These are common mistakes and anyone could make them so it’s not like it’s a sin or something. I myself do make some of these mistakes sometimes. 

5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make During Mass


  1. Making The Sign of The Cross Repeatedly During Mass:

It is common to find Catholics who make the Sign of the Cross several times during Mass especially after receiving Holy Communion. This is not actually correct as the Sign of the Cross should only be made at the beginning and at the end of Mass.

  1. Sitting Before The Priest Sits:

We also find this common at Mass to sit before the Priest sits and this is just before the first reading. Well the Priest is standing in the person of Christ and I think that it is appropriate to for the congregation to wait for him to sit before everyone else does.

  1. Genuflecting With the Left Knee:

Some Catholics make the mistake of genuflecting with the left knee, we genuflect with the right knee as a sign of respect to the Holy Eucharist. You remember that during the Passion of Christ, the Roman soldiers in mocking Jesus Christ, knelt with their left knee so it is proper for Catholics to genuflect with the right knee.

  1. Leaving The Church Before The Priest:

Well I don’t see the need to hurry out of the Church immediately after Mass, I think that it is appropriate for the congregation to wait for the Priest to recess before every other person can leave.

  1. Meeting The Priest For A Blessing Immediately After Mass:

The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass is the highest form of worship that can be given to the Father anywhere on earth. At the close of Mass, the Priest concludes by pronouncing words of blessings and here are the exact words that the Priest uses “may Almighty God bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit…. I honestly do not know what other prayers you want again immediately after Mass that will be more efficacious and powerful than those used at the final blessing. We do this sometimes out of ignorance but I personally do not think that it is the right thing to do.

Did I miss something? Any common mistake you think that I should have mentioned? Please use the comment section to let us know.