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Ten Principal Virtues of Mary To Imitate

Ten Principal Virtues of Mary To Imitate


In explaining the characteristics of true devotion to Mary, St. Louis De Montfort said that Our Lady practiced many virtues particularly;

1. Her profound humility
2. Her lively faith
3. Her blind obedience
4. Her continual prayer
5. Her universal mortification
6. Her divine purity
7. Her ardent charity
8. Her heroic patience
9. Her angelic sweetness
10. Her divine wisdom.

We shall consider each of these virtues, by trying to understand their meaning, how Our Lady practiced them in the light of the biblical account and possible, look at the reward or advantage that lies in practicing these virtues.  Before this is done, there is need for a proper understanding of what virtue is.

VIRTURE: What is Virtue?
In the Old Testament, virtue can implicitly be referred to as “Act of righteousness” (Gen 15:6). This act of righteousness which was pleasing to God was displayed by Abram. Virtue can be regarded as keeping God’s commandments, Deut 6:25
Virtue can be regarded as any act that is true, noble, good, pure and worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8)’

According to the concise dictionary f Theology, Virtue is a habit of good behavior that enables one to do what is right with ease, pleasure and consistency. The opposite is termed vice or the habitual inclination to do evil.

Now the virtues of Mary

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