The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows The 4th Sorrow

The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows The 4th Sorrow

As Compiled By St. Alphonsus Liguori – (The Glories Of Mary) 

The 4th Sorrow of Our Lady:  

Our Lady Meets Jesus on the Way to Cavalry.

1. The greater the tenderness with which she loved him, the greater was her grief at the sight of his sufferings.

2. This most afflicted mother met her most afflicted Son said StBernard.

3. Let us then pity her, and endeavor also ourselves to accompany her Son and herself, bearing with patience the cross which the Lord imposes upon us.

4. While Mary stopped in that place how much she must have heard said against her Son by the Jews  who knew her, and perhaps also words of mockery of herself!

5. All mothers feel the sufferings of their children as their own….  But what mother ever loved a child so much as Mary Loved Jesus?

6. At length they look at each other…a look of sorrow, which pierced, as with so many arrows, those two holy and loving souls.

7. But although the sight of her dying Jesus must cost her such cruel anguish, the loving Mary will not leave him.


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