Angels In The Life Of St. Catherine Of Alexandria. 

Angels In The Life Of St. Catherine Of Alexandria. 

Angels in the Life of St.Catherine of Alexandria.

There is not much information on the life of Saint Catherine, though what is for certain is that she belonged to a noble and rich Egyptian family and she was martyred in Alexandria Egypt in 304.

As an adolescent, Catherine had a vision:

Christ, a child in the arms of the Virgin, appeared to her in the Heavens, amidst the Angels and Saints, took a precious ring, given to Him by the Virgin Mary, and put it on Catherine’s finger making her His Bride.

After the vision, Catherine found the same heavenly ring on her own finger and she remained forever a bride of Christ. It is told that the Emperor Maximinus Daia wanted to return paganism to the people.

As soon as he reached Alexandria he immediately ordered a sacrifice to the gods of 130 oxen and required that every person be present at the temple with a sacrificial animal. Only the intrepid Catherine dared to challenge him.

Maximinus, captivated by the grace of Catherine, decided to quiet her with reasoning but quickly realized the level of intelligence he was up against, he decided that although confused, the woman should present her ideas before a commission of fifty philosophers. The subject of the meeting was that Christ, having been crucified to death, could not be God. In that meeting the mind of Catherine shined even more, besides debating their reasoning, she converted them all to Christianity and they were immediately tortured in the tyrant’s fire.

Catherine was then arrested and propositioned by the Emperor to marry him. The princess would not hear of it and reconfirming her faith in Christ as her spouse, the emperor became offended, and she went along with imprisonment without bending her will. Maximinus then ordered that she be put through the wheel spokes and torn apart. The hooks and blades however folded at the touch of Catherine’s tender flesh and the wheels shattered and the Saint did not suffer even a minor scratch. The same thing happened when the torturers subjected her to a long flogging: her flesh escaped without a scratch. The Saint was then held in a gloomy prison for a long time without food or drink. But a magnificent white dove dove, flying by the prison bars, brought her whatever she needed every day through an opening, so that when they released her from the horrible jail she was as fine as she was when she entered. 

At this point the emperor ordered her to be decapitated and when the sword hit her, snow-white milk squirted out of her wounds instead of red blood, a sign that her whole person was immaculate, without any defects. God did not allow her body to be deformed and a swarm of Angels came from the Heavens and took the spoils of the young girl, reconstructed her and lifted her into the air taking her to the top of Mount Sinai where they found shelter in a grand church that was built by Saint Helen, the mother of Constantine. It is there where her relics are saved and venerated.

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