To Non-Catholic And Ex-Catholic Friends 

To Non-Catholic And Ex-Catholic Friends 

​To my non-Catholic and ex-Catholic friends who keep on saying that the Catholic Church and all Catholic Priest is the most hypocrite institution and people across the globe.

First, Christmas (Christ Mass) is a Catholic celebration by nature starting from the beginning of Christianity so if I were you, I won’t join any Christmas parties and accept gifts especially salary increase during this time. How pathetic are you to take advantage of our own celebration, customs and traditions and worse, receive alms because of a tradition that does not belong to you and claim as it was yours. For your information, we celebrate Christmas before your so called religion and founder even existed.

Second, don’t attend celebrations like “prayer vigils” and events corresponding to our faith because you always criticize us for “worshipping idols” and even shout at the top of your voice while we are celebrating Mass and desecrate the entire event with your baseless heretic and liberal argument. And what is wrong of honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary, remember the angels honor her and also, the Most Holy Trinity honored her first and blessed her with the gift of graces among all generation and if you dont mind she is the Mother of Jesus Our Lord, the Living God. Lastly, she was conceived without original sin and I must prefer to honor her than your so called Pastors, Ministers, Founders and etc.

And how pathetic are you to blame us with all the worldly things happening in this world and even criticizing us at the same time in our beliefs on Holy Saints and the venerable people that we declared as the Servant of God. If you dont mind the first Pope of the Catholic Church is St. Peter the Apostle, the first Pontiff and if you are not satisfied and contented with that information and explanation here is the other one, Our Beloved Founder is Jesus Christ the Living God, Our Lord and definitely stays with us always in the Blessed Sacrament in the Eucharist.

Third, protest if there is a declared holiday in our country and even in the whole world like for example “the whole Month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to honor a Catholic person and event.” If I were you, don’t participate in any of our celebration. If you don’t mind you can travel out of the country and have a vacation with your relatives, family and friends, instead of opposing it by convincing the entire humanity to reconsider removing all Catholic inspired holidays from the official list of declared public holidays in the world. Remember you also benefit from it, don’t lie to yourself.

Fourth, Outside the Catholic Church there is no SALVATION and by the way, the place called PURGATORY truly exist as real as Heaven and Hell. And if you say that faith alone is the only means for salvation, well Noah built an ark and not just faith alone.

Fifth, the Catholic Church, Yes our Beloved Church compiled all the books in the bible. And of course if you tell us that our doctrines are fake and unreliable, well we compiled the bible and completely studied it with divine will before your so called Founders, Miniters, and Pastors did.

Sixth, the Catholic history can be traced back to the Apostles, not unlike your cult.

And lastly, stop using the Calendar, the Gregorian calendar. This is our calendar invented by Pope Gregory the Great, as well as telescope and other instruments made by our members, use your own, invent your own.

Repent now or else you will see fires of Hell burning your soul! This is just a few reminder and few information, again repent before its to late for all of you, pray the Holy Rosary unceasingly and ask for the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary and you will obtain pardon, mercy and salvation.

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