The 9 Choirs Of Angels: The Saints And Their Guardian Angels.

The 9 Choirs Of Angels: The Saints And Their Guardian Angels.


The Guardian Angels:

Guardian Angels are appointed by God to watch over every soul born into the world. They are assigned that role at the moment of conception. Their ultimate function are to lead individuals to Heaven by defending them from evil, helping in prayer, suggesting good thoughts etc. The Angel acts upon the senses and the imagination, but not directly upon the will-here, human co-operation is required (Cath. Dictionary).

The ministry of Guardian Angels involves: 

First, warding off dangers to body and soul; 

Second, in preventing Satan suggesting evil thoughts, and in removing occasions of sin and helping us to overcome temptation; 

Third, in enlightening and instructing us and fostering in us holy thoughts and pious desires; 

Fourth, in offering to God our prayers and in praying for us; 

Fifth, in correcting us if we sin, 

Sixth in helping us in the agony of death, in strengthening and comforting us; 

Seventh, in conducting our souls to Heaven, or to Purgatory to console us there. Not only do they watch over us, they see in their charges, souls of priceless value since we are redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of Christ (cf. The Precious Blood and the Angels).

After God, and His Holy Mother, our Guardian Angel is our best friend. Some revelations (see Dr. Evens,’ USA) say that our Guardian Angels give God, a daily report of our activities, hardships and progress in spiritual life. Our Lady said we will be held accountable for keeping our Guardian Angels idle – by not praying to him.

According to Ancilla Domini, Guardian Angels of persons, who are called to suffer much, are very reserve companions active as other Guardian Angels. Usually they appear dressed in red and wear a small crown, while other Guardian Angels are dressed in white, with a joyful expression and a beautiful crown on their head. From the latter are assigned to innocent souls and act as servants rather than companions.

Guardian Angels of sinners have a beautiful majestic bearing. Their garments are of a deep red colour, with a crown on their head, their arms folded across the breasts and their faces turned upward towards Heaven, with an imploring and painful expression, indicating how greatly a mortal sin offend God. Holy souls who live in unchristian surroundings (e.g. northern Nigeria Christians) and those with special missions, receive special Angels from God.

Ancilla Domini stated that, our Guardian Angels will forever be our companion in Heaven, as their joy is greatly increased when the one they guide, make it to Heaven. That is not to say that Guardian Angels of lost souls are deprived of joy. No. they enter Heaven and have their share of joy. God in His justice increases their joy and assigns them to the special Guard of the Queen of Angels-Regina Angelorum.

The Guardian Angels of children are exceedingly lovely. Their garments are light blue, decorated with pearls, and a wreath of beautiful everlasting roses surround the head, with hands always folded in prayer and their eyes continually directed to Heaven. 

“See that you despise not one of these little ones. For I say to you that their Angels in Heaven always see the Face of My Father who is in Heaven.” (Matt 18:10).

St. Gregory the great was informed by his Guardian Angel of God’s decision that he will become Pope. He was assisted by him as well: “Fear not, Gregory. God sent me to you to tell you that you would obtain everything you asked for through my service. As I was the cause of your being raised to the Chair of Peter, I shall also protect and preserve you in this position until death.”

An Angel Rescues the Apostles:

“And they laid hands on the Apostles and put them in the common prison. But an Angel of the Lord, by night opening the doors of the prison and leading them out said: 
Go, stand and speak in the Temple to the people all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:18-20).

St. Peter deliverance by an Angel:

“Peter therefore was kept in prison. But prayer was made without ceasing by the Church unto God for him. And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between the two soldiers, bound with two chains and the keepers before the door kept the prison. And behold an Angel of the Lord stood by him and a light shunned in the room. And he striking Peter on the side, raised him up saying: ‘Arise quickly.’ And the chains fell off from his hands. And the Angel said to him: Gird thyself and put on thy scandals. And he did so. And he said to him cast thy garment about thee and follow me’. And going out he followed him. And he knew not that it was true which was done by the Angel: but thought he saw a vision. And passing through the first and the second, they came to the iron gate that leadeth to the city, which of itself opened to them. And going out they passed through one street. And immediately the Angel departed from him.” (Acts 12:5-10).

St. Thomas Aquinas – the Angelic Doctor

The Angelic Doctor was locked up in captivity for a year because his family wanted him to be a Benedictine, rather than, the ‘despised’ Dominican he wanted to be. They went as far as bringing an evil woman into his chamber in order to make him unchaste. But the Saint drove her away with a flaming brand. 

He then prayed for perpetual chastity. In prayer, he fell into ecstacy, two Angels appeared to him and girded him in perpetual chastity with a miraculous cord saying: “We have come from God to invest thee with the girdle of perpetual chastity. The Lord has heard thy prayer and that which human fraility can never merit is ensured to thee by the irrevocable gift of God.” The Angels tied him so tightly that he screamed. He kept this event secret and only revealed it to his Confessor on his death bed. Since then, the spirit of darkness have never approached him. During this captivity, he memorized the entire Bible, and other four Books – the Sentences, the theological book of the time. Priests who are devoted to him tie a cord and recite 15 Hail Marys daily for Purity. The Cord, the Angels tied him, he wore till death. It is still preserved at the convent of Chieri in Piedmont.

St. Francis de Sales noticed that a newly ordained priest hesitated before a door, as if to let someone pass before him. On questioning, the young priest replied: “God favours me with the sight of my Guardian Angel. Before I was ordained to the holy priesthood, my Angel has remained by my right and preceded me. Now he walks at the left and refuses to go before me.” This is because of his priestly dignity.

St. Gemma Galgani’s Guardian Angel often helps her to deliver her letters! 

Abraham entertained Angels. Lot too. They foretold Isaac’s birth and delivered Lot from the destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorah (Gen 18 and 19). An Angel ordered Agar to return to her mistress (Gen 16:7-9) and prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac (Gen 22:11-13).

Both St. Clement and St. Gregory the great and many great writers say that every country, every city, every town and village, every parish and family has a special Guardian Angel. 

For instance St. Francis Xavier was known to invoke the Guardian Angel of every country and city in which he preached the holy Gospel, and always commended new congregations he won to the Faith, to the protection of the holy Angels. Two Angel warriors repelled the Saxons when they invaded a Church dedicated to St. Boniface, as they appeared in wonderous beauty and strength!

St. Rose of Lima, who lived a life of sanctity, and many Saints saw and spoke with their Guardian Angels.

To the Precious Blood Seer, Our Lady told this: “…Children, you have Guardian Angels, but you do not believe in their loving and caring presence. I mean the Pentecostal churches. This makes them claim to see more of evil spirits than their Guardian Angels who are sent to defend them. The Presence of your God which is everywhere, cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the heavenly Army fights day and night is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The evil one can only be bechased out from one place to another.

This is what the heavenly Army is doing for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil spirits be chained for years, before their final destruction at the end of the world. The evil spirits are in the world as air is in the world, so also the Angels of peace. The evil spirits have no power over the holy ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in the world by the Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes from the power of humility and the fire of purity. Attached to the world is a restless man.

Learn today that your God cares for you. He sees your movements. His Angels are beside you. You are to know this and talk to your Guardian Angel. No power of darkness is stronger than your Guardian Angel. He has power to rescue you from all troubles, if only you will remain pure and be a friend of your God… The battle is not yours. You are not the defender of your lives. Take the simple prayer of the Church against evil spirits, it is enough. Say your normal prayers and spend more time in adoration. You will find peace.

This Pentecostal world has come to drive the whole world into the error of faithlessness. They have come to put the world into the bondage of fear. They have come to put off the holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy gatherings. My deepest sorrow is that the Holy Church of My Son has being enveloped in these errors.” (Our Lady 11/1/02).

If for a good reason, you are unable to attend Mass, you can send your Guardian Angel to attend Mass on your behalf and enable you get the grace. The Church has always had a prayer for that:

Send Your Guardian Angel to Holy Mass:

O holy Angel at my side, Go to Church for me. Kneel in my place at Holy Mass where I desire to be. At offertory, in my stead. Take all I am and own. And place it as a sacrifice upon the altar throne. At holy consecration’s bell, adore with Seraph’s love My Jesus hidden in the Host come down from heaven above. Then pray for those I dearly love, and those who cause me grief. That Jesus’ Blood may cleanse all hearts and suffering souls relieve. And when the priest Communion takes, Oh, bring my Lord to me. That His sweet Heart may rest on mine. And I His Temple be. Pray that this Sacrifice Divine may mankind’s sins efface. Then bring me Jesus’ blessing home, the pledge of every grace. Amen. Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom Gods love commits us here, ever this day/night, be at my side, to light guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

says: “… if the flesh draws the soul, the soul will tend towards evil and grow weak. The power for righteous will begin to diminish. If nothing helps the soul to rise, the soul will eventually reach the zero point. At this point, all the spiritual beauty and strength will have gone. This is the rotten stage of the souls. The Angels call the being, the Rotten Being. This is true because, in such a being diffuses the rotten smell of iniquity. Oh no wonder why My Angels stay far from such a Being! His character is evil; his words are rotten, his thoughts are rotten as well. He gives out the rotten smell of iniquity, which scares my Angels away” (Jesus to the Precious Blood Seer 26/7/02).

“I saw that whenever an Angel withdraws, a demon steps in”. (Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich).

“Try to understand that God knows all about you. He hears you, sees you, know you. Each person is considered separately by God as a unique person with unique ways and interests. Do not think that God does not pay attention to you or know you. He knows you better than you do yourself. For billions of people with souls, He chooses a Guardian Angel and that Angel reports continually to God about you. Sometimes it is painful for the Angel to report, but He does so as God requires. But God knows all the Angel says before He says it. God knows all about everything…. He hears your cries for help and your Guardian Angels explain all in your lives to Him continually. Yes, it is hard life He seeks from some of you.” (Our Lady and St. Joseph to Dr. Evens).

The Angels, specially so called, close the last Choir of the Spirits of light. They are the ordinary messengers sent to men and from their ranks our own Guardian Angels are usually chosen. They mirror in a very particular way the goodness of God toward us. They are ever ready to go wherever the Will of God sends them, and they minister to all, just and sinner alike. They have a true sense of values and they know that to serve God in any capacity is a very great honor. Let us frequently invoke their help as they are most happy to be of service to us, as they are our lifelong companions.

There are other Angels given to individuals whom God assigns specific or crucial tasks or mission. Such individuals receive the Angels in addition to their Guardian Angels.

Most holy Angels be ever for us the Guardians of our safety and salvation, and since we were redeemed by the Divine Blood, obtain for us the grace of final perseverance.

By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Angels, may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted hereafter to eternal glory. Amen.

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