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How St. Padre Pio Received The Stigmata Of Christ 

How St. Padre Pio Received The Stigmata Of Christ 

On the morning of the 20th September 1918, after having celebrated Holy Mass, the priest Padre Pio retired to the choir stalls for his usual thanksgiving. The place was S. Giovanni Rotondo and the church, Our Lady of Grace.

Outside in the small piazza the morning was similar to most other mornings on the Gargano. The friary, lying at the foot of the mountain, high above the village, seemed isolated and remote, altogether cut off from the world. Peace and quiet hung heavy in the mountain air filling the huge spaces with indescribable serenity and calm.

Padre PioChirpings of birds, muted and subdued, coming as if from far off and the monotonous drone of myriad flying insects were sounds to accentuate the silence of the place. They adorned but did not disturb it. Already the clear lines of morning were fading and merging into the heat of midday. High up, a blazing sun seared the massive garganic granite, sending all creatures hurrying to the cool oasis of shuttered rooms.

Only a few old folk long accustomed to this midday furnace moved slowly about, entering the small church to say their devotions, then emerging and making their way across to the ancient yew-tree dominating the middle of the piazza to rest silently in its shadow. A day like other September days with little hint that it could be any different from those which had preceded it or from those which must assuredly follow it.

For the young priest, however, just then kneeling in the chapel of the church, this morning was to be very different, a fateful morning like no other, containing within it a destiny, a summons whose imperious and exalted demands he would attempt to fulfill to the end. Here inside the church the silence was very great. Not a sound penetrated the thick walls from outside as P. Pio, oblivious to everything except the memory of his recent Mass, slowly prostrated in loving adoration before the outspread, bloodied figure on the crucifix.

With that marvelous facility possessed by the mystics by which all external objects are abandoned he withdrew into himself, his spirit yielding to the peacefulness which invaded his whole being, a peacefulness, he later wrote, “similar to a sweet sleep”. In this absolute silence he prayed, mind and heart totally wrapped in the burning love which consumed him like some incurable fever. A sweet calm heralding the forthcoming storm.

What happened next can best be told in the simple, unadorned words of P. Pio writing to P. Benedetto little more than a month afterwards: “It all happened in a flash. While all this was taking place, I saw before me a mysterious Person, similar to the one I had seen on August 5th, differing only because His hands, feet and side were dripping blood. The sight of Him frightened me: what I felt at that moment is indescribable. ‘I thought I would die, and would have died if the Lord hadn’t intervened and strengthened my heart which was about to burst out of my chest. The Person disappeared and I became aware that my hands, feet and side were pierced and were dripping with blood” (Ep., V. 1, no. 5 10, p. 1094). P. Pio had just received the visible stigmata. There was nobody about. Silence settled once more round the brown robed figure now lying huddled on the floor.

The StigmataA long Calvary had just begun and with it the answer to a prayer: the prayer of his profound desire to identify with Christ crucified not only by participation in the priestly apostolate but in some mysterious way in that supreme immolation of Our Lord on Calvary (cf. Le Stimmate di P. Pio, G. Cruchon, SJ, Colana “Spiritualità”, No. 1, p. 102).

He had not desired this physical conformity and when he had recovered somewhat from the immediate experience his embarrassment was extreme: “I am dying of pain because of the wound and because of the resulting embarrassment which I feel deep within my soul. . . Will Jesus who is so good grant me this grace ? Will he at least relieve me of the embarrassment which these outward signs cause me” (Ep., V. 1, p. 1904). Not the wound, not the pain did he wish removed but only the visible signs which at the time he considered to be an indescribable and almost unbearable humiliation.

Later, much later, however, he would come to love and cherish these divine marks of predilection, drawing from them that rich source of superhuman energy which from then on marked his apostolate of love and suffering. With Catherine of Siena he could truly say: “My wounds not only do not afflict my body, but they sustain and fortify it. I feel that what formerly depressed me, now invigorates me.” His wounds, hitherto invisible but now manifested exteriorly, mark a definitive stage of his soul’s transformation into the object loved, namely, the Lord who suffered and was crucified.

For the next fifty years they would confound impartial science; their continuous and profuse effusion of blood, accompanied often by the sweetest fragrance, came to be regarded as a prolonged miracle, because, as the experts correctly state, blood for its production requires nourishment while this friar’s extraordinary frugality was such as hardly to maintain the life of a small child.

The remarkable nature of this miraculous gift becomes more apparent when it is considered how such loss of blood was simply inconsonant with and disproportionate to the stamina and energy with which P. Pio with ever greater activity and zeal conducted his life in all matters relating to the service of God.

Such are the bald facts of P. Pio’s stigmata. From his correspondence it is clear that very early in his priestly life there were, at least, indications of what eventually came to pass. Writing to P. Benedetto as early as 1911, only a year after ordination, P. Pio described a phenomenon which he had been experiencing for almost a year: “Then last night something happened which I can neither explain nor understand. In the middle of the palms of my hands a red mark appeared, about the size of a penny, accompanied by acute pain in the middle of the red marks. The pain was more pronounced in the middle of the left hand, so much so that I can still feet it. Also under my feet I can feel some pain” (Ep., V. 1, p. 234).

This is his first mention of the phenomenon to his spiritual father because, as he says, he was overwhelmed with shame. He simply did not want to talk about it, hoping no doubt that it was a passing thing which would soon clear up and then be forgotten.

Four years later, in 1915, his beloved P. Agostino demands certain information in the name of Jesus: When did Jesus first favour him with celestial visions? Has Jesus made him a gift of his stigmata even though invisible? How often does he feel the crown of thorns and the scourging? P. Agostino asks these questions not out of curiosity but for the glory of God and the salvation of souls (Ep., V. 1, p. 659).

In his reply to this letter P. Pio recognizes the express will of God and willingly answers all three questions. To the first he replies that Jesus began to favour “his poor creature” not very long after his novitiate (Jan. 1903 to Jan. 1904); to the second, whether Jesus made him a gift of the stigmata, the reply is affirmative and we learn that from the start the wounds were visible, especially in one hand, but that P. Pio was so terrified in the face of this phenomenon that he begged the Lord to withdraw them.

From then on they did not appear again until September 1918 although their pain remained and were felt more acutely under certain circumstances and on determined days. The final question he also answers affirmatively. He experiences the pain of the crown of thorns and the scourging. How often he cannot say except that at the time of writing he has been suffering from them almost once a week for some years (cf. Ep., V. 1, p. 669).

Padre Pio - BlessingThe rest is history. News of the event spread like wildfire and by the following year there began that afflux of pilgrims to the tiny friary which has not ceased since. At first in a tiny stream they came, later in the tens of thousands, flocking to glimpse this priest with the wounds of Christ, to assist at his Mass, to kiss those mittened hands and for those who could speak Italian the privilege of confessing to him.

In all this, of course, there were dangers. The danger of a “personality cult”; of the possibility of self-induced wounds produced by a morbid, impressionable, temperament; the danger of fraud and deception, deliberate or otherwise, with the intent of leading a credulous faithful astray; that the stigmata was nothing more than an effect of natural causes rather than a supernatural gift; and finally, there was the dangerous possibility of preternatural and diabolic activity.

In the light of this, and in retrospect, it is understandable why the Church authorities took a course of action that at the time seemed harsh and cruel but which today can be seen, at least in part, as the anvil on which P. Pio’s sanctity was hammered out, put to the test and purified to become the luminous and diaphanous veil through which men glimpsed God.

[From: The Spirituality of Padre Pio, Augustine Mc Gregor, O.C.S.O., edited by Fr. Alessio Parente, OFM Cap. (San Giovanni Rotondo: Edizioni “Padre Pio of Pietrelcina” of Our Lady of Grace Monastery, 71013 San Giovanni Rotondo, FG, Italy, 1974). Used with permission of: The National Center for Padre Pio, 2213 Old Route 100, Barto, PA 19504, through which a subscription may be obtained.]

Exclusive! Nigerian Religious Stigmata Undergo Horrifying Pains Of The Passion Of Christ As Large Consecrated Host Comes Out Of Her Mouth (Pictures)

Exclusive! Nigerian Religious Stigmata Undergo Horrifying Pains Of The Passion Of Christ As Large Consecrated Host Comes Out Of Her Mouth (Pictures)

Large Host comes out of the mouth of Sr. Martina Of The Divine Wounds

The remote Village of Enugu – Ezike in Enugu State Nigeria witnessed the horrifying pains of the Passion of Christ through Sr. Martina, a Stigmata and Religious Founder of the Congregation of Divine Wounds.
The Nun is one of the few souls privileged to share in the passion of Christ every Lenten season especially Thursdays between 11pm (Gethsemane hour) – Friday 3am. 

On Thursday 8th March around 12am, Sr. Martina began to experience the Agony Christ went through at the Garden of Olives. She started bleeding through her head and eyes, amidst unbearable pains. 

Catholicsonline in a telephone conversation with Evang. Elisha Ayogu the man in charge of her prayer ministry, confirmed the story:

‘What Sr. Martina passed through between Thurday 8 to Friday 9 is real! She has been experiencing the passion of Christ for many years especially during the Lenten Season, particularly every Thursday 12midnight to Friday 3am’.  

He further stated that: 

‘She begins to bleed through her head and Eyes on Thursday night through Friday. Around 3am Friday, Consecrated Host comes out through her mouth. Formerly, she use to bleed on her hands and feet, after pleading with the Lord for many years to take away the pains and stigmata, part of her request was granted last year, and for the first time the bleeding in her hands and feet stopped, but Jesus told her that he will not take away the bleeding on her head and eyes until she dies’. 

St. Martina bleeding through her eyes

When I asked him how many times the Nun experiences these pains, He said: 

‘She usually pass through the pains of the passion 3 periods in a year, the first is every Thursday and Friday of Lent, the second is on All Saints Day and the third is on All Souls Day’.

St. Martina going through the horrifying pains of the Scourging at the Pillar

He further stated that Sr. Martina, returned from Rome February 2018, where she went to pursue the approval of her Congregation The Divine Wounds. 

How Jesus Gave The Stigmata (Holy Wounds) To St. Gemma Galgani

How Jesus Gave The Stigmata (Holy Wounds) To St. Gemma Galgani

The Stigmata of St. Gemma Galgani

The Stigmata of St Gemma Galgani. Excerpts gotten From “The Autobiography of St. Gemma Galgani

Jesus gives St Gemma the stigmata.

“On June 8th (1899) after Communion, Jesus told me that that evening He would give me a very great grace. I went that same day to Confession, and I told Monsignor (Monsignor Giovanni Volpi, Gemma’s confessor –editor). He told me to be very attentive, so that I could tell him about it afterwards.

Evening came, and all of a sudden, earlier than usual, I felt an interior sorrow for my sins, far deeper than I had ever experienced before. In fact, it brought me very, very close to death. After this, all the powers of my soul became recollected. I could think of nothing but my sins, and the offense that they gave to God. My memory recalled all my past sins to mind, and made me see all the torments that Jesus had suffered in order to save me. And my will made me detest them, and promise to be willing to suffer anything in order to expiate them. My mind was flooded with thoughts; thoughts of sorrow, of love, of fear, of hope and of comfort.

Following this interior recollection, I was quickly rapt out of my senses, and I found myself before my heavenly Mother (Blessed Virgin Mary –editor). At her right stood my guardian angel, who told me to make an act of contrition. When I had finished it my blessed Mother said to me:

Daughter—In the name of Jesus, your sins are forgiven.” Then she added: “Jesus my Son loves you very much, and He wishes to give you a grace. Do you know how to make yourself worthy of it?” In my misery I did not know what to answer. She continued “I will be your Mother. Will you be a true daughter?” She then spread her mantle and covered me with it.

At that moment Jesus appeared with all His wounds open, but blood no longer came out of those wounds. Rather, flames of fire issued forth from them and in an instant these flames came to touch my hands, my feet and my heart. I felt as if I would die. I fell to the floor, but my Mother supported me, keeping me covered in her mantle. I had to remain several hours in that position. Finally she kissed me on my forehead, and all vanished, and I found myself kneeling on the floor. But I still felt an intense pain in my hands, feet and heart. I arose to go to bed, and I then noticed that blood was flowing from those parts where I felt pain. I covered them as well as I could, and then with the help of my angel, I was able to go to bed. These sufferings and pains, although they afflicted me, filled me with perfect peace. The next morning I was able to go to Communion only with great difficulty, and I put on a pair of gloves in order to hide my hands. I could hardly stand on my feet, and I thought I would die at any minute. The sufferings continued until 3pm on Friday afternoon, the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

(The solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church every year on the 19th day after Pentecost. The stigmata of St Gemma Galgani occurred on the vigil of this feast, June 8, 1899 -editor)

Such is Gemma’s simple written account of how she first received that most marvellous of gifts, the sa­cred Stigmata, or marks of our Lord’s Five Wounds. The following morning she went as usual to Church to participate at Holy Mass, despite the terrible pains, and she put glo­ves on her hands to cover and hide her wounds. But she was very far from feeling the smallest pride or vainglory because of them, on the contrary she began to wonder whether they were a gift bestowed to all people consecrated by vow to Jesus Crucified. She began also to gently question people in such a way so as to find out whether they had experienced anything of the same kind. 

As the days went on the blood kept flowing, and not knowing what to do, she felt that she must tell someone of the family about it. Fi­nally she went to one of her aunts and in the most simple way she showed her the wounds in her hands and said:
“Aunt, just look at what Jesus has done me!”.
Her aunt was completely stunned, and gazed at her in amaze­ment, and knowing Gemma she realized at once that those wounds were due to some supernatural mystery, but she was far from expecting what happened afterwards, na­mely, that for a long time to come Gemma would receive this marvellous and keenly painful favour every week on Thursday night, and that it was to continue until about 3:00pm on Friday afternoons. 

No preparation whatever preceded the phenomenon, it came upon her always quickly, with a sudden “call” of of her spirit which was then followed by a rapture, during which the wounds appeared in her hands, feet and side, sometimes deeper and more visible than at other limes, but always causing intense suffering, and always disappearing on Friday afternoon or early on Saturday morning. The disappearance of her wounds was as well remarkable: as soon as the ecstasy on Friday was over, the flow of blood from all the wounds ceased, the flesh quickly healed, and on the following day, or at the latest on Sunday, not a trace of those deep gashes remained. Only a whitish mark was left where the wounds had been. 

This extraordinary grace of the stigmata was repeated on each Thursday evening from 8:00pm until the following Friday afternoon at 3:00pm, the hour in which our Lord Jesus died on the cross. In Gemma’s last three years of her life it completely ceased, out of obedience to her spiritual director who forbade it, and Jesus, who always respects obedience above all things, caused the stigmata to cease at the request of her director, however the white marks were distinctly visible upon her body, and especially on her feet, even when she died. And so when Gemma’s spiritual director, Padre Germano Ruoppolo told her to ask God to remove all exterior signs of the passion, she humbly obeyed and prayed that the stigmata and other exterior signs be removed, at least from outward appearance. God seconded the authority of the Priest and answered Gemma’s prayer. For the remainder of her life the exterior signs of the Stigmata were removed, however she often continued to suffer the Stigmata interiorly. During this time she was heard in ecstasy to say: “Oh Jesus, I would give you my hands and my feet, but my director has forbidden it. Take my heart then; that at least I can give.”

This picture is an actual drawing of the wounds by Gemma’s spirtual director, Venerable Father Germanus C.P. (Note: You can click on the drawing-picture to enlarge it)

Gemma had become Jesus’ little victim of love, waiting on His Will for everything. She had learned very well from Him that love is shown by sacrifice, and this knowledge deepened her thirst after suf­fering. And a worthy victim of Love she was! His Wounds upon herself became the treasure of her life and her haven of refuge. And like five precious jewels they adorned her. In union with the wounds of Jesus she found in them all that she wish­ed, and in their blood she bathed and offered all her sufferings and sacrifices, most especially for the conversion of sinners, and for the souls in purgatory; and her message is that we may do likewise, by offering Jesus wounds and blood for ourselves, our loved ones and others. 

–St Gemma, pray for us!

Miracle! Crucifix Comes ‘Alive’ While This Saint Prayed Before It

Miracle! Crucifix Comes ‘Alive’ While This Saint Prayed Before It

St Gemma & the miracle of the Crucifix

St Gemma Galgani –Lover of the Cross

Source for this information is from a rare book entitled “A Lover of the Cross –St Gemma Galgani” published in May 1940 by the Passionist Nuns of the Monastero-Santuario di Santa Gemma in Lucca, Italy and also “The Life of St Gemma Galgani” by her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germano Ruoppolo CP

About The Saint 
Maria Gemma Umberta Galgani (March 12, 1878 – April 11, 1903) was an Italian Mystic venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church since 1940. She has been called the “Daughter of Passion” because of her profound imitation of the passion of Christ. 

The Miracle of the Crucifix

“In September 1901, while working in the kitchen, Gemma frequently paused out of her great love for Jesus to contemplate the large Crucifix that hung on the kitchen wall of the Giannini home. “The more she looked at it” – says Venerable Father Germano in his biography of St Gemma – “the more her heart beat in her breast”. She strongly desired to come to Him and unite with Him, and many a time she attempted to. At last she cried: – ’Let me come to You, for I am thirsting for You!’. – Mar­vellous to say, as it already happened to St. Fran­cis of Assisi and our holy Father, St. Paul of the Cross, the Corpus on the Cross became alive, and Jesus appeared to her and with His right hand detached from the Cross, with a loving look He beckoned his faithful Bride to come to Him. Immediately, Gemma rushed to Him and reached Him, and while miraculously held aloft in the air, Jesus embraces her and lays her lips on the wound in His Holy Side; Gemma, keeping tight to Him with both arms, drank plentifully out of that divine spring, while remaining with her body as if she rested upon a cloud”.

(Note: The Photograph above is the actual Crucifix that came alive during the miraculous vision related above. It is currently on display along with other articles pertaining to the life of St Gemma at the “Casa Della Stimmate” or “House of the Stigmata” in Lucca, Italy. -Editor).

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.
” (Revelation 21:6)

On another occasion Jesus appeared to Gemma with the Cross on His shoulders and said: “Gemma, will you take my Cross? See, this is the present I have prepared for you.” 

And she replied, “My Jesus, yes, give it to me, but give me also the strength to carry it, because my shoulders are weak; at least that I may not fall under it.”

And Jesus again: “Would it sadden you if I were to give you to drink of My chalice, even to the last drop?” 

And Gemma replied: “Jesus, may Your most Holy Will be done.”

(Photograph on the left is a closeup of the actual Crucifix that came alive during the miraculous vision related at the top of this article) .

Her devotion to the Passion and Jesus Crucified

On another occasion, He appeared to Gemma nailed to the Cross, all covered with wounds and bleeding. “At that sight,” she said to me [Father Germanus], “I felt such a great sorrow, thinking of the infinite love of Jesus for us, and of the sufferings that He had endured for our salvation, I then fainted and fell. After the lapse of an hour or so I came to myself, and then there arose in my heart such an immense desire to suffer something for Him who had suffered so much for me.” 

From that day forward Gemma did not seem herself. The sight of Jesus suffering and the thought of the mission entrusted to her by God had, as it were, transformed her into another creature. The thirst to suffer tor­ments of every kind seemed to consume and rend her whole being. To satisfy her, torrents of fire would be needed. Listen to her exclamation: “To suffer, but without any consolation, without any comfort; to suffer for love alone.” Her sufferings were but trials in which grace advanced step by step, preparing her for the grand immolation that was to be accomplished on the Calvary of Jesus-her deathbed. Hence she added: “I am very happy. Jesus does not cease to love me; I mean that He does not cease to afflict me more than usual.” It was indeed Our Lord Himself who had taught her this sublime doctrine.

“On Saturday evening,” she writes to me, “I went to make a visit to the most holy crucifix. There came upon me an ardent longing for suffering, and with all my heart I implored of Jesus to satisfy me. And, since that evening, He has granted me a cease­less pain in my head, but such a violent pain! And I am almost always crying through fear of not being able to bear it.” We can see by these words that she feels that she may not be able to hold out, and yet she does not desist, but continues to pray that her great longing to suffer more and more may be gratified. Nay, she declares that in suffering she finds all her delight. “Yes,” she says, “I am happy in every way that Jesus wills, and if Jesus wants the sacrifice of my life, I give it to Him at once. If He wants anything else I am ready. One thing alone is enough for me, to be His victim, in order to atone for my own innumerable sins, and, if possible, for those of the whole world.”

From Thursday evening to Friday afternoon each week, as we know, this heroic child went over all Calvary in body and soul, suffering unspeakable agony in company with Jesus Crucified. Whoever could have passed but once through such torments would shudder at the thought of them. Gemma, who again and again passed over that way of sorrow and pain, longed for the day, counted the hours she had to wait until it came, and, in the words of those who were around her, “prepared to suffer as if she were preparing for a banquet.”

(Picture on the left is an image of Gemma embracing Jesus as occured in several of her visions). 

Our Lord took infinite delight in such great generosity and heroism, and by open proofs of tenderness, showed His great joy and happiness at having chosen a spouse so entirely according to His Heart. Thus, on one of many occasions, making His presence felt in her soul, He asked her if she had suffered much in a long trial that she was still undergoing. Gemma’s answer: “With Thee, oh Jesus, one suffers so well! What is it to suffer thus for many days, if afterwards You come quickly and console?” And Jesus replied: “Know that when you were suffering, I was always at your side. I beheld your distress and I was gratified by it.” 

Then to reward her for the courage she had displayed in the conflict, He told her she might draw close and kiss His sacred Wounds. And she, all humility:
“But, oh Jesus, why for so little, do you give me a reward so great?” Then embold­ened by her filial confidence she approached her Saviour, and kneeling with her heart all on fire, she kissed one by one those precious Wounds. But when she came to the Wound in His Side she could hold out no longer, and fell in a swoon at the Feet of her Jesus.”
“Jesus stood up and proclaimed, “If any one thirst, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water’.”

(John 7:37-38)

Thanks be to Thee, oh God, forever! Thanks be to Jesus for His gifts and for His Cross! -St Gemma Galgani

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