The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows

The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows

Compiled By St. Alphonsus Liguori (The Glories Of Mary)

​The 2nd Sorrow of Our Lady: 

The Cold Flight into Egypt:

1. What great tribulation than that of a newborn child, clinging to its mother’s bosom, should be forced to fly with the mother herself.

2. How piteous a spectacle it was to see that tender Virgin, with that newly born infant in her arms wandering through the world.

3. Authors generally agree, that it was four hundred miles so that it was a journey of thirty days.

4. The season was winter, and therefore they had to travel in snow, rain, wind and storms, and through bad and difficult roads.

5. Where could they have slept except on the sand, or under some trees in the wood, in the open air, exposed to robbers, or those wild beasts with which Egypt abounded.

6. The sight, then, of Jesus and Mary wandering like fugitives through this world, teaches us that we should also live as pilgrims on the earth.

7. Let us then love them, let us console Mary by receiving her son within our hearts, whom, even now, men continue to persecute with their sins.

…to be continued

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