Here are 4 Serious Sins Catholics Are Missing in Their Confessions

  1. Greatly Harming Someone’s Reputation: there are many ways we could harm another person’s reputation and one way is through gossip. The sad part of it is that we most times fail to confess this sin when we are opportuned to visit the confessional.
  2. Missing Mass on Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation Without a Good Reason: Its sad that many Catholics miss Mass on Sunday or on holy days of obligation without any good reason but it’s even worse that we fail to seek an opportunity to confess this sin.
  3. Saying the Name of Jesus in Vain: It is very common these days to find Catholics using the Name of Jesus or God in vain and we don’t see anything wrong in it or remember to confess this sin. It is even worse these days when comedians call the Name of Jesus just like that and it’s a common trend, we Catholics enjoy these things without seeing anything wrong in their use of the Name of Jesus. The second commandment tells us not to call the Name of God in vain.
  4. Receiving Holy Communion With Any of the Above Sins in Your Heart. It’s also so wrong when we fail to confess these sins and then we go on to receive Holy Communion.

I pray the good LORD, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, grant us the grace to be better Catholics. If you think I have missed something, you can us the comment section to tell us.