The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (6).

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (6).


“The moon is chilly and rocky, full of high mountains, deep cavities, and valleys. She both attracts and repels the earth. Her waters are constantly rising and falling, drawing up masses of vapor from’ the earth which like great clouds fill up the hollow places; again they appear to over­flow and gravitate so powerfully upon the earth that men become melancholy. I see in her many human figures flying from light into darkness as if hiding their shame, as if their conscience were in a bad state. This I see more frequent­ly in the centre of the moon. In other parts are fields, worship offered to God on moon. 

The soil is yellow and strong; the vegetation like pitch, fungi, or mushrooms. The moon exerts a wonderful influence over the earth and all nature. Men regard her so wistfully, because one nat­urally turns to what belongs to him. I often see descending from her huge clouds like masses of poison which generally hang over the sea; but the good Spirits, the Angels scatter them and render them harmless. Certain low districts the earths are cursed on account of sin there committed, and over them I see falling poison, darkness, fog. The noblest races live in the most highly favoured regions.

“The souls that I see hiding in darkness seem to be with­out suffering or joy, as if imprisoned till the Day of Judg­ment. The moon’s light is dull, of a bluish white, and the farther from the moon, the brighter it becomes.

“Comets are full of baneful influences; they are like birds of passage- Were there not between them and the earth so great tempests and other influences exercised by the spirits, they might easily do the latter much harm. They are the abodes of the passionate spirits. Their tail, their influence, follows as smoke from fire…

To be continued.

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