What Are “Signal Graces?”

What Are “Signal Graces?”


Grace is the indwelling of God moving the soul. Signal graces are extraordinary graces that move the soul by the intellect and will in such a way that the reception of the grace — to a certain degree — can even be detected by others — or less commonly, even in ourselves.

Put in another way, Signal Graces are signs sent by God to help us make the right decisions in life. Moses saw a burning bush as a sign from God, and other people received signs from God daily. Signal graces usually come about as subtle hints to help keep us moving in the right direction – these signs are truly gifts from God.

The second of the fifteen promises of the Blessed Virgin Mary To Catholics Who Say the #Rosary daily, Our Lady promised Signal Graces.

Remember – there is no such thing as a coincidence, everything happens for a reason! By praying the rosary you will be more conscious of the way that God tries to help you and speak to you every day.

A signal grace is not a sign as such, and need not have anything to do with answered prayer or a specific request.

A lot of times, God grants signal graces when He desires not just the conversion of a soul, but a conversion that will take the soul to a whole different level of faithfulness, preparing them for the person’s new phase in life.  The best examples of these are in “conversions” that are very noticeable and abruptly life changing. The conversions of saints like St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Mary Magdalene are great examples of persons who have received signal graces.  They received extraordinary graces that changed their hearts and minds to such a degree that they changed their lives entirely to live only for Jesus Christ.   Other times, God is preparing the soul for death, but really, in call cases, that is always one of “4 Last Things“. 

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