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Pope To Youths – ‘Don’t Continuously ‘Photoshop’ Your Images, Hiding Behind Masks And Becoming Fake’. 

Pope To Youths – ‘Don’t Continuously ‘Photoshop’ Your Images, Hiding Behind Masks And Becoming Fake’. 

The Pontiff, explains to the young people that smartphones aren’t the only window on the world, and insists that we should leave our own “dark rooms” to go meet with others.

Referring to the upcoming 2018 World Youth Day, celebrated at a local level in dioceses across the globe, Pope Francis encouraged young people to dream, discern, and dialogue with others, so as not to disappear into the darkness of a “closed room in which the only window on the world is a computer and a smartphone.”

This year, the Bishop of Rome uses “the words addressed by God’s messenger, the Archangel Gabriel, to Mary, an ordinary girl from a small village in Galilee. […] The angel, seeing the depths of her heart, says: ‘Do not be afraid!’ God also reads our inmost heart. He knows well the challenges we must confront in life.”

“Open the doors of your life,” the pope insisted. That means sharing time and space with “meaningful relationships, real people, with whom to share your authentic and concrete experiences of daily life.”

The pope’s message was released February 11, the Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The 2018 WYD is part of the preparation for the international World Youth Day that will take place in Panama in January 2019. It also coincides with the Synod on the subject of Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment. Francis says that the Church wants to “receive and, above all, to embrace the precious gift” of young people.

Do not be afraid

“What are your fears?” Francis asks young people. He acknowledges that many are afraid “of not being loved, well-liked or accepted for who [they] are. Today, there are many young people who feel the need to be different from who they really are, in an attempt to adapt to an often artificial and unattainable standard.”

The pope mentions those who “continuously ‘photo-shop’ their images, hiding behind masks and false identities, almost becoming fake selves.”

He also mentions the obsession on social networks for “receiving as many ‘likes’ as possible. Multiple fears and uncertainties emerge from this sense of inadequacy,” he warns.

The pontiff comments that “others fear that they will not be able to find an emotional security and that they will remain alone.” Another common fear of young people, he says, is that, due to the “uncertainty of work,” they fear “not being able to find a satisfactory professional position”.

Indeed, he says, “today a large number of young people are full of fear, both believers and non-believers.”


Along these lines, he points out that:

“when doubts and fears flood our hearts, discernment becomes necessary. It allows us to bring order to the confusion of our thoughts and feelings, to act in a just and prudent way”.

Francis proposes identifying our fears with clarity “so as not to find [ourselves] wasting time and energy by being gripped by empty and faceless ghosts.” We must not “be afraid to face [our] fears honestly, to recognize them for what they are and to come to terms with them.”

The Bible doesn’t deny the reality of fear.

“The Bible does not ignore the human experience of fear nor its many causes. Abraham was afraid (cf. Gen 12:10ff), Jacob was afraid (cf. Gen 31:31; 32:7), and so were Moses (cf. Ex 2:14; 17:4), Peter (cf. Mt 26:69ff) and the Apostles (cf. Mk 4:38-40; Mt 26:56). Jesus himself, albeit in an incomparable way, experienced fear and anguish (cf. Mt 26:37; Lk 22:44).

Faith conquers fear

The pope uses Jesus’ words to explain that we must conquer fear and move forward. “We have to act! Never close yourself in! In the Sacred Scriptures the expression ‘do not be afraid’ is repeated 365 times with different variations, as if to tell us that the Lord wants us to be free from fear, every day of the year.”


Francis insists that it is “important to dialogue with and encounter others, our brothers and sisters in the faith who have more experience, for they help us to see better and to choose wisely from the various possibilities.”

“The other is not only a spiritual guide, but also the person who helps us open ourselves to the infinite riches of the life that God has given us,” he adds.


“It is important,” the Pope continues, “to create spaces in our cities and communities to grow, to dream and to look at new horizons!” We need to enjoy “others’ company and friendship, as well as the pleasure of dreaming together, of walking together.”

“Authentic Christians are not afraid to open themselves to others and share with them their own important spaces, making them spaces of fraternity.”

God calls

Fear leaves us when we understand that God calls us “by name. The angel, God’s messenger, called Mary by name.” Francis emphasizes that this call includes both identity and vocation. “Since the divine call is unique and personal, we need the courage to disentangle ourselves from the pressure of being shaped by conforming patterns, so that our life can truly become an authentic and irreplaceable gift to God, to the Church and to all.”


“The certainty that God’s grace is with us,” the pope says, gives us “the strength to take courage in the present moment: the courage to carry forward what God asks of us here and now, in every area of our lives; courage to embrace the vocation which God reveals to us; courage to live out our faith without hiding or diminishing it.”

The pope expresses his confidence in young people and in the Church. He invites young men and women to have confidence in the Church as well. As an example, he proposes Mary. “I invite you once again to contemplate Mary’s love: a caring, dynamic and concrete love. A love full of boldness and focused completely on the gift of self.”


“A Church permeated by these Marian qualities,” he explains, “will always be a Church going forth, one that goes beyond her own limits and boundaries to let the grace she has received overflow. If we allow ourselves to be truly touched by Mary’s example, we will live out authentically that charity which urges us to love God above all else and above ourselves, to love those with whom we share our daily life.” We will also be able to “love those who may seem hardly lovable in themselves”.

“It is a love that is service and dedication, above all towards the weakest and poorest, love that transforms our faces and fills us with joy.”

The WYD: for the courageous

At the end of the message, the pope invited young people to accept the challenge of the WYD, which “is for the courageous! Not for young people who are searching only for comfort and who withdraw whenever difficulties arise. Do you accept the challenge?”

For this reason, the pope speaks of the Virgin Mary, who accompanies the Church on its way towards an encounter with young people, especially during the upcoming pastoral events, including the pre-Synod in March and the Synod itself in October of 2018.

Pope Francis Says Messi Is The Best Player In History

Pope Francis Says Messi Is The Best Player In History

Lionel Messi

Pope Francis says that he thinks Lionel Messi is the best footballer of all time.

Pope Francis said this in Krakow, Poland, during lunch while on a trip for the World Youth Day gathering, according to sport-english.com.

He was joined by 12 youths and one of them asked him, “Who is better, Maradona or Pele?” and the pope responded, “For me, Messi,” without giving further explanation.

A response that the participants at the lunch enjoyed – and none of them were Argentine.

Reports say nearly three million pilgrims made it to the mass he was celebrating on the final day of a five-day to Poland, as the 1,050th anniversary of Poland’s adoption of Christianity was celebrated.

Are You Suffering? Jesus Is With You, Says Pope Francis

Are You Suffering? Jesus Is With You, Says Pope Francis

“​The Way of the Cross shows Christ’s embrace of everyone who hungers, suffers, and dies – and the imperative for Christians to do works of mercy.” Those were Pope Francis’ words for young people at World Youth Day in Krakow on Friday July 29, 2016.

“Jesus himself chose to identify with these our brothers and sisters enduring pain and anguish by agreeing to tread the ‘way of sorrows’ that led to Calvary,” the Pope said July 29. “By dying on the cross, he surrendered himself into the hands of the Father, taking upon himself and in himself, with self-sacrificing love, the physical, moral and spiritual wounds of all humanity.”

“By embracing the wood of the cross, Jesus embraced the nakedness, the hunger and thirst, the loneliness, pain and death of men and women of all times,” he continued.
The Pope spoke to thousands of young people gathered in a field in Krakow’s Blonia Park.
He reflected on the question: “Where is God?”

“Where is God, if evil is present in our world, if there are men and women who are hungry and thirsty, homeless, exiles and refugees?” he asked. “Where is God, when innocent persons die as a result of violence, terrorism and war?”

He asked where God is in the face of cruel and deadly disease, in the exploitation and suffering of children, and in “the anguish of those who doubt and are troubled in spirit.”
“These are questions that humanly speaking have no answer,” Pope Francis said.
“We can only look to Jesus and ask him. And Jesus’ answer is this: ‘God is in them.’ Jesus is in them; he suffers in them and deeply identifies with each of them. He is so closely united to them as to form with them, as it were, ‘one body’.”

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Iraqi Man With Explosives Arrested In Poland Ahead Of World Youth Day Papal Visit

Iraqi Man With Explosives Arrested In Poland Ahead Of World Youth Day Papal Visit


A 48-year-old Iraqi man has been arrested on charges of possessing explosives in Poland. The arrest in Lodz comes just days ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Poland for World Youth Day.

Small amounts of explosives, “not sufficient to make an explosion” were found on the man, according to Beata Marczak, spokeswoman for prosecutors in the central Polish city of Lodz said. He could face up to eight years in prison if convicted on charges of illegal possession of explosives, she added.

Explosive traces were found on the man’s luggage and clothes at hotels in Lodz and Krakow, news channel Polsat News reported. The man was reportedly arrested at a hotel in Lodz on Sunday and was reportedly in possession of notes on preparing terrorist acts against French supermarkets in Poland.

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