It is possible that you have blessed yourself with holy water as you walk into Church, as a Catholic chances are that you’ve encountered this blessed water at some point.


Here are 4 Amazing Benefits Of Holy Water Every Catholic Should Know


  1. Use Holy Water To Drive Away The Devil

St Teresa of Avila, the famous mystic, describes a time when she used holy water in her battle against the devil.  One night in the chapel, the devil appeared at her side.  He told her that although she had escaped from his clutches this time, he was sure that he would be catching her again soon.  She used holy water to combat his presence.

“There was some holy water there, and I threw it in that direction; he never returned again…I often experience that there is nothing that devils flee from more without returning than holy water.”


  1. Use Holy Water To Overcome Temptations

In the words used to bless the holy water, the prayer petitions God so that, “every delusion and wickedness of the devil, and all unclean spirits, may fly and depart.”  The prayer also asks for a shield of protection against spiritual wickedness and evil.

If you’re feeling tempted, try blessing yourself with Holy Water to combat the tricks of the devil.  Holy water can also be used to bless rooms and houses.


  1. You Can Use Holy Water To Drive Away Sickness

Holy water is meant to be used for the aid of those experiencing illness of the body, mind or soul.  The words of blessing are “let it be to all who take it health of mind and body.”  Later, the prayer asks God to deliver those who use holy water from pain and hurt.


  1. Holy Water Cleanses Soul From Venial Sins And Temporal Punishments

Many of the Doctors of the Catholic Church say that the use of Holy Water results in the removal of our venial sins and temporal punishment.  St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “By the sprinkling of Holy Water the debt of venial sin is wiped out ; but not always, however, are all temporal punishments relinquished.”

Aquinas goes on to explain the amount of sin and punishment removed with the use of Holy Water corresponds to one’s love and faith in God and contrition for their sins.

These are Amazing Benefits Of Holy Water Every Catholic Should Know.