The Saints Quotes on Our Lady of Sorrows The 1st Sorrow

The Saints Quotes on Our Lady of Sorrows The 1st Sorrow

The following quotes on Our Lady of Sorrows are taken from The Glories of Mary by St Alphonsus Ligouri. The Saint quotes are organized according to the seven sorrows so that one can recite the seven sorrows chaplet in the same manner as a scriptural rosary. If you are familiar with St. Alphonsus writing style, you know that he likes to produce all the quotes he can to make a point and so he compiled many quotes from Saints, theologians and other holy men and women, so some of these quotes on the Sorrows of Our Lady are not the words of St. Alphonsus but that of the other Saints that he cited, where this has occurred we hope that we have included the citation for the correct Saint that he cited.

The 1st Sorrow of Our Lady:

The Prophecy of Simeon.

1. How much more miserable would life be, if everyone knew also the future evils which were to afflict him!

2. The Lord exercises his compassion towards us, that he does make known to us the crosses that await us.

3. But he did not exercise this compassion with Mary, who, God wished to be the queen of dolors, and in all things like his son, and to see always before her eyes,and to suffer continually the passion and death of her beloved Jesus.

4. Mary received with the greatest calmness the announcement that her Son should die, and peacefully continued to submit to it.

5. But what grief she must have continually suffered.

6. And the nearer the time the passion of her Son approached, with so much greater pain did that sword of sorrow, predicted by St. Simeon, pierce the heart of the mother.

7. If, then, Jesus our King and his most holy mother did not refuse, for love of us, to suffer during their whole life such cruel pains, there is no reason that we should complain to suffer a little.

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