The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (3).

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (3).


The great ones of the earth are attended by the most powerful both of the good and bad spirits. I have often seen a man receive a higher and more powerful Guardian when called to great things- I myself have had on more than one occasion a different guide.

I have seen the Angels that protect the fruits of the earth spreading something over the trees and Plants and over cities and countries. I have seen Angels hovering over them, guarding and defending them, and some­times abandoning them. I cannot say what myriads of bad spirits I have seen – Had they bodies, the air would be darkened. Wherever they have most influence, I always see mist and darkness – I had on my journey a glimpse of Switzerland where I saw the devil labouring in many ways against the Church.”

*As Sister Emmerich finished the relation of the above, she was suddenly ravished in ecstasy. After a short time, she exclaimed with a sigh: “It is so far away! Go far! Those cruel, obstinate, violent spirits there descending, come from an immense distance!” Returned to conscious­ness she said: “I was carried up to a great height and from the most distant of the nine spheres, I saw a multi­tude of those violent, obstinate spirits descending toward a country to which strife and war are approaching. They surround the rulers, making approach to them almost, impossible. But I saw, too, a whole army of Angelic Spirits sent down to earth by the Blessed Virgin; they were led by a great Angel burning with zeal and bearing a flaming sword. They will fight against the perverse spirits…

To be continued.

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