The Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

The Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance


1. Willful Murder.
2. The sin of Sodomy or
3. Oppression of the poor.
4. Defrauding the
laborer of his just wages.

The Six Commandments of the Church
1. Have I heard Mass on Sundays and holy days
of obligation?
2. Have I fasted and abstained on the days
appointed and have I kept the Eucharistic
3. Have I confessed at least once a year?
4. Have I received the Holy Eucharist at least
once in the year?
5. Have I contributed as far as I must to the
support of the Church?
6. Have I observed the laws of the Church
concerning Marriage, i.e.: Marriage without a
priest present, or marrying a relative or non-

The Five Blasphemies Against the
Immaculate Heart of Mary

1. Have I blasphemed against the Immaculate
2. Have I blasphemed against Our Lady´s
Perpetual Virginity?
3. Have I blasphemed against Our Lady´s Divine
Maternity? Have I failed to recognize Our
Lady as the Mother of all men?
4. Have I publicly sought to sow in the hearts
of children indifference or scorn, or even
hatred, of this Immaculate Mother?
5. Have I outraged Her directly in Her Holy
Have I received Holy Communion in the state
of mortal sin? (This is a very grave sacrilege.)

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