The 9 Choirs Of Angels In Heaven, Their Closeness To God And Their Functions 

The 9 Choirs Of Angels In Heaven, Their Closeness To God And Their Functions 

They are the 9 ranks of Angels in Heaven ranked according to their closeness to God Almighty and their functions. 
The 1st 9 days Novena in Honour of the 9 Heavenly (Celestial) Choirs is meant to unite our voices to the voices of the countless holy Angels to console the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and to adore and worship the Worthy Lamb of God crucified on the Cross who redeemed mankind.

We join our prayers, songs, and meditation to those of the Heavenly Choirs to tell Jesus we are sorry for our sins and the iniquity of the world.

We join them in the Solemn Worship to adore the Crucified Lamb of God. We acknowledge his Precious Blood shed for our Redemption and exult him “Holy, Holy, Holy. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain on the Cross to receive honour, power, glory, and worship”.
In this first phase we are in the midst of countless angels to worship Jesus Christ and that is what is called the Solemn Worship.

The 9 Celestial (Heavenly) Choirs are here listed below in the descending order with their simple qualities:

1. The Celestial Choir Of The SERAPHIM:

They are the highest and closest group to God. They burn like fire-flames before God and have the Most Brilliant Beauty and Wisdom; their service is continually in the August Presence of the Most High God alone. They don’t have contact with human beings.

2. The Celestial Choir Of The CHERUBIM:

They are the 2nd highest rank of Angels; the surround the Throne of the Most High God and carry the Throne for locomotion when needed. Their having eyes all over them, according to Revelation 4:6, signifies Perfect Knowledge of God. They are sometimes referred to as “The Four Living Creatures”.

3. The Celestial Choir Of The THRONES:

They represent the Council of Heaven sitting on thrones to decide, in the spiritual realm, and under the Supreme Plan of the Most Holy Trinity, what happens in the universe particularly the Earth, when it happens, how it happens and through whom it happens. They are the choir of the 24 Elders ie Rev 4:4.

4. The Celestial Choir Of DOMINIONS:

They are those who we may call, under God, “The Lords” or “The Rulers”, they were given great strenght to ensure that the Kingdom of God is not usurped by the Evil Rule. They ensure, in the Heavenly Places, that the Church on earth is not defeated by the Gates of Hell; yet they have no contact with humans.

5. The Celestial Choir Of POWERS:

They are the 5th highest rank of Angels; they are in charge of the Elements of Creation and control them. They control such elements as Water, Oceans, Wind, Air, Earth, Mountains, Fire, Thunder and Lighting, Clouds etc. They were probably instrumental when the Almighty God divided the Red Sea through Moses.

6. The Celestial Choir Of VIRTUES:

They control human morality and pave way for man’s advancement in Holiness. They see to it that obedience and devotion to God is established in people here on earth; they promote the Righteousness of God in men.

7. The Celestial Choir Of PRINCIPALITIES:

 They are the seventh rank called the “Heads” or the “Princes” in charge and control of society of human beings like they control, under God, Cities, Countries, Kingdoms, Races, Tribes, and Continents. They intercede for these human societies or execute punishment on them at the command of God.

*Note, there are also Evil Principalities who were cast down together with Satan, those are called the “Evil Princes of the Enemy”.

8. Celestial Choir Of The ARCHANGELS:

They are 7 in number. (ie Rev 4:5 and Luke 1:19) They are the Princes of the Angels ie they are the Heads of the Holy Angels who have other groups of angels placed under them. Archangels are sent on a mission of very great importance as it pertains to the glory of God and the Salvation of Mankind. They are in charge of Legions of Angels.

9. The Celestial Choir Of The GUARDIAN ANGELS: 

They have direct contact with human beings in that they guard us out of evil and danger under the commission of God. Everyone has a guardian angel and should pray to him.

Even all these choirs of angels, despite their greatness and power, tremble and worship the Most Holy Trinity forever in humble Adoration.

This shows the Great Majesty of God…

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