The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows ​The 6th Sorrow

The Saints Quotes On Our Lady Of Sorrows ​The 6th Sorrow

​The 6th Sorrow of Our Lady:  

The Piercing of the Side of Jesus and Descent from the Cross.

1. What grief would she feel to see that men after the death of her Son, continue to torment and crucify him by their sins.

2. The holy Fathers explain this to be the very sword predicted to the Virgin by St. Simeon; a sword, not of iron, but of grief.

3. Let us consider what anguish it would cause any mother to receive the lifeless body of a son!

4. The afflicted mother [raised] herself and extending her arms to meet her dear Son; she embraces him, and then sits down at the foot of the cross.

5. St. Bernard says: The spear which opened his side passed through the soul of the Virgin, which could not be torn from the heart of Jesus.

6. There came out blood and water, for only a few drops of blood remained, …. in order to show that he had no more blood to give us.

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