What Do You Want Mother Teresa To Do For You?

What Do You Want Mother Teresa To Do For You?

As Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is made a saint, many are the graces and blessings she will obtain the children of God.

With faith I want you to state your intentions here and Saint Teresa of Calcutta will surely intercede on your behalf on her special day of Canonization.  

8 Replies to “What Do You Want Mother Teresa To Do For You?”

  1. Protect all my family and for our son that he will be granted successful healing on his journey of recovery since his accident.

  2. asking Mother Theresa to heal my friend from cancer..and protect my family and all the world so we have more peace..

  3. That Mother Teresa help me with my financial problems and praying hoping that my sister open her mind, heart to give our share in the house for my son’s future.Amen.

  4. Saint Mother Teresa help me conclude a transfer of outstanding funds into my bank account, that I may give this to those in most need.Intercede for me as I earnestly need a successful conclusion to this stressful situation. Amen.

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