The Apparitions Of Our Lady Of Betania, Venezuela – Part II.

The Apparitions Of Our Lady Of Betania, Venezuela – Part II.


Many more apparitions occurred in the following years. On one occasion on this farm, March 251978, many saw a radiant mist coming from the woods. As the mist settled on top of a large tree, Maria — with 15 others — saw Our Lady materialize with hands on her chest. Maria heard, “Little daughter, this is not a dream. My presence among you is real.”

“Then her hands opened up, and I saw what appeared to be rays coming from her hands. They came directly towards us, bathing us with light — and one man cried out, ‘Everything is burning up!’ The whole area appeared to be on fire. It was beautiful. The sun began to gyrate, and everyone was shouting with emotion.”

Maria was overwhelmed and fell to the ground. But, in front of everybody’s eyes, her body was raised up into the air — causing her daughter Maria and goddaughter Jacqueline to cry inconsolably from fear. During the levitation, the soft, tender voice of the Virgin Mary had asked her to accept the difficult task of bringing the message of peace and reconciliation to all nations. Word spread of these amazing sights. 

More apparitions continued, and more messages were given to Maria regarding Betania becoming “a new place of peace and harmony” — and the importance of salvation, prayer, and reconciliation. Later on, Mary warned:

“Mankind is currently abusing the graces received and is moving toward perdition, and if there is no change, he will succumb under fire, war, and death. But I am being sent into the world by God to avert or mitigate such a cataclysm.”

Bishop Ricardo wanted to investigate the events of March 251984 himself — and was most impressed by the reports actually from several atheists and agnostics.  

“One of them was minding his own business, drinking water from the waterfall when he saw the apparition without any preconception or expectation — and he was not psychologically prepared for this!”.

The day before Pope John Paul II was shot, she told others that she knew that it was going to happen, but had no idea how she could warn him. Then, on 14 different occasions with witnesses watching, a fragrant and beautiful red rose would emerge from her chest above her breasts, causing great pain and embarrassment each time, which she endured graciously. Mary wanted people to notice her and believe her words!

The Virgin told Maria that the presence of an unusual, evanescent, blue butterfly would be a symbol of Her presence. Many pilgrims to Betania have had the joy and privilege of seeing this unique butterfly emerge from the waterfall grotto and fly around the church.

About twenty others had verbal contacts with Mary. As many as 30,000 people gather on the 25th of each month. On one occasion, Dr. Arrieta, stricken with prostate cancer which had metastasized to his spine, was in attendance. In the morning, thousands saw the sun lose its light, turn green in its center. Then, like at Fatima, the sun seemed to come down towards the screaming, fearful crowds.  Dr. Arrieta felt an infusion of heat throughout his body and believed he was being healed at that very moment. Medical tests confirmed he was now completely free of cancer. By 1987, five hundred cures had been documented at Betania. The church deemed these events to be authentic.

Each year, Maria Esperanza receives the stigmata of Jesus from Good Friday through Easter Sunday and suffers the pains of His Passion. Others have witnessed a gold glitter fall on them from the sky. Perhaps the greatest miracle occurred on December 81992, during a midnight Mass on the vigil of the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Several thousand people saw a bright light over the Host. Father Otty Aristizabal, the chaplain of Betania, broke the Host in half, placing a small piece in the chalice. But the remaining piece of the Host began to bleed. Miraculously, the blood on this wafer-thin Host did not seep through to the other side. Examination revealed it to be human blood of AB type. This miracle has been preserved in the Convent of Los Teques by the Recollect Augustinian Sisters.

On another occasion, Father Rodriguez was holding this miraculous Host in its protective sealed container for pilgrims to kiss and adore when a young and most beautiful child mysteriously appeared out of thin air at his side. The child was reported by those present as having a most holy demeanor and loving appearance. When a visiting priest from Trinidad, Father Cuthbert Alexander, was presented this Host to kiss, the child placed her hand on the priest’s shoulder and then disappeared from view in front of everyone.

On March 251993, author, scientific researcher, and physician, Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, M.D., heard thirty pilgrims shouting with joy near the grotto, and he turned in time to catch a glimpse of Mary – “wearing a beautiful chiffon-like long veil of light blue which floated majestically in the gentle breeze.” Immediately afterwards, the sun appeared to shed smaller golden suns which moved swiftly across the sky in various directions, and then suddenly disappeared. He was impressed that “all known laws of science had just been altered by the Creator.”

Bishop Pio Bello Ricardo published his letter of approval for these apparitions in 1987. He declared after great study and examination that they are authentic and of supernatural character. The site is declared sacred and approved for pilgrimages and worship…to be continued. 

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