The Holy Rosary And Non Catholic Warriors.

The Holy Rosary And Non Catholic Warriors.

Rosary and non-Catholic Warriors.

I’m a non-Catholic soldier but I never leave my rosarioku because I owe my life to Mother Mary.

If I change my pants, which I move first is rosarioku

Just after that wallet and other stuff.

The Rosary of mother Mary became a friend on the journey of life and struggle to improve every effort we…..


Let’s read the story……

That time was May 1940, and we had joined the air force, end of September. We were given intensive training in Halifax, because they needed us for foreign duty, and for we youths, the whole program was really interesting.

We were grouped in Squadron-Squadron, each consists of six to ten planes, and each one trained to maneuver as one unity. Therefore there were about thirty to fifty people in one squadron, with the squadron leader who gives all orders and keeps the group work in the force.

In May, our squadron was to be on duty abroad. We were to carry out the mission against the enemy at night until the war ends. We were looking forward to our new leader, who was to arrive in two days at 9:00 with a military plane. As an officer, we felt he will head straight to the office headquarters.

We saw the plane, took a glimpse of it from a distance, and fled waiting until the next day to “judge it”. A few hours later, this squadron leader, Stan Fulton, in a complete uniform, entered our barracks.

“All right guys, we’re gonna miss the dangerous hours together, but all right, we hope that we’ll all meet back here when it’s over. Ah, there’s an empty bed and I’m tired! I’ll meet each of you tomorrow.”

After saying this, he threw his backpack on the bed. Our Squadron Leader, a senior officer, to sleep here with us? We all began to like him and our respect for him grew every day.

That first night he kneels on the floor and mendaraskan rosary in silence. Surprised, were all silent. When he was done, he looked at us with a friendly smile and says, “I hope you don’t mind if a friend says * prayer cause where we go, we’ll need it.”

The next day of training on maneuvering, under his command, we were convinced that Fulton wasn’t just our military leader, but our best friend. He was one of us; he never tried to intimidate us with his position.

That night, he repeated his prayer session. Even though our group had been practicing together for at least six months, I’d never seen anyone kneel in prayer, and never thought that there was a catholic in our group; but on the third night, three colleagues joined our commander, Fulton to pray the Rosary. Most of us didn’t understand, but we respectfully kept silence.

A few nights after – people quickly learned, we all answered hail Mary and our father. Fulton looked happy, and thus we end every day with prayer.

On June 1, 1940 we all left *Halifax to begin a series of night attacks from England over Germany. The afternoon before, Fulton gave each of us a rosary.

“We will be in difficult situations, but, if you agree, we will pray the rosary. If you promise to bring the rosary with you always all your life and mendaraskannya, I can promise you that mother Mary will bring you all back safely to Canada.”

We said, “surely.” it is unimaginable that we will be on duty for four years, repeatedly in terrible danger with the shots around us. In these moments, Fulton’s voice echoed through every plane, “Hail Mary…” how lively and sincerely we responded! How many hundreds of rosaries we must have said!

After two years, it was recorded that we were the only squadron that didn’t lose a plane or one life! Though we didn’t say anything, we all knew the reason…

In the end, a terrible war is over already. All those years we lost all the enthusiasm and adventurous souls. Our only concern is congratulations! And we’re really safe anyway. All went home to Canada in 1945, fully convinced that Mother Mary has guarded us.

So, I never forget to bring my rosarioku with me and mendaraskannya every day.


*Halifax, formally known as the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), is the capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

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