The Apparitions Of Our Lady Of Betania, Venezuela – Part 1.

The Apparitions Of Our Lady Of Betania, Venezuela – Part 1.


It was a gorgeous spring day for a large church picnic on March 25, 1984 for the 108 people in attendance. A grotto nearby with a spring-fed waterfall attracted the active children. Around 3:00 pm one of the children ran excitedly back to the resting adults to proclaim that the Blessed Mother was appearing to them above the waterfall near the grotto. 

Word spread quickly, and soon everybody was rushing to see what the child was talking about — and they ALL saw the incredible sight! The glowing white figure of Our Lady stood out against the dark green trees. Many saw a blue sash around her waist, and she was holding the baby Jesus. Many were able to see the clear, beautiful features of her face. She was silent like a statue, causing some to search for tricks or natural explanations.
Fifteen minutes later, she evaporated or “was absorbed into the trees.”  

But, she appeared six more times that day to the delight of the onlookers. The seventh appearance, right before sunset, was very clear and detailed so that nobody could doubt that it was a strikingly beautiful woman — not a statue or foggy illusion. All of the 108 people at this church picnic saw her clearly — not just children and poor people, but doctors, lawyers, a judge, priests, an army general, and even a few atheists!

Maria Esperanza (55) was not surprised at this event, because she had seen Mary on this same farm exactly 8 years earlier on March 25, 1976! At that time, Mary spoke to her and identified herself as “the Reconciler of People and Nations.” She had asked Maria to help promote prayer, conversion, sacrifice, and to have a church built there.

Maria had an interesting life after her father died when she was only two. When she was five, she had fears about her mother leaving to go on a trip — perhaps that she would die, also. As her mother departed, she saw a smiling woman rise from the nearby river and toss a rose towards her to console her.

She would dress her dolls up to look like nuns and priests. At age 12, she developed such a severe case of pneumonia that doctors only gave her a day or two to live. The young Maria prayed to the Virgin Mary about dying, and Mary appeared to her, assuring her that she would survive in order to serve God, and then told her what medications she needed. The doctors heeded the heavenly advice, got the medications, and Maria Esperanza recovered. She had several other private apparitions of both Mary and Jesus in her youth.

The appearance near the grotto on the farm in 1976 was the most memorable — as she describes in her own words:

“I was staring at the grotto when, all of a sudden, I saw a white cloud which was     enormous and beautiful. A friend thought a fire had broken out. The cloud seemed to open, and out came the Virgin Mary. And when she revealed her image, she went up to the top of a tree, and I saw she was beautiful with her dark brown hair, light brown eyes, very fine — very pretty eyebrows, tiny mouth, very straight nose, and beautiful complexion. Her skin seemed like silk. It was bronzed. I saw her dressed all in white, wearing a white mantle over her shoulders and on her head. She had some kind of veil which became tangled in the trees. Very young — like 15 or 16, with hair down to her shoulders… Rosy cheeks.”

As Mary stretched out her hands, light poured forth, illuminating everything around her. Maria was humbled and overwhelmed by the dazzling sight. Then Mary spoke:

“My little daughter, tell my children of all races, of all nations, of all religions, that I love them. All of my children are the same. There do not exist rich ones or poor ones, ugly ones or beautiful ones, black or white. I come to gather all of them to help them to go up to the high mountain of Mount Zion to my fertile land of Betania in these times so that they can be saved. I love all of them … to the youth I am directing myself so that they will really serve me and make me happy… to save the world. Little daughter, you are beholding me with my hands outstretched with graces and wrapped in the splendor of light to call all my children to conversion.”…to be continued 

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