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Walmart Displays Satanic Products For Sale – An Exorcist Reacts. 

Walmart Displays Satanic Products For Sale – An Exorcist Reacts. 

An Exorcist Comments on Walmart’s Satanic Products.

Walmart is a private enterprise that can sell whatever they want. In this case, they have sold their soul.

Walmart has come under fire—the fire of hell—for selling satanic products. Their online catalog has 22 pages—around 440 items—of demonic merchandise. They also carry Christian books and jewelry, so an argument for equal opportunity could be made, but it would be ridiculous logic. One leads to damnation and the other to salvation. 

The products include demonic sculptures and figures; satanic pornography that blasphemes Christ’s crucifixion; numerous products and jewelry with pentagrams and other demonic images, and books that include the Satanic bible and books on spells. Especially featured is Baphomet, the horned, goat-headed figure trademarked as the Church of Satan symbol.


According to Father Michael (not his real name) who has been the designated exorcist of his diocese for 10 years, trivializing evil by selling satanic products puts people at risk. “Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they might be held liable, so they might want to pay attention to that,” he said.

Just as religious objects such as a Miraculous Medal connects us with the Blessed Mother and a crucifix with Jesus, Father Michael explained that similarly, wearing an icon of something satanic opens a person up to a demonic presence. “And that’s very serious,” he said.

“If you have a picture of Satan on your chest, he’s going to pay attention to that,” Father Michael explained. “When people join cults and do blood oaths, they really do bind themselves to Satan but this, [buying satanic products] in a way, opens you up to his influence. You are also promoting it so others can see it. It’s clearly not God’s work”.

As to why Walmart would sell satanic products, Father Michael said: “Either they are intentionally promoting demonic things, or they are ignorant. Either way, they are responsible for spreading evil.”

Baphomet, the goat-headed anthropomorphic figure which symbolizes the Church of Satan and is featured on many of the products, is actually the name of a high-ranking demon, according to Father Michael. “I’ve had people who were possessed manifest that demon,” he said. “Demons keep the rank they had before they fell. Just as there are nine choirs of angels, there are nine choirs of demons.”

Reject Anything Occult.

Some people who come to Father Michael for help from the devil are often ignorant to the ways they caused their problems. “People don’t always realize how dangerous the things they’ve been doing are, or they have a hard time letting it go. It doesn’t always happen all at once; it’s a process of conversion.

Father Michael advises to reject anything occult. Unfortunately, once the door to the devil has been opened, it’s not always so easy to close. “Just because someone wants the demons to leave doesn’t mean they will,” Father Michael said.

Evidence of demonic oppression or depression can be very frightening, he explained. It often includes physical attacks, symptoms and strange occurrences. “People sometimes hear satanic voices in their head saying things like: ‘We aren’t leaving you… you belong to us… you’ll never get rid of us,” he said.

When people are oppressed, Father Michael tells them to go to Confession and confess their involvement in the occult. Often, this ends the demonic harassment. “I also tell them to stop whatever practice they were engaged in and start leading a good Catholic life with prayer and virtue.”

Portals to Evil.

Satanic merchandise can have a curse put on it, according to Father Michael. He tells people to get rid of everything by burning it. “When the items are cursed, they can be portals for evil,” he said. “I’ve seen this happen.”

One woman came to him because she was experiencing physical harassments and strange happenings in her apartment. The trouble started when a friend gave her a crystal as a gift. “The friend said the crystal would get rid of demons but instead, it was a portal,” Father Michael said. “She [the friend] was supposedly a good Catholic woman but she was involved in the occult.”

For committed Christians, it should be obvious never to entertain anything demonic. That especially includes having a hatred for sin. As Father Michael said, “Ultimately sin is what lets in the darkness.”

Our Response.

There is yet another battle against Walmart led by the American Family Association, (AFA) against their ad campaign, “Love is in the aisle,” with Episode 2 featuring a same-sex couple on a blind date. AFA encourages people to contact Walmart Customer Service at 479-273-4000. “Firmly but politely urge them to remove the pro-homosexual video and remain neutral on controversial issues.”

I also contacted their media office and let them know that unless they stop selling satanic products, I am promoting a boycott against them. Recall that when consumers boycotted J.C. Penney after their same-sex ad campaign, sales plummeted and the CEO was fired. As of now, Walmart has given us big reasons not to shop there.


National Catholic Register

Sad – America Is Experiencing Explosive Growth Of Satanism In Recent Times

Sad – America Is Experiencing Explosive Growth Of Satanism In Recent Times


As attendance declines at Christian churches all over America, many Satanic groups are experiencing tremendous growth. For some, embracing Satanism is the ultimate form of rebellion, for others it is about making an anti-Trump political statement, and yet others claim that they are attracted by the very real power that they discover in Satanism.  

Every week, bizarre rituals are conducted in basements, meeting halls and public facilities all over the country, and most Americans have absolutely no idea what is going on. Of course most mainstream news articles about Satanists attempt to portray them as ordinary people that have simply been “misunderstood”.  And ultimately that is what the Satanists are trying to do for Satan – they are trying to get all the rest of us to view Satan or Lucifer as a “misunderstood” being that only has humanity’s best interests at heart. And since the values of Satanism line up more accurately with the values of modern society than Christian values do, Satanists are finding increasing success in bringing in new recruits. 

Today, there are Satanic churches just about everywhere. For example, a Satanic high priest named Adam Daniels started “the Church of Ahriman” in the heart of Oklahoma City…

Adam Daniels, 35, is the “dastur” – or high priest – of the Church of Ahriman, which is based in Oklahoma City, USA.

The Church of Ahriman has 15 members and worships Ahriman, another name for the original Persian devil figure Angra Mainyu – the god of Hell.

The church’s followers meet in Daniels’ home, where he has converted a storage room into the ritual chamber in which he performs ceremonies including devil worshipping weddings and Satanic exorcisms.

Daniels says that he was attracted to Satanism after a deadly encounter with an armed thief sent him on a quest for answers…

Seeking a way to come to terms with ending another person’s life, he began to see a therapist and turned to a variety of religions – all of whom suggested he should have turned the other cheek.

Daniels said: “I tried to find solace and I was told that I had committed the sin of wrath by the Christians and the Buddhists – even by my mom.”

Instead he found comfort in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, whose motto is ‘self preservation is the highest law’.

Daniels is married, and his wife is fully on board, but having a father that is a Satanic high priest has been very rough on their daughter Amber…

When I was six because I was given the Baphomet [an ancient deity, traditionally depicted as a horned goat] necklace in first grade and I wore it to school and was told by a teacher that I wasn’t allowed to wear it so I had to take it off and put it in my backpack.

“In sixth grade my grandma got me to go to my local bookstore and was able to get my full name printed on the Holy Bible – which my parents threw away.

But before you start feeling tempted to feel sorry for this family, you should keep reading.

The truth is that Daniels is not a pleasant man. In fact, he openly admits that he purposely commits blasphemy and that his entire goal is to offend God…

He said: “I have ritualistically burned the Holy Bible, the Qu’ran, the Talmed, the Torah, Buddhist Sutra’s, different Hindu Sutra’s you name it, I’ve burned it out of blasphemy.

“I am not responsible for God and no God is responsible for me.

“Through my words and my deeds, I am offending God and that is my whole goal, to make his people miserable, to bring about apostates, to bring about anguish.”

At one time, nuts like Daniels would have been a very rare anomaly, but times have changed.

Today there are Satanic communities that gather from coast to coast, and the following is how the Los Angeles Times described one of these gatherings in the L.A. area…

In November, in the candlelit basement of a house just above the Silver Lake Reservoir, Alexandra James walked over to an altar where her husband, Zachary, waited near a bleached human skull, teeth locked in eternal rictus. From the altar, she lifted a sword and drew points across his chest while a circle of onlookers watched solemnly (well, a few giggled too). An organist played eerie minor key chords and Alexandra turned to face the group.

On this altar we consecrate swords to direct the fire of our unholy will,” she said. “A human skull, symbol of death. The great mother Lilith created us all, and will destroy us all.”

Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” The group chanted back.

So how many people are we actually talking about nationwide?

Well, there is not a single national organization, but all major Satanic groups have claimed large increases in membership since the election of Donald Trump.

In particular, the Satanic Temple reported gaining “thousands” of new members within the first 36 hours of Trump’s victory…

The Satanic temple attracted “thousands” of new members in just the first 36 hours after the election of Donald Trump, according to co-founder Lucien Greaves. The 4-year-old temple, which had a pre-Trump membership of around 50,000, has never before seen a spike in registration nearly this big.

“It’s crazy,” Greaves said after a speech in front of some adoring fans at CU-Boulder. The emails, registrations, donations and social media posts are pouring in faster than the temple can respond. “People have a desperate need for something to rally to right now.”

Right now, membership in the Satanic Temple is somewhere around 100,000, and it has become a hub for the anti-Trump resistance. Of course most have joined various Satanic groups for spiritual reasons.  

Today there is a tremendous spiritual hunger in America, but Americans are also leaving traditional churches at a staggering pace. People are looking for authenticity, but they aren’t finding it in the traditional places, and so many are seeking out new options.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of Americans are deciding that Satanism is the answer, and that is a very, very troubling sign.

This article originally appeared on End Of The American Dream

Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Catholics online.

About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.


‘Very Few People Believe The Devil Exist, And The Devil Is Very Happy, It Gives Him Freedom To Do His “work” ‘ – Vatican Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth. 

‘Very Few People Believe The Devil Exist, And The Devil Is Very Happy, It Gives Him Freedom To Do His “work” ‘ – Vatican Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth. 

Translated from Italian by Google Translate

Today we re-read his interview, which is always very current.

D. – Father Amorth, first the three girls of Chiavenna, then Erica and Omar, and now the youth band of Somma Lombardo. Is Satan acting in them?

R. “Surely yes, I studied the first two cases well. Those children were devoted to the devil, read satanic books. And that ferocious unheard of in their deeds! When a daughter gives ninety-seven knives to her mother, one can not but see the prince of darkness at work”.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth

Q. – Are there times when Satan is more active than in others?

R. – “In the ordinary way Satan is always active. He is a tempter from the beginning. He does everything because the man cries and every time that evil is done there is always behind him, it being understood that it is the man who freely decides his actions. But then there is also an extraordinary action of the evil one: and this is the diabolical possession”.

Q. – Are cases of possession frequent?

R. – “No, they are rare. But it is impossible for me to give precise figures. The cases of true diabolical possession that I have under treatment are many, but it is because I get the most difficult cases, not solved by other exorcists. In the first years of my activity, when I welcomed everyone without a filter, the vast majority were mentally ill, without the middle demon”.

Q. – From what do you understand that one is possessed?

R. – “I understand it during the treatment, not before. An unequivocal symptom is the violent, visceral aversion to all that is sacred. I remember a father who was afraid of having a son possessed by the devil and one day, while they were at the table, he mentally said an Ave Maria to him. The boy broke out in a cry: ‘Dad, no, shut up!’ Then there is speaking in unknown languages, there is the explosion of a superhuman force, there is levitation: all things that happen during exorcisms”.

Q. – Between a crisis and the other, a demoniac as it lives?

R. – “In a normal way. He goes to work and nobody knows. He keeps his state well hidden. When he hears a crisis coming, he goes away, closes himself in the bathroom, smiles, and then returns impassive in his place. This is even more true for the possessed indemoniats, to whom the exorcism gives the strength to return fully to a normal life. One thing must be underlined: diabolical possession is neither inherited nor contagious”.

Q. – What binds the possessed to the Satanists?

R. – “It often happens that a demoniac becomes such after entering a spiritual or Satanist sect. Among those I have treated there are so few, because only the repentant Satanists come to ask for exorcism. But among them I think they are many more. In the satanic sects it is easy to get in but it is very difficult to go out. In some cases you risk your life”.

Q. – And the Satanists who bond with the devil?

R. – “There are two types: those who worship the devil, celebrate satanic masses, have their priests and a hierarchy; and those who in Satan’s personal existence do not believe at all, but give themselves to foul actions and against nature. This other Satanism is the most dangerous”.

D. – John Paul II pronounced exorcisms on three possessed persons. Are they healed?

R. – “The third no. I’ve been treating her since 1998 and it’s a really painful case”.p

Q. – Apart from the Pope, in the Church, how is the belief in the devil?

R. – “Very low. And the devil is very happy, because he has a free hand to do his job. The Church has gone from one excess to another. To remedy the madness of witch hunts, which instead of being exorcised were burned, has erased everything, devil and exorcisms. The result is that entire Catholic regions no longer have only one exorcist: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. I admire the Italian bishops. They do not understand anything, but at least the exorcists name them. Last year we Italians got together: we were one hundred and seventy”.

D. – Explain better, in what sense do the bishops understand it?

R. – “Because they too, like all priests, have studied in the seminary. And for some time now in the seminary there has been no more teaching of angels and demons, nothing more than exorcisms, nothing more than the sins against the first commandment, ‘You will have no other God but me’: magic, spiritualism and Satanism”.

D. – And the Vatican curia?

R. –Same incompetence. He gave the green light to a new ritual that for us exorcists is a disaster. Prohibits operating in the event of a curse, when 90 percent of the cases of possession derive from there. It forbids operation if there is no prior certainty of diabolical action, when it can only be understood by exercising. Fortunately, even the old ritual continues to apply. I use that, otherwise I should close”.

Satanic Priest Turned Saint: Bartolo Longo Is Proof That No Soul Is Too Lost To Be Found!

Satanic Priest Turned Saint: Bartolo Longo Is Proof That No Soul Is Too Lost To Be Found!

Blessed Bartolo Longo.

Satanic priest turned saint, Bartolo Longo is proof that no one is too lost to be found.

He turned to Our Lady in sorrow for his sins, so much so that John Paul II would proclaim him a “Man of Mary”

Sometimes reading the lives of the saints is discouraging. They may have been imperfect, as we all are, but it can seem that none of them ever really sinned the way people today do. Even proverbial bad boy St. Augustine was a decent guy by today’s standards. It’s easy for those of us who have made terrible choices to feel discouraged.

May I introduce Blessed Bartolo Longo?

Like many saints, Bartolo was raised in a faithful Catholic family. Unlike most saints, Bartolo spent his 20s as a Satanic priest.

Born in 1841, Bartolo Longo lost his mother when he was only 10. From that time, he grew more and more distant from his Catholic faith. When he began university studies in Naples, at the University where St. Thomas Aquinas himself had studied, he was eager to enter fully into the experience of a secular university. In mid-19th-century Italy, that meant anti-clericalism, atheism, and ultimately the occult.

Bartolo began attending séances, experimented with drugs, and even got involved in orgies. He lured people away from the Catholic faith, publicly ridiculing the Church of his childhood. Before long, the newly minted lawyer was “ordained” a priest of Satan. As a Satanic bishop intoned blasphemous words, the walls of the room shook and disembodied screams terrified those in attendance.

Before long, Bartolo found himself paranoid and miserable, on the brink of a nervous breakdown. And as he clung to his Satanic practices, his family prayed.

As happened with Augustine, the faithful prayers of Bartolo’s family finally broke down the wall of anger and sin that Bartolo had built around himself. One night, he heard the voice of his dead father crying out to him, “Return to God!”

Stunned, Bartolo visited a friend who lived nearby, Professor Vincenzo Pepe. When Pepe realized what had become of Bartolo, he cried, “Do you want to die in an insane asylum and be damned forever?” {By this he did not mean that Bartolo would be damned for insnity, but that the sinful choices he had made while sane would lead inevitably to madness and damnation.) Pepe’s courage in pointing out the danger his friend was in cut through Bartolo’s defenses, and before long he had agreed to meet with a Dominican priest, Fr. Alberto Radente.

Fr. Alberto worked slowly on the young lawyer, encouraging him to make a thorough confession. After a month of direction, Bartolo was finally absolved and began his work of drawing people back to Christ. He stood up in the middle of cafés and student parties and denounced occult practices. He served the poor and instructed the ignorant; after six years of such work, he pronounced vows as a lay Dominican, on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Then, cleansed and consecrated, Bartolo visited one last séance. He walked in, held up a rosary and called out, “I renounce spiritualism because it is nothing but a maze of error and falsehood.”

But for all he had been absolved, Bartolo, like most of us, struggled with memories of his past. He felt unworthy of God’s forgiveness, certain that he was impure, permanently marred by his sin. One day, while collecting rent from the destitute farmers around Pompeii, Bartolo began to consider his past way of life.

“Despite my repentance, I thought: I am still consecrated to Satan, and I am still his slave and property as he awaits me in Hell. As I pondered over my condition, I experienced a deep sense of despair and almost committed suicide.”

In that moment, Bartolo remembered the rosary of his childhood, remembered the love of the Blessed Mother. He felt Our Lady tell him that his path to heaven was through teaching others to pray the Rosary.

Bartolo moved to Pompeii, where he began Rosary groups, organized Marian processions, and began work on a shrine to Our Lady of the Rosary. His work was funded by the Countess di Fusco, with whom he worked so closely that rumors began to spread about the nature of their relationship. Though Bartolo had taken a private vow of chastity, he was encouraged by Pope Leo XIII to marry the countess for the sake of the work; the two entered into a celibate marriage and continued to serve the poor.

For more than 50 years, Bartolo preached the Rosary, founded schools for the poor, established orphanages for the children of criminals, and transformed a city of death to a city dedicated to the living Mother of God. At his beatification, St. John Paul II, himself perhaps the most Marian pope since St. Peter, proclaimed Blessed Bartolo Longo “a Man of Mary.”

Blessed Bartolo Longo was a vile, degenerate, blasphemous Satanic priest. But this is his legacy: blessed, soon canonized.

October 5, his feast day, let’s ask his intercession for all those who think they’re beyond hope, or that their purity can never be restored and their lives never be made whole, or that they’ve lost their chance at holiness.

May they join the ranks of murderers, addicts, and Satanists whose halos shine undimmed around the throne of the unblemished Lamb of God. Blessed Bartolo Longo, pray for us.



Satanic priest turned saint, Bartolo Longo is proof that no one is too lost to be found, By Meg Hunter-Kilmer For Aleteia.

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