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My Wife Is Catholic Because Of Pope Paul VI.

My Wife Is Catholic Because Of Pope Paul VI.

My Wife is Catholic Because of Pope Paul VI.

We couldn’t be more grateful to those faithful Catholics who brought us sweetly and courageously into the Church, and now, we await the official recognition that Pope Paul VI is a saint.

Several months ago Edward Pentin broke the news to the Register audience that Pope Paul VI was being canonized. There is perhaps no greater pope that has made a more significant impact on my marriage than Pope Paul VI. And currently living in Italy, this was exciting news. “Perhaps I can get tickets to the Mass” was the main thought for months. 

But the process of getting tickets to a papal Mass at the Vatican is not a simple one. Actually, yes, it is simple. Maybe too simple. All you have to do is write a letter to the correct office with the name of the person or group, and how many tickets you want. There’s no strict provision for who gets a ticket, and actually, nobody really knows if they have a ticket until they arrive to pick them up. This is the common process. I’m sure insiders have a different means, but this is the way I had to get them. Again, pretty simple, but plenty of gray area, too. Imagine showing up to pick up tickets that were never reserved for you.

Well, gratefully, I have tickets. I found that out only a week ago! Train tickets were booked months ago, accommodations have been paid for, and my wife and I are entirely beside ourselves to be part of this glorious event. And again, Pope Paul VI has a significant influence on my marriage. 

The thing is, in a way, Pope Paul VI brought my wife into the Catholic Church. You can see my full story from my appearance on The Journey Home in 2017, but in short, I came into the Church after a months-long feud with a Catholic friend, attempting to prove him wrong on the Catholic Faith. But after countless late nights of reading the Church Fathers and history books from secular and Catholic authors, I was entirely convinced that the Catholic Church of today was remarkably visible in the early Church. In fact, it was the only faith I saw in the early Church—enough said! So I chose to convert and entered into RCIA.

Meanwhile, my wife was pregnant with our first. She had complications up front and was highly un-interested in hearing about my hopes of finding truth in the Catholic Church. Soon, though, God made a path for her by having a friend recommend a specialist. Actually, the specialist. She was referred to none other, than Dr. Tomas Hilgers, founder of the Pope Paul VI Institute and a worldwide authority in women’s reproductive healthcare. I knew we were getting good care, but it was heartwarming to pray for my spouse and see a certificate of papal blessing from Pope Paul VI hanging in the lobby at the Institute. Because of his outstanding teachings provided in Humanae Vitae, Dr. Hilgers named the apostolate after the pontiff. 

Soon, my wife would come home telling me how confident she was in her pregnancy, how heartwarming the physicians were, and how much care they placed into her as a woman and not just a client. Over time, she was overtaken by their generosity and their clear devotion to something deeply important to her: life.

Nine months after I entered the Catholic Chruch, her decision was permanent, and she was confirmed on the First Sunday of Advent. All thanks, in a unique way through the wisdom of Pope Paul VI, my wife entered the Catholic Church. 

Now, we have four kids. Oh my gosh—writing that is still a wake-up call for me! 

And today, we’re all here, in Rome, less than 15 hours from his canonization Mass. We couldn’t be more grateful to those faithful Catholics who brought us sweetly and courageously into the Church, and now, we await the official recognition that Pope Paul VI, born Giovanni Montini in 1897, will enter into a permanent state of recognition for his pivotal life and shepherding of the Church at a critical time in its history.  

Written by Shaun McAfee for National Catholic Register

Power Of The Rosary: How A Girl In Mortal Sin Was Able To Give Her Last Confession Two Days After Having Her Head Cut Off!

Power Of The Rosary: How A Girl In Mortal Sin Was Able To Give Her Last Confession Two Days After Having Her Head Cut Off!

The effication of the rosary for the holy souls in purgatory. 

A TRUE STORY From the “Glories of Mary” by St. Alphonsus Liguori masterpiece about the privileges and intercessory power of Mary.


Eusebius Nierembergh relates, that there lived in the city of Aragona, Sicily, a girl named Alexandra. Being both noble and very beautiful, Alexandra was greatly loved by two young men. Driven by jealousy, these young men fought one day and killed each other. Their enraged relatives, in return, killed the poor young girl as the cause of so much trouble. They cut off her head and threw her remains into a well. A few days later, Saint Dominic of Guzman was passing through that place and inspired by Our Lord, approached the well and said: “Alexandra, come forth.” Immediately the head of the deceased came forth, perched on the edge of the well, and asked the saint to hear her confession. Perhaps accustomed to bizarre phenomena, Saint Dominic heard its confession and also gave it communion, in the presence of a great concourse of curious persons who had assembled to witness the miracle.

Then the saint asked her to tell why she had received such a grace. Alexandra answered that when she was beheaded, she was in a state of mortal sin and would have been damned to hell. But on account of the rosary which she was in the habit of reciting, the Most Holy Mary appeared and preserved her soul from unending torments. So it happened that for two days the head of Alexandra retained life and when summoned was set upon the edge of the well, in the presence of all, and then the soul went to purgatory. 

Fifteen days later, Alexandra’s soul appeared to Saint Dominic, beautiful and radiant as a star. She then told him that one of the principal sources of relief to the souls in purgatory is the rosary which is recited for them; and that, as soon as they arrive in paradise, they pray for those who apply to them these powerful prayers.

Having said this, Saint Dominic saw that happy soul ascending in triumph to the kingdom of the blessed.✝️

How A Grandma Was Rescued By ‘A Man With Nail-Scared Hands’ From Attack By A Wild Pig 

How A Grandma Was Rescued By ‘A Man With Nail-Scared Hands’ From Attack By A Wild Pig 

Pastor Paul’s wife Mercy shares a pivotal, transformational experience in her grandmother’s life

My grandmother Eliyamma grew up in a heavily-forested area in a highrange region of India. Her family was religious but hadn’t been taught what it meant to have a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Child marriage was common in India at the time, so at the age of 13 she married a man named Mathai.

Eliyamma and Mathai lived with her family in their mud house in the forest. They had no electricity or running water, and there wasn’t a local market to buy food. Her father and Mathai worked hard to reclaim the forest for their small farm, where they cultivated coffee and spices such as pepper and cardamom.

Because the family had no pipes to get suitable drinking water to their house or even a well nearby, it was part of the women’s daily chores to fetch water from the river.

One day, when Eliyamma was 27, she walked down to the river to fill up her water pot. As she bent over the water’s edge, a wild pig charged out of the underbrush and brutally attacked her. She fought back, using the water pot as a defensive shield and weapon to swing at the pig’s head.

But as they fought, the wild pig became even more enraged and fierce. His sharp teeth ripped her legs and arms. Eliyamma knew her life was in jeopardy when blood began to flow profusely from her torn body. She cried out for help, but no one was nearby.

Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. He drove the pig away and then knelt down beside her to tend to her wounds. When his hands touched the torn places on her body, she was immediately healed!

Still in shock, Eliyamma’s eyes grew wide with astonishment as she saw the palms of the man’s hands. They were nail-scarred; he carried the markings of crucifixion. Reverence and awe filled her heart. Only one response came to mind as she recognized who attended her. She prostrated herself on the ground and said, “My Lord and my God!”

It was but a moment that she was face down in the soil, which was damp with river water mingled with blood. When she slowly raised her head, her Rescuer had disappeared.

After this dramatic incident, Eliyamma had an insatiable hunger to know more about Jesus. She accepted Him as her personal Savior and, as a result of her testimony, her entire family believed and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In their lifetimes, Eliyamma and Mathai had a total of sixty-seven children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Being one of them, I grew up knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I married a man named Paul who, though Muslim by birth, accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord on his twenty-first birthday while studying at the university. Now we are winning souls for Christ.

My grandfather, Mathai, went home to be with the Lord when Eliyamma was 62. Thirty-nine years later, Jesus took Eliyamma home when she was 101. Up until that day, she eagerly awaited being with her Rescuer face-to-face, and she devoted her life to studying the Bible, praying for others, and glorifying her Lord as His living witness.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear?” (Ps. 27: 1)




3 Year Old Boy ‘Risen From The Dead’ On Easter Weekend As Doctors Prepared To Switch Off His Life Support 

3 Year Old Boy ‘Risen From The Dead’ On Easter Weekend As Doctors Prepared To Switch Off His Life Support 

A toddler battling lung cancer ‘rose from the dead‘ as doctors prepared to switch off his life support and made a full recovery, his family have revealed.

Three-year-old Dylan Askin’s parents said their final goodbyes to their son after being told he would never recover after his organs failed.

A month earlier he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, a rare form of lung cancer which causes cysts to appear on the lungs.

Dylan taken on Christmas Day 2015 Nottingham Queens Medical Centre when first taken ill CREDIT: DAVE EVITTS / SWNS.COM

Just as doctors prepared to switch off the youngster’s life support machine, his parents saw him wriggling in bed which proved he had brain function.

He was kept on life support and after several more weeks in intensive care, Dylan was allowed home.

He is now fully recovered and is back home with his parents, Kerry, 29, and Mike, 36, and brothers Bryce, six, and Logan, four months, in Shelton Lock, South Derbys.

Kerry, who runs an art business, said:

“He was clearly suffering and his oxygen levels had plummeted when the consultant asked us to make the decision to switch off his life support machine on Good Friday.

“It seemed like a miracle he had survived that long, his CT scans from January when his lungs first collapsed showed he shouldn’t have lived through that.

“Mike and I were just thinking of his brothers, thinking whether we were being selfish hanging on to him when he must be suffering so much.

“He’s so close to his brothers it was such a hard decision, but the doctors said his organs were failing and there was nothing they could do.

“His temperature was fluctuating through the night and his heart rate was at 200, we were just waiting for him to enter cardiac arrest – as awful as that sounds.

“So we baptised him and said our final goodbyes and at 8am on the Saturday they turned his muscle sedatives off in preparation for the ventilator to be switched off.  

But when they did that suddenly he started struggling in his bed. We thought he was brain dead from oxygen starvation, so he shouldn’t have been moving.

“Then the consultant rushed in and said his blood tests showed his organs weren’t failing.

“We were trying not to be hopeful, but we just sat by him and hoped and over the weekend he got stronger and stronger.

“We had told Bryce that Dylan wasn’t coming back, so when we explained that he had got better Dylan said: ‘Oh, so he’s like Jesus then.’

“I said, ‘you’re not wrong’. He had just risen from the dead.”

Dylan’s lungs collapsed last Christmas Day and he was rushed to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

A CT scan revealed cysts on Dylan’s lungs had burst and were starving his organs of oxygen, but medics were baffled as to what had caused it.

He made a recovery and was discharged on January 7, but five days later his right lung collapsed.

His chest was drained and he was discharged on February 1, but a week later he collapsed at nursery again and had to be given life saving CPR.

Dylan’s lungs collapsed last Christmas Day CREDIT: DAVE EVITTS / SWNS.COM

Kerry said:

“It took me three attempts to call for an ambulance, as the first two times they didn’t even send anyone out.

“Luckily Caroline Blake, who works at the nursery, managed to keep him going with CPR until the ambulance finally arrived 45 minutes later.

“They found cysts on his lungs that had caused them to collapse and after ventilating him for 48 hours he was stabilised.

“By this time some results from earlier had come back which showed he had Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis.

“There’s a one-in-125million chance of a three-year-old having that in their lungs – there are only two other cases of it in the UK.

“No-one still quite knows why it manifests itself as cysts so doctors didn’t know how to treat it. His lungs were 80 per cent covered in these blisters.”

He was kept on the intensive care unit at Queen’s Medical Centre, but developed an infection on March 18 and his body temperature soared to 40C (104F).

As his oxygen saturation levels plummeted to 70 per cent – 22 per cent lower than normal – medics told Mike and Kerry to say their final good byes on April 3.

But when his muscle sedatives were stopped Dylan began kicking in his bed, which showed his brain was still functioning.

So doctors increased the sedation and Dylan’s oxygen saturation levels began to increase to a healthy level.

Kerry said: “It really is a miracle that he survived with no real lasting damage from that oxygen saturation.

“He was discharged on April 4 and his last chest drain was on April 20. He’s doing so well now, he’s running around like normal at home.

“It’s just a case of wait and see, really the body has to either adapt to these cysts or they will just go away for him to be ok – but the signs are good.”

Mike, and assistant restaurant manager, said: “It’s incredible, we monitor his oxygen levels all the time and he’s actually functioning better than normal.

“At night when he should be at around 90 and 95 per cent he’s on 98 per cent.

“We think maybe because he was functioning off 20 per cent lung capacity, now he’s got about 80 per cent his body doesn’t know what to do with it.

“We just felt so awful when we had to say our goodbyes. And even when he recovered it was mixed feelings – I felt guilty about agreeing to turn off the machine.

Dylan Askin

“When the doctor came rushing in with his blood test I just looked at Kerry straight away and this wave of hope came flowing back.

“We’re just wary of infections now with winter approaching, but it’s incredible the recovery he’s made.”

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