The Importance Of Consecration To Jesus Through Mary

The Importance Of Consecration To Jesus Through Mary


Saint Louis de Montfort, as a missionary par excellence, knew that theology was a means to an end, not the end itself. He had no interest in becoming a theologian, although he could have easily done so. His writings reflect that fact. Saint Louis de Montfort wanted the whole world to love Jesus as Mary loves Jesus, and as he himself had learned to love Jesus.

As a missionary, Saint Louis de Montfort was interested in converting people from sin and leading them to the Holy Trinity. “Le Bon Pere de Montfort” did not have much time to spare during his short stay in a parish. He needed catalysts- spiritual agents that worked in a mysterious way to speed up the conversion process.

True devotion to Mary was the catalyst – the shortest and surest path to Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. The other catalysts were the Rosary and the consecration which included a renewal of baptismal vows. These spiritual, devotional gems worked miracles. Thousands were converted. Millions have since read True Devotion to Mary and have consecrated their whole beings to Jesus through Mary, while continuing their vocations and family obligations.

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