The Triumphant Entry Of The August Soul Of The Most Holy Virgin Into Heaven 

The Triumphant Entry Of The August Soul Of The Most Holy Virgin Into Heaven 

🌻The Triumphant Entry Of The August Soul Of The Most Holy Virgin Into Heaven.🌻

No sooner had the august incomparable soul of that Holy Virgin been separated from the body then JESUS CHRIST placed it at HIS right hand on the throne and the immense procession of Angels and Saints turned towards Heaven. The REDEEMER entered with HIS Mother, all brilliant and glorious, without having subjected her to the particular judgement on the gifts and favors she had received on account of the promise made to her when she was exempted from Original Sin, as elected Queen, as a privileged one, having no share in the miseries of the children of Adam.

From the first instant of her conception, she was a clear resplendent aurora, surrounded by the rays of the DIVINE SON, she surpassed the brilliancy of the most ardent Seraphim, again by the union of the WORD with the holy humanity she had been elevated that, as it were, she touched the DIVINITY. It was therefore suitable and necessary that she should be HIS companion throughout all eternity, and that, there should be the greatest possible resemblance between the SON and the Mother.

The DIVINE REDEEMER, presented her before the divine throne and said:

“MY ETERNAL FATHER, MY dear Mother, THY beloved daughter and the cherished spouse of the HOLY SPIRIT comes to receive eternal possession of the crown of glory which WE have prepared in recompense of her merits. Among the children of Adam, she is the rose among the thorns, spotless, pure and beautiful, worthy of being received into  OUR HANDS. She is OUR elected One, chosen and singular, to whom WE have given grace and participation in OUR perfections, beyond that of the ordinary creatures. In her, WE deposited the treasures of the DIVINITY; she has found grace in OUR sight and in her WE have taken OUR complacency. It is then that she should receive the recompense and reward due to her as MY Mother and as during her life she has been as like to ME as is possible to a pure creature, so she ought to resemble ME in glory and be placed on the throne of OUR MAJESTY, so that where in Sanctity by Essence should also be she who has received the greatest participation on it”.

The ETERNAL FATHER and the  HOLY GHOST immediately approved this decree of the INCARNATE WORD, and the soul of Mary was raised to the right hand of her   SON, on the royal throne of the MOST HOLY TRINITY.


“The Divine Life Of The Most Holy Virgin Mary” Written By Ven. Mary of Agreda of Spain.

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