The Slained Archbishop Who Stooped To Speak For The Poor And Helpless 

The Slained Archbishop Who Stooped To Speak For The Poor And Helpless 

Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (15 August 1917 – 24 March 1980) was a prelate of the Catholic Church in El Salvador, who served as the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador. He spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations, and torture. 

Even the community leaders were kidnapped and molested. The Salvadorans therefore lived in fear till this Hero stood up to challenge and expose the arrogance of the Government. Today, he is always remembered by Salvadorans. He died, because he chose to fight and save the helpless Salvadorans. He chose to fight the Government because he believed that it was his right to do so as an Elite and Father to Salvador Christians.  

Pope Francis stated during Romero’s beatification that “His ministry was distinguished by his particular attention to the most poor and marginalized.” Hailed as a hero by supporters of liberation theology inspired by his work, Romero, according to his biographer, “was not interested in liberation theology” but faithfully adhered to Catholic teachings on liberation and a preferential option for the poor, desiring a social revolution based on interior reform. Up to the end of his life, his spiritual life drew much from the spirituality of Opus Dei. While seen as a social conservative at his appointment as archbishop in 1977, he was deeply affected by the murder of his friend and fellow priest Rutilio Grande a few weeks after his own appointment and subsequently developed into an outspoken social activist.

In 1980, Romero was assassinated while offering Mass in the chapel of the Hospital of Divine Providence. Though no one was ever convicted for the crime, investigations by the UN-created Truth Commission for El Salvador concluded that extreme-right wing politician and death squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson had given the order.

– Blessed Archbishop Oscar Romero, Pray For Us!  

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