The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1).

The Universe, The Entire Planetary System And The Angels By Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1).



“I saw a Church on earth and in it many whom I knew. Above were several other Churches, higher and higher, like different stories, filled with the Angelic Choirs; and higher still was the Blessed Virgin surrounded by the high­est order, before the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity.

Here reigned indescribable order and activity; but below in the earthly Church, all was drowsy and negligent to a de­gree. And this was the more remarkable as it was the feast of the Angels who bear up to God with incredible swiftness every word pronounced carelessly and distractedly by the priest in the Holy Mass, and who repair all defects in the service offered to God. At the same time, I saw the Guardian Angels discharging their duties with surpris­ing activity, chasing evil spirits from men, suggest­ing good thoughts, and presenting before them holy imag­inations. They long for God’s commands, and the prayers of their clients render them still more zealous.

I have seen that every man receives at his birth two spirits, one good, the other evil. The good one is heavenly by nature and belongs to the lowest hierarchy; the evil one is not a devil, not yet in torments, though deprived of the vision of God. I always see in a certain circle around the earth nine bodies or spheres like far-off stars. They are inhabited by spirits of different natures, from whom descend beams of light, every ray falling upon some determinate point on the earth with which I have always thought they must have some communication…to be continued.

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