True Stories: Eucharistic Miracles (4)

True Stories: Eucharistic Miracles (4)


Some years ago, a young man was unhappily led astray into the paths of Jewish infidelity.  While still in the flower of youth, his heart was filled with dreams of glory to be attained as a distinguished musician.  One evening he was asked to play the organ in one of the principal churches in Paris; there in that church God awaited him, and prepared for him, not a triumph of his self-love, but a humiliation a thousand times more glorious.

Already the roof of the sacred edifice re-echoed the sound of the solemn chants, and the melodious tones of the organ had filled all hearts with recollection and prayer; every head was bowed and the God of the Eucharist had blessed His children prostrate in lowly adoration.  The unbelieving musician, alone, dared to raise his haughty brow before that God despised by his forefathers, but in vain.  A mysterious and invisible hand bowed his head and humbled him to the ground.  A miracle of grace was effected; the young man was conquered; he knelt down a Jew; he rose up a Catholic.  His heart wounded by the Real Presence in the Sacred Host, he left the church; soon the waters of Baptism were poured upon him, and exchanging his fashionable attire for the coarse serge of a monk, he bade an eternal farewell to the pleasures of the world.

A living example of the power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, he went from city to city, and from village to village, proclaiming the love of God, repeating again and again:

“The days of grief are departed.  I have found peace of heart since I have tasted the delights of the tabernacle of the Lord.”

If you would know the name of this privileged soul, ask it at the cloister of Mount Carmel, and they will tell you it was Father Augustine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  If one single visit to the God of the Eucharist transformed an obstinate Jew into a good Catholic, what may we not hope to obtain by devout visits to the Blessed Sacrament?

O my Jesus, I adore Thee in this Holy Sacrament, as my Lord and my God, as my Redeemer and Savior.

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