What The Holy Souls Do For Those Who Help Them (4)

What The Holy Souls Do For Those Who Help Them (4)

Father Paul O’Sullivan in his book ‘Read me Or Rue it’ shares these three (3) amazing testimonies on how the holy souls help those who pray for them!
The Cure Of A Cancer 

D. Joana de Menezes thus tells of her cure: She was suffering severely from a cancerous growth in the leg and was plunged in grief. 

Remembering what she had heard of the power of the Souls in Purgatory, she resolved to place all her confidence in them and had nine Masses offered for them. She promised, moreover, to publish news of her cure if it were granted. Gradually the swelling went down, and the tumor and cancer disappeared. 
An Escape From Brigands 

Father Louis Manaci, a zealous missionary, had great devotion to the Souls in Purgatory. He found himself obliged to set out on a dangerous journey, but confidently asked the Holy Souls to protect him in the dangers that he was likely to meet with. His road lay through a vast desert, which he knew to be infested with brigands.

While plodding along, saying the Rosary for the Holy Souls, what was not his surprise, on looking around, but to find himself surrounded by a bodyguard, as it were, of blessed spirits. Soon he discovered the reason. He had fallen into an ambuscade of brigands, but the Holy Souls at once surrounded him and drove off the miscreants, who sought his life. The Holy Souls did not abandon him until he was well out of danger.
A Return To Life 

The Prior of Cirfontaines gives us his story:  

“A young man of my parish fell dangerously ill with a typhoid fever. His parents were overcome with grief and asked me to recommend him to the prayers of the members of the Association of the Holy Souls. 

It was Saturday. The boy was at death’s door. The doctors had had recourse to every remedy. All in vain. They could think of nothing more. They were in despair. I was the only one who had hope. I knew the power of the Holy Souls, for I had already seen what they could do. On Sunday I begged the Associates of the Holy Souls to pray fervently for our sick friend. On Monday the danger passed. The boy was cured.” 

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