VIRAL VIDEO!! Chinese Christians Receive The Bible For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Priceless

Gazing upon their look of ecstatic, joyful, child-like wonder, one can’t help but be moved. My eyes quickly glanced to the Bible at my side, standing there, one book among many. How many times have I looked upon it? How many times have my hands grasped it? How many times have I drunk from its riches? Yet, how often do I treat it as just one book among many others?

How many of us are like that certain man found at Betsaida (cfr. Jn 5), who lied there waiting for 38 years to descend and experience those healing waters? Perhaps our desire is weak. Do we want to be healed, to be made whole? Perhaps we seek to grasp its riches on our own as if we didn’t need Holy Spirit to show us the way?

When we read the Sacred Scriptures, is it an authentic act of faith? Are we going there to read one more book or are we going to encounter Christ? What is the Bible for us in our lives?

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Source: Catholiclink