The Role of Holy Virgin Mary at Cana By Webstar Prins

The Role of Holy Virgin Mary at Cana By Webstar Prins


Every work of God has an appointed time fixed by His infinite Wisdom. His Works will not and should not take place before or after this appointed time (Ecc. 3:1, Sir.35:15-17). It is Satan who instigates man to do the works that God has entrusted to them before or after the appointed time.

Jesus Christ spent his public life in order to be engaged in the Works of God. But for each act that the Son must do on this earth, the Father has fixed a time. Jesus Christ declared that it was to fulfill the works of God that he stayed back in the Temple at the age of 12. But, obeying his Mother, he went back home.  We do not see him leaving his home to engage in the Works of God – to give the Words of God the Father to the people and to do the works of the Kingdom of God – for the next 18 years.  Why did he not come out next day or next month or even next year to be engaged in the Works of God?

Even after his Baptism and 40 days of prayer and fasting, at the wedding at Cana he said that his time had not come. In other words, he refused to say or do anything. In spite of this, why did Holy Mother tell him that the host’s family had no wine? Jesus Christ had not performed any miracle until then. Then why did Holy Mother tell those who are present to do as her Son would tell them?

Was She taking the role of a mediator in front of her Son despite it not being his time, as many Christian theologians teach? If that were the case, it could be seen as a work of Satan, because it is he who instigates the Son of God to fulfill what has been written about him before the appointed time. The Son of God will not and cannot do anything before the time appointed by His Father. It was Satan who tempted Jesus Christ, who had just finished his 40 days fast, to turn stone into bread and to jump from the top of the Temple. Though Jesus Christ was born to be King, the mission that God had entrusted to him in his First Coming was to die for the people of God to atone for their sins. So when the people were about to make him their King by force before the appointed time (He comes as King of kings in his Second coming), he withdrew to the mountain by himself (John 6:14-15).

However, God the Father is not foolish or powerless to send to this earth His only Begotten Son, for whom people had been waiting for ages, through a person (Holy Virgin Mary) who is under the spell of Satan. Besides, Holy Mother who received the Eternal Word into her womb and through her faith gave birth to him without her virginity being violated. This can never be a person who follows the will of Satan. What is more, we have already seen that the Son obeyed his Mother when she did not allow him to engage in the Works of God at the age of 12. He is not weak enough to obey Satan. Instead, he declared that whatever he said and did were as per the Command of his Father (John 12:49-50).

Why did Jesus Christ, who at first refused to do anything at the wedding at Cana, perform his first act of the Kingdom of God when his Mother asked the people gathered there to do as he commands? How is that his time that had not come till then in fact came a minute later? What happened there that inspired Jesus Christ to turn water into wine and how was his act justified in relation to the time appointed by God?

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