SeeThe Reliquary Containing The Relic of Mother Teresa

SeeThe Reliquary Containing The Relic of Mother Teresa


The reliquary containing the relic of Mother Teresa, a vile of her blood, is in the shape of a Cross framed in gold, the back of which is made from a Lebanon cedar, known as an emblem of nobility and beauty.

The back of the cross is also made of wood coming from areas marked by great suffering, as well as a piece of wood from the kneeler of a confessional as a symbol of forgiveness.

On the front, the cross is framed by a heart consisting of two parts, blue and white to represent the sari of Mother Teresa and her sisters, as well as devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The left side of the cross, which is blue, is curved and bent to represent Mother Teresa’s own curved form bent in prayer, while the right side, white, is a softer form and contains Mother Teresa’s famous words “I Thirst,” written in gold in her original handwriting.

The two sides of the heart are detached from each other, but are united by a circular line symbolizing the dynamic of Mother Teresa’s mission, which was initiated by Christ and brought to completion in him.

The reliquary actually holding the relic of Mother Teresa is shaped like a drop of water, which is enough to quench the thirst of those who still cry out for the water of love, and for those who suffer due to the senseless pain of solitude.


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