Joseph, saint Joachim and Anne and all the other relatives of the Queen, together with the thousand angels of her guard. . . .

Words Of The Queen.

“My daughter, if anything could lessen the enjoyment of the highest felicity and glory which I possess, and if, in it, I could be capable of any sorrow, without a doubt I would be grieved to see the holy Church and the rest of the world in its present state of labor, notwithstanding that men know me to be their Mother, Advocate and Protectress in heaven, ready to guide and assist them to eternal life. In this state of affairs, when the Almighty has granted me so many privileges as his Mother and when there are so many sources of help placed in my hands solely for the benefit of mortals and belonging to me as the Mother of clemency, it is a great cause of sorrow to me to see mortals force me to remain idle, and that, for want of calling upon me, so many souls should be lost. But if I cannot experience grief now, I may justly complain of men, that they load themselves with eternal damnation and refuse me the glory of saving their souls.

How much my intercession and the power I have in heaven are worth has never been hidden in the Church, for I have demonstrated my ability to save all by so many thousands of miracles, prodigies and favors operated on behalf of those devoted to me. With those who have called upon me in their needs I have always shown myself liberal, and the Lord has shown himself liberal to them on my account. The Most High still wishes to give liberally of his infinite treasures and resolves to favor those who know how to gain my intercession before God. This is the secure way and the powerful means of advancing the Church, of improving the Catholic reigns, of spreading the faith, of furthering the welfare of families and of states, of bringing the souls to grace and to the friendship of God”.

Happy Feast Of The Assumption Of Mary.

Saints Are Humans Too

Saints Are Humans Too

*Saints Are Humans Too*

_(Wednesday 3rd July, 2019. Ephesians 2:19-22, Psalm 117 and John 20:24-29)_

_*“Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails, and place my finger in the mark of the nails, and place my hand in his side, I will not believe” (John 20:25).*_

Very often, we tend to think of the Saints as extraordinary human beings or larger than life figures. We see them as the people who did the impossible or attained the unattainable.

But truly speaking, all the saints we venerate today were complete human beings; imperfect creatures who refused to allow their weaknesses prevent them from pressing forward in the journey to heaven.

The life of St. Thomas who we celebrate today is a typical example of a Saint who was everything like you and I. He had every reason to doubt the resurrection because nothing like that had ever happened before and he saw with his own eyes how Jesus was crucified.

However, the moment Jesus proved to Thomas the reality of the resurrection by asking him to touch His hands and His side, Thomas was never the same again. The same Thomas who did not believe at first was the one who eventually said: “My Lord and My God!”

Thomas never doubted Jesus again, instead through his profession of faith, many came to recognize Jesus as God. In fact, history tells us that at the dispersal of the Apostles after Pentecost, Thomas went on to evangelize the Parthians, Medes, and Persians; he ultimately reached India, carrying the Faith to the Malabar coast, which still boasts a large native population calling themselves “Christians of St. Thomas”.

Thomas was steadfast to the end even to the point of accepting martyrdom for the sake of the Gospel. We are told that Thomas was speared to death at a place called Calamine. His feast day is July 3rd and he is the patron of architects.

In Thomas, we see that God does not need perfect people to work with, rather he perfects those who make themselves available for His service. Not even our doubts and imperfections can prevent God from having His way in our lives.

So long as we are willing to change and never return to our old selves as Thomas did upon his encounter with Jesus, we can become great Saints. We need to stop seeing ourselves as worthless when it comes to sainthood. As St. Paul tells us in today’s first reading, we are no longer strangers but fellow citizens with the saints in the Household of God (Ephesians 2:19).

*Never give up on your aspiration to become a Saint one day because the Saints are human too*.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to remain steadfast on my journey to Sainthood, Amen.

*Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. Bible Study: Ephesians 2:19-22, Psalm 117 and John 20:24-29)*.

-Fr. Abu

Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus 

Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus 

Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Rev. Irenaeus Schoenherr, O.F.M.

God has always dealt with men in a way consonant with their nature–by drawing them to His Holy Will by promises of reward. It was so with His dealings with the chosen people under the Old Dispensation. It was the way of Christ in the New, promising even a hundredfold return for compliance with His desires. And so it is in the history of the revelation and propagation of the devotion to the Sacred Heart.

“That men might more readily respond to that wonderful and overflowing desire of love,” wrote Leo XIII in his Encyclical Annum Sacrum (1899) on the devotion, “Jesus, by the promise of rich rewards, called and drew all men to Him.” St. Margaret Mary in her writings insists again and again on the ardent desire of Christ to pour out blessings with a royal generosity on those who would honor His Divine Heart and return Him love for love.

These Promises of the Sacred Heart, in the form in which they are now popularly known and approved by the Church, far surpass in variety, universality and importance those attached to any other exercises of devotion in the Church.

They are addressed to all sorts of persons: to the fervent, the tepid, and the sinful. They embrace every condition of life: priests, religious, and seculars. They promise relief to the afflicted, strength to the tempted, consolation to the sorrowful, peace to the family, blessings in the home, success in our enterprises, mercy to the sinner, high sanctity to fervent souls, courage to the cold of heart. They promise power to the priest to soften the hardest hearts. They promise strength and courage on our death-bed, and tell us of the priceless gift of final perseverance and of a refuge in the Heart of Christ at the last moment.

What greater or more valuable favors than these could even the omnipotent and boundless love and goodness of the Sacred Heart bestow on us? These Promises help us to an understanding of the truth of St. Margaret Mary’s glowing words: “Jesus showed me how this devotion is, as it were, the final effort of His love, the last invention of His boundless Charity.”

1st Promise– “I will give to My faithful all the graces necessary in their state of life”.

The duties of our daily life are numerous and often difficult. God grants us in response to prayer and frequent reception of the Sacraments all the necessary graces for our state of life. There are also extraordinary graces which lie outside the usual action of God’s Providence, graces that He gives to His special friends. These are more efficacious graces, more plentifully given to the clients of the Sacred Heart.

2nd Promise — “I will establish peace in their homes”.

“Peace is the tranquillity of order, the se- renity of mind, simplicity of heart, the bond of charity” (St. Augustine). It was the first thing the Angels wished to men at the birth of Jesus. Our Lord Himself bade His disciples to invoke it: “Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house!'(Luke 10, 5) In the Heart of Jesus will be found the true peace, that makes the home the reflex and anticipation of our heavenly Home.

3rd Promise — “I will comfort them in all their afflictions”.

The desire to comfort the sorrowful is the mark of a noble and kind heart. The Sacred Heart is the most noble and generous of hearts, both human and divine. How does He console us? Not necessarily by freeing us from sorrow and affliction. He knows the priceless value of the cross–that we have sins to expiate. By His grace, He makes what is painful tolerable. “I am filled with comfort, I overflow with joy in all our troubles” (2 Cor. 7, 4).

4th Promise — “I will be their secure refuge in life, and above all in death”.

“One of the soldiers opened His side with a lance, and immediately there came out blood and water”. (John 19, 34) Christ’s side was opened to show that Divine Providence wished all men to find in His Divine Heart an assured refuge against the enemies of our salvation. In His Heart we can find protection, strength in our frailty, perseverance in our inconstancy, assured refuge in the dangers and toils of life, and at the hour of death.

5th Promise — “I will bestow abundant blessings upon all their undertakings”.

“God is love”. He is ready to give His children abundant temporal blessings as long as they do not imperil our eternal interests. His “special” Providence protects and watches over those devoted to the Sacred Heart with peculiar love and tenderness. However, we should not be discouraged if our prayers for temporal favors are not always answered, for God always puts our eternal good before our temporal good.

6th Promise–“Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and the infinite ocean of mercy”.

The Redemption is the immortal drama of God’s mercy; and our Divine Redeemer is, as it were, God’s Mercy Incarnate. “With the Lord is kindness and with Him plenteous Redemption” (Ps. 129, 7). On earth the Heart of Christ was full of mercy towards all. Now in His glorified humanity in heaven, Jesus continues to show forth His boundless mercy, “always living to make intercession for us” (Heb. 7,25).

7th Promise — “Tepid souls shall become fervent”.

Lukewarmness is a languid dying state of the soul that has lost its interest in religion. The Holy Spirit expresses deep disgust for such a soul: “You are neither cold nor hot … I am about to vomit you out of My mouth” (Apoc. 3, 15). The only remedy for it is devotion to the Sacred Heart, Who came “to cast fire on earth,” i.e., to inspire the cold and tepid heart with new fear and love of God.

8th Promise — “Fervent souls shall quickly mount to high perfection”.

High perfection is the reward that Christ bestows on the fervent clients of His Divine Heart; for this devotion has, as its special fruit, to transform us into a close resemblance to our Blessed Lord. This is done by kindling in our hearts the fire of divine love, which, as St. Paul says, “is the bond of perfection” (Col. 3, 14). Through devotion to the Sacred Heart self-love will give way to an ardent zeal for His interests.

9th Promise — “I will bless every place in which an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored”.

Religious pictures are a powerful appeal and inspiration. The Sacred Heart is an open book wherein we may read the infinite love of Jesus for us in His Passion and Death. He shows us His Heart, cut open by the lance, all aglow like a fiery furnace of love, whose flames appear bursting forth from the top. It is encircled with thorns, the anguishing smarts of unheeded love. May it ever impel us to acts of love and generosity.

10th Promise — “I will give to priests the gift of touching the most hardened hearts”.

The conversion of a sinner calls sometimes for extraordinary graces. God never forces the free will of a human being. But He can give actual graces with which He forsees the sinner will overcome the resisting attitude of the most obstinate sinful soul. This, then, is what occurs in the case of priests who are animated with great devotion to the Sacred Heart.

11th Promise — “Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be effaced”.

This Promise holds out to promoters of devotion to the Sacred Heart a wonderful reward–they “shall have their names written in My Heart”. These words imply a strong and faithful friendship of Christ Himself, and present to us “the Book of Life” of St. John: “I will not blot his name out of the book of life” (Apoc. 3, 5).

12th Promise — “To those who shall communicate on the First Friday, for nine consecutive months, I will grant the grace of final penitence”.

This Promise contains a great reward, which is nothing less than heaven. “Final perseverance is a gratuitous gift of God’s goodness, and cannot be merited as an acquired right by any individual act of ours” (Council of Trent). It is given as the reward for a series of acts continued to the end: “He who has persevered to the end will be saved” (Matt. 10, 22).

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